{Book Blitz} Redeemed Through Love by Unoma Nwankwor


At thirteen Halima Dajuma discovers that her father has another family. No longer is she an only child, but younger sister to three older brothers. This discovery changes everything. For a while, Halima happily settles into a safe life shaped by her family’s expectations. Now, determined to find her voice, she breaks an arranged betrothal and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The search for truth rattles her world and the people in it, in ways she didn’t bargain for. When everything comes crashing down will she be content with what she finds or wish she’d remained in the comfort of the familiar?

The connection was electric, heart jolting even, but it came from the wrong source.

Charming, attractive and successful, Ekene Odili, is the Dajuma family lawyer. He’s also friends with Halima’s oldest brother, Rasheed. For years, religion and her fiancé stood between Halima and Ekene. He knows she’s off-limits. However, knowledge is no match for a heart which refuses to adhere to logic. When he begins to see the pain she has to endure, is he willing to sacrifice his heart and let her go?

The ultimate loss soon shatters her heart, then will Halima still have the courage to surrender to a redeeming love?


Stand-Alone Yes
Publisher KevStel Publications
Publication Date October 18, 2019
Genre Inspirational, Contemporary Romance
Heat Level Sweet





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{Book Series Spotlight} 31 Days Of Positive Affirmations by Allyson M. Deese

31 days book 1 cover print

Hello readers! Today I’m introducing you to Author Allyson M. Deese’s Inspirational & Motivational Self-Help series, 31 Days Of Positive Affirmations. Go ahead and check out this amazing series, a journey of self-love.



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