{New Release Spotlight} Dying To Belong by Cassandra



Good Morning! Have you read a book by Cassandra? No?!? Then you definitely need to read Dying To Belong! Go ahead and check out this brand new standalone!



Have you ever felt like things were turned upside down? Like the world around you was closing in on you and spinning out of control. When it comes down to it Reign was just another young minded, book smart woman who was looking forward to going to college, and starting a new life away from her mother. Reign was excited to be leaving home; only she never knew what would be in store for her. Nobody sets out for their lives to change drastically. When she arrives at College she meets Desiah and Persephone, then her life begins to spiral out of her control. Then here comes Noland adding more drama to the equation. Reign’s dreams seem to vanish with the fast life of Atlanta and all that she felt it had to offer.

Come join Reign in this intense riveting journey of her life. Everything that looks good isn’t good for you. This is something that Reign learns rather quickly. The fancy cars, clothes and wild parties end up being a little too much for Reign. Her once so normal life is turned upside down. Some things can leave a long-lasting effect on your life and cause you to bite off a little more than you can chew. Can Reign survive what this world has to offer? Will she be lost for good? Can this world turn a good girl bad? Will Reign survive or end up caught up in a world full of Scandal and deceit?

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{New Release Spotlight} Found A Reason To Love Again by Pamela Campbell



Good Morning! Have you read Pamela Campbell’s newest release? Found A Reason To Love Again is an urban romance two-hour short read. If you love a short read then this is the story for you so go ahead and check out this new read today!



Lexi Coleman’s world shattered when she lost her husband and her newborn twins at the same time. Lexi thought she could never be happy or fall in love ever again.

A year later, Lexi’s company comes under attack, and someone has been threatening her life. Lexi continues to mourn, and relive her what happened a year ago when her heart was broken.

Hampton Ballard enters Lexi’s life, and challenges her in ways Lexi’s not used to. They both share a special connection from one person that took a piece of their hearts. Hampton has just the right remedy that is sure to put the pieces of Lexi’s heart back together, and give her a reason to love again.

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{New Release Spotlight} Dethroned by K. K. Harris



Good Morning readers! K. K. Harris has a brand new standalone release titled Dethroned. Dethroned is a suspenseful urban fiction thriller. Make sure you download your copy today if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to read it myself! By the way, be on the lookout for my review.



A King Would Be NOTHING without his Queen.

A car accident wiped away months of memories and added roadblocks around vital information of Jade King’s life. Once she awakens from a comatose state, every one she holds dear walked around on eggshells too afraid to shake the foundation. Though her husband, former foot soldier for her father is by her side, there is something that does not feel genuine.

Jade set out to find what was missing but what she will discover will surely bring the house built on lies crumbling to the ground. Many will parish once the final hand has been dealt and played. Revelations, destruction, and payback will solidify who will have a seat at the head table. The kingdom is no place for a feeble mind. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Dethroned by K. K. Harris”

{New Release Spotlight} Love Heist by Yahnta



Good Morning! Author Yahnta has a brand new release: Love Heist. This is book one of the series, so go ahead and check out this love story today because book two is due to drop in May!



Brendan and Mariska are an ruthless couple. Brendan by choice, he was addicted to the lifestyle while Mariska was forced into it. Mariska had no other choice but fight or flight. She fought with her alcohol addicted mother up until the day she left.

Leaving her country at the tender age of seventeen,she was lost and alone. That is until she met Brendan. It was love at first sight. Everything about their union was magical and unbelievable to most. From the other women to the bank heist. If he was rocking,she was rolling.

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{New Release Spotlight} Jordyn & Kahlil: A 337 Love Story by Ashley Guidry



Good Morning readers! Ashley Guidry has a brand new series: Jordyn & Kahlil: A 337 Love Story. This is book one of a three-part series, so go ahead and check out this love story today!



Life isn’t always Peaches and Cream.

Kahlil had a hard life growing up and being raised by a single mother. Having to step up at an early age to help make ends meet for his family, trouble seemed to follow him.

Kordell learned how to be a man from watching his older Brother, Kahlil. Kordell was everything a woman dreamed of handsome, smart, The Star Quarter Back of the Football team, and an all-around ladies’ man. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Jordyn & Kahlil: A 337 Love Story by Ashley Guidry”

{New Book Series} The Calm To His Savage + The Spin-Off by Latisha


Good evening! Author Latisha has a brand new completed series, The Calm To His Savage! She also recently released the spin-off to the series titled, Karisma and Yashawn: A Chaotic Love Story. Have you checked them out? If not, they are some must-reads you need to read! Check them all out below and download this great series today! By the way, the spin-off will also be a series. So, look out for book 2!




Ajayah Wilkerson’s only goals are to finish school and get off the pole. Having to care for her mother and whorish sister are making it hard for her to do so. She finally meets someone who she can see herself settling down with, but she has a feeling he is keeping something from her that can tear them apart.

Nicodameus “Frenzy” Washington is a young businessman with more secrets than the CIA. Though his dealings aren’t in the streets, his life revolves around the streets in more ways than one. After a chance encounter with the least likely female he would be interested in, he feels he has finally found the one to share his life with, but his past is making it hard for him to open up to her.

Clipz and Karisma are the hood’s modern-day Bonnie and Clyde and are also the sister and cousin to Ajayah and Frenzy. Clipz is a livewire and one of the biggest dope boys in Greensboro, NC, and Karisma is down to do anything for and with him. When Clipz betrays Frenzy and sets up a lick behind his back with Karisma, the last thing he expects to happen, happens.

Loyalty is a must in this game, and when you deter from those that are most loyal to you, you must deal with the consequences. In the first installment of The Calm to His Savage, a storm is brewing, and no one is prepared for the consequences that will follow. Continue reading “{New Book Series} The Calm To His Savage + The Spin-Off by Latisha”

{New Release Spotlight} Finessed The Game With A Lowkey Hitta by Mya Shay & Shaniya Dennis



Good Morning readers! Mya Shay and Shaniya Dennis has a brand new dope collabo: Finessed The Game With A Lowkey Hitta. Go ahead and check out this Urban Fiction tale today!



The world is your oyster is what Angel has always been told by her parents. In what seems like a blink of an eye, her parents are gone & she’s left to figure out this oyster that’s her world. Refusing to wait around for answers she along with her sister hit the ground running. A lick gone wrong leaves Angel feeling hopeless and wanting a new start. When all hope is lost, Angel decided to move to Detroit where she met her best friend and the hitta who stole her heart. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Finessed The Game With A Lowkey Hitta by Mya Shay & Shaniya Dennis”