{The ’90s Collection} You Don’t Have To Hurt No More by Nicole Dior


Good afternoon readers! Author Nicole Dior has a new release that just dropped today! You Don’t Have To Hurt No More is part of the R&B’s 90s Collection by Urban Chapters Publication’s authors. This story is inspired by Mint Condition’s classic hit, You Don’t Have To Hurt No More. It is an Urban Contemporary Romance novella. Check it out below.



“I don’t like the way he treats you… What gives him the right to say it’s you that he owns?” – Mint Condition

“You Don’t Have to Hurt No More”

Nature Robison is a twenty-five-year-old law student at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, studying and working her way to become a criminal defense attorney. As pretty and strong as Nature seems on the outside, one would never know that she is engaged to a man who abuses her, not only verbally, mentally, and emotionally but physically and sexually as well. Continue reading “{The ’90s Collection} You Don’t Have To Hurt No More by Nicole Dior”


{New Release Spotlight} Downloaded Desires by Monica L. Smith


Good evening readers! Author Monica L. Smith has a brand new release! Downloaded Desires: An Erotic Connection is an erotic romance novella. Check it below.



Anita has had two failed marriages. Her first, to Ted, ended because they were too young. Her second, to Damon, ended because he left her…for a man named Paul.

After the pain of the divorces, she’s joined HookUsUp(.)com, hoping for one last chance at love through online dating. But so far, it’s been a fiasco. Then she meets Mitch on the site. He seems kind, handsome, decent – too good to be true? But as her hope surfaces with Mitch, both former husbands come back to turn her life upside down. Ted wants to re-connect but is easy to say “no” to. More dangerous is Damon, who wants another chance even though he’s still committed to Paul. Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Downloaded Desires by Monica L. Smith”

{Book Blitz} His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan

Hi readers! Today I’m pleased to participate in the book blitz for His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan, hosted by Honey Magnolia PR.




His Until Midnight was released on December 1, 2018 & it’s a contemporary & interracial romance standalone novel from the Texas Cattleman’s Club series. Check it out below.





To the highest bidder goes…

A friendship with benefits?

When Tessa Noble takes the stage at a charity auction after a sexy makeover, her best friend, Ryan Bateman, must place the winning bid. It’s definitely not because he’s jealous. Their weekend getaway is a ploy for positive press…or so the rancher tells himself. But soon things take an unexpected turn from platonic to passionate, catapulting the couple far beyond the friend zone… Continue reading “{Book Blitz} His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan”

{Book Tour} Pushing Thirty by Necole Ryse

Good morning readers! Today I’m pleased to participate in the book tour, Pushing Thirty by Necole Ryse, hosted by Honey Magnolia PR.



Pushing Thirty was released in July 2018 & it’s a contemporary, chick-lit, romance & women’s fiction novel. It is currently on sale for a limited time for $1.99. Check it out below.



29-year-old viral TV blogger Zaahira Ramsey has it all, except peace. She’s built a fortress of protection around her heart as big as her coily hair. But when Chris Samuels enters her life, ready to unpack everything she’s been carrying, will she put up a fight? Or will the scrappy know-it-all fold under the pressure? Continue reading “{Book Tour} Pushing Thirty by Necole Ryse”

{Book Spotlight} Amorous Déjà vu by J Brinkley


Good Morning readers! Today, I’m introducing Author J Brinkley’s steamy urban contemporary romance novel, Amorous Déjà vu. Check it out below.



Kim is a southern, country girl from Georgia. Like any other woman, she desires deeply to be loved. After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, she decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter, whom she cares dearly for. Working becomes her way to make up for her loneliness, until just as she had almost given up on love… her attention and heart were stolen by Jason. Continue reading “{Book Spotlight} Amorous Déjà vu by J Brinkley”

{New Release Spotlight} Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni


Good morning readers! Author Britt Joni has a new release that dropped today. Your Love Is My Lifeline is a Contemporary Romance & Women’s Fiction novella.



Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but is internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep”. On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself? Continue reading “{New Release Spotlight} Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni”

{Re-Release Spotlight} Tempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath by Yolanda Dumas


Author Yolanda Dumas recently re-released her book series, Tempestuous EntanglementsTempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath is the latest book released of the 3-book series. Tempestuous Entanglements is an Interracial/Multicultural Romance series. Book 3, the finale, will be coming soon. Check it out.



It’s ironclad. Lovely Stewart and Patrick Alcoa are officially a couple. Will the road to matrimony become the ultimate test of their relationship? Will Lovely’s insecurities cause Patrick and her friends and family to discover the self-destructive path she’s spiraling towards? Can Lovely come to terms with Balinna’s and Marcus betrayal before she loses everything in her life including her fiance? Continue reading “{Re-Release Spotlight} Tempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath by Yolanda Dumas”