#CurrentlyReading One of the Good Ones by @MaikaMoulite + @MaritzaMoulite #yafiction #youngadult #amreading

Good morning! I'm currently reading, "One of the Good Ones" by Maika and Maritza. This book releases on January 5, 2021. Thank you Inkyard Press/HarperCollins & NetGalley for providing me with an advanced reader's copy in exchange for my honest review. SYNOPSIS The Hate U Give meets Get Out in an honest and powerful exploration … Continue reading #CurrentlyReading One of the Good Ones by @MaikaMoulite + @MaritzaMoulite #yafiction #youngadult #amreading

New Release Round-Up Dec 7-Dec 13

Hey Readers, Hey! Did you catch last week’s new releases? Don’t sweat it, we gotcha covered! Check them out below… Authors, to submit your new book to be included in our next New Release Round-Up (Dec 14 - Dec 20), click here. The Love That Got Buried: A Dysfunctional Novella Danica Lovell is going through … Continue reading New Release Round-Up Dec 7-Dec 13

{#NewRelease} For Everybody by @ACandylickherr #UrbanFiction

Why do men feel the need to lie about their intentions? They could have it all only if they were honest about what the situation is.  What happens when you belong to everybody and nobody?  We all have to face our dirty deeds. Arizona has done his fair share of dirt. He is currently in … Continue reading {#NewRelease} For Everybody by @ACandylickherr #UrbanFiction

{#NewRelease} What’s Real by @iWriteThicklits #ComingofAge #Teen #YoungAdult #Romance

Simbi Davis, a young thick queen had a rough year after the loss of the only love she ever knew. Losing her lover in the most tragic way possible left Simbi feeling broken, busted, and disgusted in spite of the unphased facade she kept up most days. She had the hardest time doing life— that … Continue reading {#NewRelease} What’s Real by @iWriteThicklits #ComingofAge #Teen #YoungAdult #Romance

{#NewRelease} Cursed by Bricy Shay #yafiction #UrbanFiction

Luna, a carefree teenager that wasn't looking for love, got slapped in the face with it by a playboy. As much as she tried to pull away from Xander, he kept pulling her in with his sweet lies. Luna opened up fully and allowed him in. She gave him a treasure that she felt she … Continue reading {#NewRelease} Cursed by Bricy Shay #yafiction #UrbanFiction

100 Followers, Thank You!

OMG! We’ve finally hit 100 WordPress followers! I can't thank you guys enough! I am so excited to have you all here with me. I love blogging, especially about books, and I'm glad that I’ve started back doing so. I know that I haven't been as active, posting and stuff, especially this past year. But, … Continue reading 100 Followers, Thank You!