{Pre-Order Spotlight} Crossroads: A Limited Edition Multi-Genre Anthology

Good Morning Readers! I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Crossroads anthology featuring stories from 21 bestselling and award-winning authors! They will bring you action, adventure and drama in these 20 multi-genre stories that will keep you entertained even after you finish the books. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!



Every decision will cost you.

Don’t miss out on these 20 multi-genre limited edition stories that run the gambit of paranormal, contemporary millionaires, military, alpha males, romantic suspense and intrigue. There’s something for everyone and enough for all. Only 99¢ For a Limited Time!



Bestselling Author Kassanna
USA Today Bestselling Author LaVerne Thompson
Bestselling Author Reana Malori
Bestselling Author Angela Kay Austin
Bestselling Author Olivia Gaines
USA Today Bestselling Author Afton Locke
USA Today Bestselling Author Aliyah Burke
Bestselling Author V Vee
Bestselling Author Sage Young
USA Today Bestselling Author Latrivia Welch
Bestselling Author Phoenix Daniels
Bestselling Author Dahlia Rose
Bestselling Author Naleighna Kai
Bestselling Author Savannah J. Frierson
Bestselling Author S.K. Lessly
Bestselling Author Ursula Sinclair
Bestselling Author Shara Azod
Bestselling Author Ancelli
Bestselling Authors Jayha Leigh & Jeanie Johnson
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Eve Vaughn


Publisher Flavorfullove Unlimited Publishing

Publication Date April 23, 2019

Print Length 1140 Pages

Genre(s) Romance, Multicultural & Interracial, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal




{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1537884602311Author Annitia L. Jackson is back with another hot new release, Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega. It’s the first book of a spin-off novel series of Jackson’s D-City Underworld three-book series. If you haven’t read the D-City Chronicles series, you should definitely check it out!



Syren Duvall died saving the life of an innocent baby and woke up to find out she was now a sex craving succubus, with two mates that are brothers. The first two months were perfect until her past came back to haunt her. On top of that, dead bodies of drained human men are popping up around the city and has Syren wondering if she has turned into a killer. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson”

{New Release Spotlight} Skinwalkers: The Uprising by Monica L. Smith

FB_IMG_1538601357733Good morning readers! Author Monica L. Smith has a brand new series. The first book in the series is titled, Skinwalkers: The Uprising, and it was just released today. Book 2 will be available later this month. Skinwalkers is an erotic paranormal romance series. Check it below.



Three individuals are at the pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. And somehow, their lives will soon intertwine, but not all parties will get their happy ending. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Skinwalkers: The Uprising by Monica L. Smith”

{New Release Spotlight + Gift Card Giveaway} Submissive by R Coxton

received_298127727442421Author R Coxton is no stranger to the literary world. He’s at it again with another new novel, Submissive: Brought, Broken, & Betrayed Chronicles. Check out the next new phase to his Brought, Broken & Betrayed series!



Imagine having a love written in the stars but the weight of your world won’t allow you to have it. Luna Rosa Green is faced with denying herself love for the greater good of others around her. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight + Gift Card Giveaway} Submissive by R Coxton”