{Stand-Alone} Love Me If You Can by Pamela Campbell

Good Morning, Pamela Campbell has a brand new release! Love Me If You Can is an 2-hour romance short read. Go ahead and check out this new read today!




Lana West is a strong, independent, young woman, who hated being under her father’s control.

Malcolm West is a ruthless businessman who owns technical companies all across thestate. But he was also heavily involved in illegal business activities that Malcolm trusted his right-hand guy, Christian Griffin, to handle. So Malcolm’s family wouldn’t find out what he was up to.

Malcolm took Christian in at six years old, when Christian’s parents died in a car accident.

When Malcolm’s enemy attacked his family, Lana learns the entire truth, and it’s worse than she realized.

When Christian turns his attention to Lana, will she fall for him? Or will she run the opposite way because of Christian’s close relationship with her father? Will Malcolm give his approval of a possible relationship between the young couple? Or will he become furious and shut it down?

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{Book Blitz} Redeemed Through Love by Unoma Nwankwor


At thirteen Halima Dajuma discovers that her father has another family. No longer is she an only child, but younger sister to three older brothers. This discovery changes everything. For a while, Halima happily settles into a safe life shaped by her family’s expectations. Now, determined to find her voice, she breaks an arranged betrothal and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The search for truth rattles her world and the people in it, in ways she didn’t bargain for. When everything comes crashing down will she be content with what she finds or wish she’d remained in the comfort of the familiar?

The connection was electric, heart jolting even, but it came from the wrong source.

Charming, attractive and successful, Ekene Odili, is the Dajuma family lawyer. He’s also friends with Halima’s oldest brother, Rasheed. For years, religion and her fiancé stood between Halima and Ekene. He knows she’s off-limits. However, knowledge is no match for a heart which refuses to adhere to logic. When he begins to see the pain she has to endure, is he willing to sacrifice his heart and let her go?

The ultimate loss soon shatters her heart, then will Halima still have the courage to surrender to a redeeming love?


Stand-Alone Yes
Publisher KevStel Publications
Publication Date October 18, 2019
Genre Inspirational, Contemporary Romance
Heat Level Sweet





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{Cover and Character Reveal} A Private Affair by A.C. Arthur


Good Morning! I’m thrilled to participate in the Cover and Character Reveal for A.C. Arthur’s new release, A Private Affair! This is book #1 of the series. Go ahead & check out these hot covers (U.S. & UK covers) and pre-order your copy of this contemporary erotic romance today! Continue reading “{Cover and Character Reveal} A Private Affair by A.C. Arthur”

{Book Blitz} Written With Love by Joy Avery

Written With Love


There’s no erasing a destiny written with love!

A couple weeks at a friend’s North Carolina summerhouse is just what romance novelist Zahra Hart needs to get some writing done and forget her broken heart. But then she discovers the man who secretly inspires all her sexy heroes is staying at the estate. Superhot pro football player Gregor Carter is nursing an injury and a bruised ego, and suddenly he and Zahra have to share Lake Lamont. Will fantasy and reality come together?


Stand-Alone Yes
Series The Cardinal House Book 4
Publication Date September 3, 2019
Genre Contemporary Romance
Heat Level Sensual




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{Stand-Alone} I Love You Cause You Ride For Me by Pamela Campbell

Good Morning, Pamela Campbell has a brand new release! I Love You Cause You Ride For Me is a contemporary romance standalone novel. Go ahead and check out this new read today!


I Love You Cause You Ride For Me

Smart, ambitious, Noelle Lockett, had an uptight, self-righteous background. She had her “Dream List” of the type of man she wanted. Noelle vowed never to be a forever girlfriend. The main thing on the top of her list was a man who didn’t have any children.

Everything in Noelle’s world is turned upside down when she fell head over heels for Rowen, a man who had children.

Rowen Carroll was rough around the edges, and grew up on the bad side of the city. A near-death experience caused him to get out of the criminal business. He didn’t want his kids to grow up without a father the way he did. Rowen now owns a successful auto repair business.

Noelle and Rowen had instant chemistry, but when outside forces start planting seeds of doubt, they have to figure out if what they’re building together is strong enough. Can they look past the drama and just love each other?

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{Book Blitz} A Southern Gentleman Vol 2 by Tracy Reed

ASG V2 Cover as of 09.24.2019


“I never meant to fall in love. I thought Avery would be a good distraction…a way to mend my broken heart. But the moment she sat next to me, I knew she was the one. Now all I have to do is keep my celibacy vow until our wedding night. Avery said she understands my vow, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to seduce me. God help me make it to the wedding.”


Billionaire Businessman Jeremiah Logan went to New York to buy a company and nurse a broken heart. Instead of getting a company, he gained an ally, a business partner and the heart of the most eligible socialite in Manhattan.

When it came to love, Avery Marshall assumed the best she could hope for was a marriage of convenience with a man who only wanted her money and social connections. But one night in a New York bar, with a charming southern gentleman gave her hope for a happy ending.

Before they can get the relationship they desire, they will need to deal with the ghosts of their pasts.


Stand-Alone Yes
Series A Southern Gentleman, Book 2
Publication Date October 8, 2019
Genre Contemporary Romance
Heat Level Sensual


ASG2 Avery on Lap with name



My desire is

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{New Release} When Love Comes Around (Love Conquers All, Book 2) by Suzette Riddick


Good Morning! Suzette Riddick has a brand new release; book 2 to her Love Conquers All series, When Love Comes Around! When Love Comes Around is an African American Contemporary Romance novel. Be sure to check out book 1 of the series, A Special Summer. They’re both listed below. Enjoy & have a great day!



When Love Comes Around

The walls are closing in on Starr Avery. An unexpected health crisis sends her into an emotional spiral. Everything she’s ever dreamed of having now hangs by a thread. When she thinks all hope is gone, her salvation is closer than she realizes.

Kevin Dawson, a career womanizer, is off limits for Starr. The sparks of attraction are magnetizing and make him hard to resist. After a night in Kevin’s company. Starr ends up on the wrong end of a marriage proposal. When past forces work together to tear them apart, will love be enough to keep them together? Or will Starr’s dream become a nightmare or sweet reality?

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