{New Release Spotlight} Downloaded Desires by Monica L. Smith


Good evening readers! Author Monica L. Smith has a brand new release! Downloaded Desires: An Erotic Connection is an erotic romance novella. Check it below.



Anita has had two failed marriages. Her first, to Ted, ended because they were too young. Her second, to Damon, ended because he left her…for a man named Paul.

After the pain of the divorces, she’s joined HookUsUp(.)com, hoping for one last chance at love through online dating. But so far, it’s been a fiasco. Then she meets Mitch on the site. He seems kind, handsome, decent – too good to be true? But as her hope surfaces with Mitch, both former husbands come back to turn her life upside down. Ted wants to re-connect but is easy to say “no” to. More dangerous is Damon, who wants another chance even though he’s still committed to Paul. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Downloaded Desires by Monica L. Smith”


{Book Spotlight} Amorous Déjà vu by J Brinkley


Good Morning readers! Today, I’m introducing Author J Brinkley’s steamy urban contemporary romance novel, Amorous Déjà vu. Check it out below.



Kim is a southern, country girl from Georgia. Like any other woman, she desires deeply to be loved. After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, she decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter, whom she cares dearly for. Working becomes her way to make up for her loneliness, until just as she had almost given up on love… her attention and heart were stolen by Jason. Continue reading “{Book Spotlight} Amorous Déjà vu by J Brinkley”

{New Release Spotlight} Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni


Good morning readers! Author Britt Joni has a new release that dropped today. Your Love Is My Lifeline is a Contemporary Romance & Women’s Fiction novella.



Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but is internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep”. On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself? Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni”

{Re-Release Spotlight} Tempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath by Yolanda Dumas


Author Yolanda Dumas recently re-released her book series, Tempestuous EntanglementsTempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath is the latest book released of the 3-book series. Tempestuous Entanglements is an Interracial/Multicultural Romance series. Book 3, the finale, will be coming soon. Check it out.



It’s ironclad. Lovely Stewart and Patrick Alcoa are officially a couple. Will the road to matrimony become the ultimate test of their relationship? Will Lovely’s insecurities cause Patrick and her friends and family to discover the self-destructive path she’s spiraling towards? Can Lovely come to terms with Balinna’s and Marcus betrayal before she loses everything in her life including her fiance? Continue reading “{Re-Release Spotlight} Tempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath by Yolanda Dumas”

{New Release Spotlight} Revenge by J Brinkley


Hello readers! Author J Brinkley has a new book release titled, Revenge. Revenge is an Urban Romance Fiction novel. Check it out.



Baltimore college student, Brooklyn Taylor finds herself falling in love with a student who loves the streets more than anything else. Brooklyn begs Tyrell to change his lifestyle, but the more she pleads, the more distant he becomes. When Brooklyn discovers she is pregnant she is elated, but it quickly turns to devastation when she finds out her child’s father is on his way to prison. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Revenge by J Brinkley”

{New Release Spotlight} Love Changes 2 by Cabria


Author Cabria recently re-released her book, Perfectly Matched: When It Feels Like Love. It has a new title, Love Changes, and new revisions were made to the storyline. Today, she re-released book 2 of this urban romance drama two-book series. Love Changes 2 has some major changes and an entirely different ending. Check it out …



Asya Amar is back, but with a new set of challenges facing her. After running from Las Vegas to Cozumel from her indecisive lover, Marcus Mack, Asya runs into someone from her past. Khalif Asad, who is 14 years older than her is the definition of a real man. He is something that Asya never encountered since the murder of her father when she was a teenager, in terms of being a protector and provider. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Love Changes 2 by Cabria”

{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1537884602311Author Annitia L. Jackson is back with another hot new release, Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega. It’s the first book of a spin-off novel series of Jackson’s D-City Underworld three-book series. If you haven’t read the D-City Chronicles series, you should definitely check it out!



Syren Duvall died saving the life of an innocent baby and woke up to find out she was now a sex craving succubus, with two mates that are brothers. The first two months were perfect until her past came back to haunt her. On top of that, dead bodies of drained human men are popping up around the city and has Syren wondering if she has turned into a killer. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson”