New Release Tuesday October 17-23

Hey book readers! Check out these hot new releases from Oct 17th-23rd!

His Love Is My DrugHis Love Is My Drug: A Dangerous Love Affair by Myia White

Kalani Mallory lived what most would consider the good life: a loving boyfriend, independence, and family. Out of blue Kalani realizes that everything that mattered or deemed important was a lie. Her once pure heart turns black and cold. With all love lost she turns to the life of mayhem and starts living in the fast lane. While doing all the wrong things she runs into someone whose goal is to hold her heart in the palm of his hand. Keeping her life a secret she indulges in everything this man has to offer. Someone should’ve told Kalani that pressure busts pipes cause the pressure is on when she’s the one keeping the secrets.

Caesar ‘Gunna’ Johnson is a boss that keeps it lowkey cause he has too much to lose. Atlanta is his oyster and nobody goes unnoticed in his city. Getting money and coming home to an empty bed is what Gunna’s used to but that’s not what he wants. Little does he know a brief encounter with Kalani might just be exactly what he needs. He starts to feel lucky but one question remains about lady luck; is she who she claims to be?

Love is what everyone aspires to find but none told them that it can be addictive. His Love Is My Drug is a different type of love story, that lets you into the dangerous world of a love so deep and passionate. We’re all told that being in love is beautiful but what happens when you find yourself addicted to that same love?



Stop Playing With This Heart of MineStop Playing With This Heart Of Mine by D. Brown-Newton

Why does finding love end up feeling like you’re playing a game of Truth or Dare? No one tells the truth anymore, pushing you to the point to where you want to scream, “Stop playing with this heart of mine.”

It’s like, you walk into a relationship thinking you met your soulmate, but instead you fell in love with a clone of who that person portrayed themselves to be. Love has become so complicated, it ends up being frustrating and you lose hope of ever truly being in love.

Stop Playing With This Heart of Mine is a relatable love story for a lot of women, who’ve been there at one time or another in their lives. We’ve all experienced having that one person in your life you can’t walk away from, even when you know you have too. What about being in love with the right person at the wrong time? In this installment, that’s just a few things that Marissa, Chyna and Ava are faced with. I hope you’re ready to take this journey into their world of love, lies, secrets and even murder.



In His CornerIn His Corner by Alexandra Warren

Train. Fight. Repeat.

That’s been Princeton “The Prince” Lattimore’s life for as long as he can remember. But when an interruption to his heavyweight champion world comes in the form of an alluring journalist who sees well beyond his undefeated stature, he quickly learns there’s a lot more to life outside of the boxing ring.

Write. Submit. Repeat.

As a budding journalist, Bella Stevenson is determined to solidify her place as one of the best writers in the game. But when she’s assigned to cover a boxing match – a sport she knows nothing about – she realizes that it’s going to take a lot more than just a good write-up to do so. And once chasing a good story turns into meeting the man of her wildest imagination, her world is quickly turned upside down in more ways than one.

Falling for each other proves to be an easy feat. But going the distance becomes the biggest challenge either of them has faced, especially as Princeton discovers who’s really in his corner…



Against All OddsAgainst All Odds: Love Conquers All by Tamala Lynn

When everything in your life seems to fall apart, who do you turn to? For 34-year-old Amilla Hicks, it seems as if she has no one. As a young teen Amilla lost her mother, and as an adult, she still hasn’t forgiven those she blames for her mother’s death. A nurse at the Women’s Cancer Center in North Carolina, she continuously relives her mother’s death as she cares for her patients. When Amilla finally comes face to face with whom she blames for her mother’s death only love and forgiveness will save her life. Unfold how the people in Amilla’s life will help heal her past and will try to save her future. Will love be enough to help her survive the present? Can love conquer all?



Raised As A Goon 3Raised as a Goon 3: Against All Odds by Ghost

This time, the odds are stacked against TAURUS like never before as he goes up against his father and his brother in a mind-twisting battle that will numb your soul.

As soon as K.O. and JUICE are released from prison, they track down Taurus and snatch out his heart by touching those he love most. Time and time again, Taurus has proven that he’s built to withstand the pressure, but will he be able to defeat the goon that raised him? Or will the young die-hard finally wilt from the heat of semi-automatic bullets?

Only a true thinker with an assassin’s heart can avoid what’s aimed at Taurus, but he just might be the one to do it.

By his side is PRINCESS, his baby mother, whose thirst for revenge will motivate them to go all out against their enemies.

It’s been said that God protects those who are good, but when the devil is the man who gave you life, nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred.

When you’re RAISED AS A GOON, you either kill or be killed.

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