{Book Review} A Touch Of Death by Annitia L. Jackson

Book Review - A Touch of Death


Marci Leeann Marsh was born cursed because she was not a pure blood Fae. Doomed to live an existence alone, she commits a selfless act and sacrifices her own life to save a baby. However, her good deed isn’t enough. When she gets to the afterworld her past misdeeds come under fire. Marci is placed on trial to decide where she should spend eternity. She is to be judged by the same council, who have shunned her most of her life; Marci knows she is doomed.

Grave is the King of Death and head of the council. Being the man of the afterworld has afforded him money, power, and the most beautiful bedmates in the realm, but never the love of a mate. He had held the fate of many souls in his court for centuries in the Underworld. But never had he run across someone like Marci. With her fate in his hands, Grave finds himself drawn to the unstable half-fae beauty. But will Marci be too much for even the King of Death to handle?

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Skinwalkers: An Erotic Paranormal Romance Series by Monica L. Smith


Good morning! Are you into wolf shifters? Love paranormal romance and erotica? Yes?! Then you should definitely check out Monica L. Smith’s Skinwalkers series! Skinwalkers: The Uprising is a completed three-book series. If you haven’t read it, you are surely missing out on some great reads! Check them all out below and download this series today!




Three individuals are at the pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. And somehow, their lives will soon intertwine, but not all parties will get their happy ending.

Ashley’s world came crumbling down around her on July 17th. That was the day that she would face her husband for the last time. He had filed for divorce and had moved on to share his life with another woman. Continue reading “Skinwalkers: An Erotic Paranormal Romance Series by Monica L. Smith”

27 Urban Christmas Holiday Books 2018 Edition, Part 1


Hi everyone! Today I’m introducing to you some hot new Urban Christmas/Holiday books written by African American Authors. This feature will be a two-part post. Part two will be posted later this month. All books listed were published November/December this year. So make sure to check them out! Please share, purchase a book or more, gift a few for Christmas, read & leave a review. Thanks a lot & enjoy your weekend! Happy Reading! ~ Vaneka Continue reading “27 Urban Christmas Holiday Books 2018 Edition, Part 1”

{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1537884602311Author Annitia L. Jackson is back with another hot new release, Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega. It’s the first book of a spin-off novel series of Jackson’s D-City Underworld three-book series. If you haven’t read the D-City Chronicles series, you should definitely check it out!



Syren Duvall died saving the life of an innocent baby and woke up to find out she was now a sex craving succubus, with two mates that are brothers. The first two months were perfect until her past came back to haunt her. On top of that, dead bodies of drained human men are popping up around the city and has Syren wondering if she has turned into a killer. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson”