June 2019 New Releases

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When A Thug Catches Feelings 2 by Miz Lala

When A Thug Catches Feelings 2In the first installment, you were introduced to the characters and their hidden insecurities. It’s not easy getting a thug to love you back, and it’s even harder to realize yourself-worth. These characters have been through hell and back, but the love keeps them coming back for more.

Chy’Mere and Kasiah are fed up with the other playing with their hearts. Leaving seems to be the best thing for the two, but as the heart constricts, their cadence is thrown off. Love can be a deadly game, and when someone from Chy’s past keeps inserting herself into the picture of their forever after, it threatens to ruin the future Chy and Siah are trying to build.

Will Kasiah buckle down and give Chy’Mere a fair chance, or will she turn in her love card?

Lorelle thought she was over Santana and his games. She even went out and found her someone to keep her out of his bed, but all that changed when Santana popped up unexpectedly, putting an end to whatever little fun she thought she was going to have. Santana’s name is ringing bells in more than just the streets. He also hears his name called out in the sheets of his many other bed companions. Just when he starts to clean up his act, something devastating happens, threatening to end his plans of being the man Lorelle needs.

On the run and out of touch with reality, Twyla’s brush with the law seems to be the only thing that will curve her “IDGAF” attitude. But when she returns back home, after a few weeks on the run, will the mess she made be more than she can handle? With so much drama happening in her life, all at once, being sentenced to murder isn’t the only thing that will change Twyla’s life, leaving her down on her knees clutching her chest, as she tries to take what could be her last breath!

Come take this ride and see where the rollercoaster will end up for these three couples. Love isn’t always easy to obtain, but it’s easy to lose. Your life will change forever When a Thug Catches Feelings.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**This series is now complete. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**




Pretty Gurls Love Gangstas 2 by DeeAnn

Pretty Gurls Love Gangstas 2Life for the Roland brothers, Chan and Chas, came tumbling down after the truth about their mother’s death was revealed. The two women they’d fallen in love with just so happen to be products of the two men who changed their lives forever.

Chas is torn between saving Drew, or seeking revenge on her father, Walter, for his mother’s death. Life is throwing things at him day by day, but he refuses to fold. Not sure if Drew will make it through, Chas begins to question his father, Christoph, and his motives behind his actions. Once things begin to come to light, Chas fights with whether he’s choosing the right side or not.

Unexpected events occur, leaving Chan lonely and battling the mental darkness that gets stronger each day. He loses the mother of his twins’, leaving Chas to help him stay sane. His twins are the only two people helping him through after Lynn’s sudden disappearance. With the weight of losing three of the women he loved most, Chan contemplates a decision that will affect everyone’s life around him.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**Be on the lookout for Book 3. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**




Karisma And Yashawn 2: A Chaotic Love Story by Latisha

FB_IMG_1559747991349The drama continues in part 2 when more secrets are revealed, and the couple can’t seem to catch a break.

Someone is gunning for Yashawn, and though a reason has been presented to him, he is still unsure why. The beef has nothing to do with him at all… or so he thinks. There are some things that haven’t been mentioned to him, and even those in his circle aren’t as forthcoming with information. Add that to the stresses of Karisma being pregnant, Yashawn feels he’s suffocating and at the end of his rope.

The doctors gave Karisma, what she feels is a death sentence. It could not have come at a worse time. She is also battling inner demons within and feels her love for Yashawn is dwindling. She wants an immediate escape and decides this life is no longer for her. That is until a situation occurs, and Karisma has to make a choice between living life without the man she’s come to love or saving her family. Continue reading “June 2019 New Releases”

{Book Blitz} Loveless: A BWWM Wolf Shifter Romance (The Alpha Series, Book #2) by Brooklyn Knight

Good Morning readers! I’m thrilled to participate in the Book Blitz for Brooklyn Knight’s new release, Loveless! Be sure to download your copy of this BWWM Wolf Shifter Romance! Go ahead & check it out below!



What does a girl do when love hurts? She becomes ‘Loveless’.

My sister, Sasha, says she’s in love with Remi Moretti, but there is no way it can be true. I’ve protected her since we were kids in foster care, so nothing will stop me from rescuing her…

Except, maybe, the man who answers the door when I arrive at the mansion.

Vince Moretti is long, and lean, and impossibly sexy; and he is… doing something to me. I’m supposed to be loveless, yet when this man touches me, my body and soul erupt. I used to think that Loveless was the answer, but suddenly, I’m not so sure. Continue reading “{Book Blitz} Loveless: A BWWM Wolf Shifter Romance (The Alpha Series, Book #2) by Brooklyn Knight”

{Book Review} Love Wounds: What May Come Of A Broken Heart by Mykisha Mac

Good Morning book lovers and happy Monday! I had the pleasure of reading a novel by Author Mykisha Mac and I wanted to share my review with you all. I enjoyed this story and I recommend that you all check it out. Love Wounds is book one of a two-part African American Romance & Urban Fiction series. So, without further ado, here is my review!


Love Wounds was a pretty interesting read. It took me by surprise because it wasn’t what I thought this book was going to be about, however, I was pleased with it. Mac touched on love in a totally different light in a way that I have not read before. It was true, pure, spiritually from the soul. This book was so real. It was truly realistic, stuff that everyday people go through. Depression is real and can change a person’s life in ways unimaginable, as well as their loved ones and/or the ones that love them. Continue reading “{Book Review} Love Wounds: What May Come Of A Broken Heart by Mykisha Mac”