Sins of A Housewife 2 by Monica Smith: Book Spotlight

New Book Release SOAH2


Hello readers! Today I’m introducing you to Sins of A Housewife 2 written by Author Monica L. Smith. Sins of A Housewife 2 is part of an erotic romance series – The Hennessey Chronicles. There will be a total of 3 books in the series.



Sins of A Housewife 2 – The Hennessey Chronicles follows Louis’s story of how he is transformed from a sweet and loving husband into the most talked about and requested male escort at Hidden Pleasures – Hennessey. Aurora, the owner of Hidden Pleasures, shows him that size truly does matter in his profession and money can make one sell their soul to the devil.

Louis is pulled in by Aurora’s slick tongue and twisted meanings. She assures him that he would never have to worry about struggling again, if he uses what he possesses to make the money he wants. Knowing that what he is about to embark on may cost him his marriage to his wife Adele, he still dives in head first, believing that he is making the right decision. To Louis, this is a come up and he feels that this opportunity is the only way he can provide his wife with the finer things in life. It only takes him a few dates with his female clientele to fall hard and quick into a life of seduction and lust.

In the midst of him learning about how to finesse a woman and how to make them melt into his hands, he notices his wife is changing right before his eyes. Like him, her appetite for the darker realm of the pleasure principle has reached a new height. He learns quickly that his wife wants what his clients pay him for – a thrilling, sensual, exciting lover in the bedroom.

When Adele reveals her desires, Louis reluctantly gives in to her wants. As he pulls her into his world of passion and seduction, he realizes that he wants to be with her and her only. But there’s a problem; he still works for Hidden Pleasures and Aurora is trying hard to keep her top earning Casanova.

Will Louis be able to keep this provocative secret from Adele? And – will their marriage survive if his secret is revealed?

Publisher Natavia Presents (Romance), LLC

Publication Date April 19, 2018

eBook Print Length 174 pages




I am going to have to read the first one, pronto. I don’t think I’ve ever read a romance form the perspective of an African American male protagonist. The voice is distinctive, its an unusual and addictive read through and through. ~ By Amazon Customer,  Susannah Shannon

Part 2 was a great follow up to part 1. His view matched hers perfectly. Now I am waiting on part 3 to find out what happens next. Could they move past this or is their marriage over??? ~ By Amazon Customer,  Kmichelle

“And we’re back but not where we left off. In part 2 of Sins of a Housewife we get to view this story from a different angle. Louis meets his Lotus in high school and vows to give her the life that every woman dreams of. However, when he signs his life over to be an escort at Hidden Pleasure will it cost him his marriage?
First off, I loved the fact that you told part 2 from Louis’s perspective. It gave the reader a chance to get to know him better and gain insight on his thoughts about his relationship with Adele. I also was interested in the relationships he seemed to form with the women he encountered while escorting. You could tell Louis knew how to play the role of his client’s fantasy. Speaking of fantasies, the bedroom action in part 2 was A1 as expected with a lot of spicy role play scenes. Bravo! My only gripe with part 2 is I still have to wait in anticipation to see where the relationship goes between Louis and Lotus. But part 2 was a good teaser.” ~ Editorial Review by I Heart AA Book Reviews

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Monica L SmithMonica L. Smith lives a vast contrast in lifestyles. She has been working in the medical field since 1997, first as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then in 2005 as a Medication Aide and, since 2013, as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, where she received her diploma. She then moved to Maricopa, Arizona, with her husband and 3 out of 9 children.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys old-school television shows such as “Perry Mason”, “Matlock”, “Forensic Files”, and more currently, “The First 48.” Her creative side began to emerge when she tried her hand at writing. She published A Softer Side of Me, a book of 10 poems focusing on her “normal” but inspirational life, including her husband, children and career. It spent time as #1 in the poetry genre on Amazon.

But much like her character, there’s another side to Monica L. Smith, who has realized that she has a passion for urban erotic fiction. She enjoys writing what she calls “no-no” sensual sex scenes and while she does explore the dark side, she also firmly believes in writing about finding love, and hopes to inspire women to find their balance between sexuality and true love.

She claims she may not actually do what she writes about, but she feels a connection to it and enjoys the thrill that drives her to see her stories through to their exciting climax and conclusion.

Monica can be contacted on her website, via email, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please join her in her Erotic Evenings Facebook Group to indulge in some adult conversation and erotic debates, plus gain sneak peeks of her upcoming books and play games to win prizes.


Have you read this series yet? If so, please be kind and leave a review. If not, make sure to go and check it out, Enjoy! ~ Vaneka


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Book Review: Crushin’ On A Boss 4 by Tysha Jordyn

Hello book lovers! Happy Thursday! I had the pleasure of reading the last installment of Author Tysha Jordyn‘s Crushin’ On A Boss series and I wanted to share my review with you. I really enjoyed this series and I highly recommend any book written by this talented author. I absolutely love Tysha’s books! Crushin’ On A Boss 4 is an African American Urban Romance Novel. Here’s my review!

Crushin On A Boss 4

Wow! I’m sad that this series has come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed it. I am, however, excited to know that there will be a Savage & Beautiful spin-off coming. I know their story will be just as hot as Linc & Aniqa’s story.

I loved the man that Savage had become. He is really a great dude & I think it was very responsible of him & heartfelt to take on the responsibility that he did. Beautiful is still the same old Beautiful and I still love her. In this installment she was a bit overbearing, but I’m glad she came to her senses. I’m also glad that she gave Savage a chance, I believe they are good for each other.

Tiara and Kappo was the worst of the worst & Karma paid them a sweet visit. In my opinion, they both got what they equally deserve. I still don’t trust Paxton. I feel like he had reason behind his part & knew what was going down the entire time.

Linc’s sister, Mique, was very careless. To be as smart as she was, she got really stupid & dumb over the dick. I really didn’t feel sorry for her at all.

It seemed like Aniqa could never catch a break. There was always some trouble or painful encounter she had to endure. I’m happy that she is finally happy and have a loving man like Linc to really be there & love her like every woman deserves to be loved & appreciated. Their relationship is something I wish & hope to have one day with someone. I understood why Linc kept that secret from Aniqa. Knowing all the details before you run it to the one you love, is very important in my book. However, I still understood her anger & frustration as well.

All in all, this was a great Finale, a true HEA! Although I hate to see such a good story end, I can’t wait to read more great stories from Tysha. She is definitely a great storyteller. If you haven’t read a book by her, you should most def do so. I highly recommend this series. You’ll love it! Great job Tysha!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars
Read Fri, 9/29 – Sat, 9/30
Amazon Review
Goodreads Review

Crushin’ On A Boss 4 can be purchased on Amazon in kindle eBook and paperback format. It is also available free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. Feel free to follow Jorydn’s Amazon Author Central page to stay updated with new releases as well as via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her Newsletter.

Have you read Crushin’ On A Boss 4 yet? If so, what were your thoughts? If you have not read it, are you considering it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. ~ Vaneka

Your Heart Is Safe With Me by A’zayler: Book Series Spotlight

Hello book readers! Today’s featured spotlight is a completed book series written by Author A’zayler. Your Heart Is Safe With Me is an African American Urban Romance, two-part book series.


Your Heart Is Safe With Me (Book 1)

Your Heart Is Safe With Me



If you’ve never loved a broken person, you won’t understand this story.

Peru, love isn’t always beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be ugly either. You’ve been through enough to know that you deserve better than what you’ve been getting. You warrant the passion and feeling that comes from a person that values you. The feeling that is derived from giving yourself to another unselfishly, and fully with no reservations, is what you will have with me.

As long as I’m here, you will know the joy and happiness resulting from having someone crave you, desire you, cherish you, and love you the way no one else has. I am here Peru, here to show you the way that love is supposed to be. I am here Peru, to give you my strength so that even on your weakest days, with me, you are strong. So listen to my heart and let the sound of our love guide you into my arms.

Key, you’ve been abused, mistreated and loved carelessly. You’ve given yourself to the wrong woman and become damaged in return. You’re a king that should have been loved by a queen, but instead, you were undervalued by a peasant. Your hard work and dedication have gone unappreciated and unnoticed, but not anymore.

Give it all to me. Anything that you once gave her give it to me. I’ll know what to do with it. I’ll keep it in the deepest part of my soul so that only you can feel it. You’ll recognize it, and know it’s me, but only when you’re inside, touching, feeling, and encompassing me into your world. Key, if I say I love you, it’s because I do. If I say I want you, it’s also because I do. So if I tell you that your heart is safe with me, it’s because it is.

Publisher A’zaylerInk Presents

Publication Date September 12, 2017

eBook Print Length 226 pages




My very first read by A’zayler and I really loved this book. The stories of each character really captures every emotion you have when reading. I’m rooting for Peru and Dalani, Key and Garren. Looking forward to finding out the connection between Dalani and Key in part 2. ~ By Amazon Customer, Shanelle

I loved the story from the beginning to end. When reading any book by A’Zayler she makes you feel loved. Peru is broken and she doesn’t know how to get away from the nightmare she is in. Once Dulani steps into her life, he shows her love. Garren is married, but she isn’t happy anymore. She meets Key and she doesn’t know what to do. How can she be falling for a man that she just met, when she is married? Can’t wait to see what happens in part 2. ~ By Amazon Customer, Kat Dailey

This book was truly amazing from beginning to end. There was not one time I was able to turn away from the book. The characters in this book was completely amazing and made you fall in love with them. Waiting for part 2, but until then I’ll reread this novel. ~ By Amazon Customer, Marquisa Turner



Your Heart Is Safe With Me Too (Book 2)

Your Heart Is Safe With Me Too



Being in love with the right person is so fulfilling, so joyful, and so real. True love is something that Peru has never known, and had become quite desperate for, until finding Dulani. He’s more than the man that he’s promised to be, and Peru finally feels free enough to welcome her happily ever after, only to find out that it’s not going to come as easy as she’d hoped. With bitter and scornful ex’s resurfacing from their past, it seems impossible for the couple to find their fairytale ending. They’ve given their relationship everything they’ve got, but with all of the drama circulating around them, the couple is afraid it won’t be enough.

Finally, back on track, and regaining all that he’s lost, Key is on a mission to get his girl. Garren, the feisty, and vibrant young nurse that’s nurtured him back to life, has been in Key’s corner every step of the way, and he’s ready to make her his. However, he’s not sure he can. With a stubborn and ungrateful husband in Garren’s path, Key’s efforts are going unnoticed. Although he’s showing her his heart and everything that it entails, Garren is still afraid to let go. When it seems as if all else is failing, Key loses hope. It isn’t until a mystery woman unintentionally interferes with his plans, that he’s able to prove to Garren that her heart is indeed safe with him.

Publisher A’zaylerInk Presents

Publication Date October 17, 2017

eBook Print Length 246 pages




Wow! I really liked this series! I am a big fan of the Giving You All I’ve Got series, but this is definitely giving that series a run for its money. Key…what a man!
I love the monogamy and commitment between the couples. Thank you for such a refreshing series⭐️ ~ By Amazon Customer, ShaToiya Hartwell

You absolutely never disappoint! With each new series I fall in love with your writing more and more. Your couples absolutely make me believe in love again . I’m so proud of you and your growth in writing. Can’t wait to see what you have next. ~ By Amazon Customer, Jasmine Holmes

Loved the couples. So glad to see some strong black men in love and doing it!! A’zayler the way you wrote this series​, I could feel the love coming from the words as I read them. Loved it!! ~ By Amazon Customer, LaShea Walker

Azayler you did it Again ! Your pen game is something serious. The amount of emotions your brought out of me with this book left me speechless. I loved that you brought old characters to a new series and they fit right in as if they were new characters. Thank you for blessing us once again!! Oh and key is definitely Bae. ~ By Amazon Customer, Tymari Turner




azayler4Patrice Watts, writing as A’zayler, is the founder and CEO of A’zaylerINK. A domain built upon the core foundations of FAITH, HARDWORK, and the visionary aspects of PERSISTANCE and GOALS. A’zayler is a native of Columbus Georgia. A’zayler has always been a fan of reading, but found her passion for writing during her sophomore year in college. Being that she used her storytelling as an outlet, she spent a lot of time writing privately. When asked about what compelled her to writing she answered, her love for reading. She says reading provides her with a plethora of ideas, and imaginable escapes from reality.

Not many people share her passion for the written word, so to explain her infatuation with writing she simply states “It’s like watching a movie in your head, you can let your inventiveness run wild.” In the year of 2014 A’zayler published her first novel, which debuted her immeasurable talent. Thirty plus books later, A’zayler has knocked down personal barriers by becoming the recipient of MBP’s Best Romance Author award in 2017. With many milestones behind her, and greater plans ahead, A’zayler has quickly become an urban romance phenomenon. Greatly inspired by the various writers that have come before her, she plans to surpass an array of personal expectations while paving the way and leaving her mark in the literary world.

Her passion for writing exceeds any, and everything she’s ever done, aside from being a mother. The things that contribute to A’zayler being an excellent author is her artistry, and hunger for literary advancement. Writing grants her the opportunity to show the world her most innovative thoughts and fantasies. It allows A’zayler the aperture to engage readers into a region that exceeds ordinary life. From meeting new people, to interacting with different cultures, and her all-time favorite, music, is what fuels her creativity.

A writer with limitless boundaries, A’zayler continues to share a piece of her heart, a tinge of her passion, and a glimpse of her imagination with each story she creates. Firmly rooted in biblical values, A’zayler is certain that God will not only continue to bless what she puts her hands to, but will advance her writing career to an assortment of unimaginable places. When she’s not taking care of her family, online shopping, or working on her next project you can find her at church or in a book store. A’zayler can be contacted on her website, via email, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


Have you read this series yet? It sure is on my TBR List and I can’t wait to read it! Make sure to check it out, Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

Book of the Week (Oct 23-Oct 29): The Cabin On The Lake by Dominique L. Watson

Good Morning book readers! This week’s book of the week comes from Author Dominique L. Watson. The Cabin On The Lake is book 3 of The Scarlett Fry Series, a mystery & suspenseful crime thriller & police procedural. It was just released today. To learn more about the book keep on reading.


The Cabin On The Lake


About the Book

Mik, a successful business man in San Diego has done his fair share of dirt. Cutting bad deals, taking money that doesn’t belong to him, cheating people out of what belongs to them…even murder. He thinks he’s safe until he crosses the wrong person.

Scarlett Fry and her friends head up to Big Bear, California for a much-needed couples vacation.

But murder and mayhem finds its way to Big Bear when Mik is forced to protect the only thing he truly loves…his sister. Somehow, someone knows what he’s been up to and they want back what belongs to them…at any cost.

The Scarlett Fry SeriesThe Scarlett Fry Series Order
Book 1 Murder For Justice
Book 2 Hunted
Book 3 The Cabin On The Lake


Publication Date October 24, 2017

Genres Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime Thriller, Police Procedural, Crime Fiction

Publisher Diamond M’Press Publications




About the Author

Dominique Watson HeadshotDominique Watson is a published author/entrepreneur. Dominique has published twenty books in the genres of poetry, inspiration, urban/Christian fiction and mystery and suspense including her most popular series, Concealed Betrayal and Secrets and Deception.

Watson recently introduced her readers to a new series featuring Detective Scarlett Fry.

Watson is also the founder of Diamond M’Press. She spends a lot of time mentoring authors and writers through her literary agency.

She recently launched her new magazine, Literary Digest under her company Diamond M’Press Publications.

Watson was voted as AAMBC Author of the Year in 2014.

She was also the owner of PEN’Ashe Literary Magazine from 2012-2016.

Dominique Watson can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google PlusInstagram, Book Blog, and Author Central.


Make sure you show your support and get this great series today! I’m positive you’ll love it! Happy Reading! ~ Vaneka

New Release Tuesday October 17-23

Hey book readers! Check out these hot new releases from Oct 17th-23rd!

His Love Is My DrugHis Love Is My Drug: A Dangerous Love Affair by Myia White

Kalani Mallory lived what most would consider the good life: a loving boyfriend, independence, and family. Out of blue Kalani realizes that everything that mattered or deemed important was a lie. Her once pure heart turns black and cold. With all love lost she turns to the life of mayhem and starts living in the fast lane. While doing all the wrong things she runs into someone whose goal is to hold her heart in the palm of his hand. Keeping her life a secret she indulges in everything this man has to offer. Someone should’ve told Kalani that pressure busts pipes cause the pressure is on when she’s the one keeping the secrets.

Caesar ‘Gunna’ Johnson is a boss that keeps it lowkey cause he has too much to lose. Atlanta is his oyster and nobody goes unnoticed in his city. Getting money and coming home to an empty bed is what Gunna’s used to but that’s not what he wants. Little does he know a brief encounter with Kalani might just be exactly what he needs. He starts to feel lucky but one question remains about lady luck; is she who she claims to be?

Love is what everyone aspires to find but none told them that it can be addictive. His Love Is My Drug is a different type of love story, that lets you into the dangerous world of a love so deep and passionate. We’re all told that being in love is beautiful but what happens when you find yourself addicted to that same love?



Stop Playing With This Heart of MineStop Playing With This Heart Of Mine by D. Brown-Newton

Why does finding love end up feeling like you’re playing a game of Truth or Dare? No one tells the truth anymore, pushing you to the point to where you want to scream, “Stop playing with this heart of mine.”

It’s like, you walk into a relationship thinking you met your soulmate, but instead you fell in love with a clone of who that person portrayed themselves to be. Love has become so complicated, it ends up being frustrating and you lose hope of ever truly being in love.

Stop Playing With This Heart of Mine is a relatable love story for a lot of women, who’ve been there at one time or another in their lives. We’ve all experienced having that one person in your life you can’t walk away from, even when you know you have too. What about being in love with the right person at the wrong time? In this installment, that’s just a few things that Marissa, Chyna and Ava are faced with. I hope you’re ready to take this journey into their world of love, lies, secrets and even murder.



In His CornerIn His Corner by Alexandra Warren

Train. Fight. Repeat.

That’s been Princeton “The Prince” Lattimore’s life for as long as he can remember. But when an interruption to his heavyweight champion world comes in the form of an alluring journalist who sees well beyond his undefeated stature, he quickly learns there’s a lot more to life outside of the boxing ring.

Write. Submit. Repeat.

As a budding journalist, Bella Stevenson is determined to solidify her place as one of the best writers in the game. But when she’s assigned to cover a boxing match – a sport she knows nothing about – she realizes that it’s going to take a lot more than just a good write-up to do so. And once chasing a good story turns into meeting the man of her wildest imagination, her world is quickly turned upside down in more ways than one.

Falling for each other proves to be an easy feat. But going the distance becomes the biggest challenge either of them has faced, especially as Princeton discovers who’s really in his corner…



Against All OddsAgainst All Odds: Love Conquers All by Tamala Lynn

When everything in your life seems to fall apart, who do you turn to? For 34-year-old Amilla Hicks, it seems as if she has no one. As a young teen Amilla lost her mother, and as an adult, she still hasn’t forgiven those she blames for her mother’s death. A nurse at the Women’s Cancer Center in North Carolina, she continuously relives her mother’s death as she cares for her patients. When Amilla finally comes face to face with whom she blames for her mother’s death only love and forgiveness will save her life. Unfold how the people in Amilla’s life will help heal her past and will try to save her future. Will love be enough to help her survive the present? Can love conquer all?



Raised As A Goon 3Raised as a Goon 3: Against All Odds by Ghost

This time, the odds are stacked against TAURUS like never before as he goes up against his father and his brother in a mind-twisting battle that will numb your soul.

As soon as K.O. and JUICE are released from prison, they track down Taurus and snatch out his heart by touching those he love most. Time and time again, Taurus has proven that he’s built to withstand the pressure, but will he be able to defeat the goon that raised him? Or will the young die-hard finally wilt from the heat of semi-automatic bullets?

Only a true thinker with an assassin’s heart can avoid what’s aimed at Taurus, but he just might be the one to do it.

By his side is PRINCESS, his baby mother, whose thirst for revenge will motivate them to go all out against their enemies.

It’s been said that God protects those who are good, but when the devil is the man who gave you life, nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred.

When you’re RAISED AS A GOON, you either kill or be killed.

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