New Release: Toxic: A Different Kind Of Love Story by Keyla Shante

Have you ever wondered if your relationship is causing more harm than good? Like if the person who you should be able to go to when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, is the person that’s slowly causing your demise? We’ll if you think you’ve had it bad keep reading!

Meet Neeko Valentíne, a 23 year old bartender who has dreams of owning her own night club. All would be well, but she just has one thing standing in her way, her boyfriend of 3 years, Chance. Chance used to be someone when Neeko met him, but now he depends on her to foot the bill for his lifestyle. What Neeko doesn’t know is that his lifestyle consists of taking care of his baby mama and their one year old daughter.

A sudden turn of events lands Neeko in the arms of the rich, sexy, hood made mogul, Knowledge King. Shortly after, she thinks that things are starting to look up. That is until she finds out her and Knowledge have way more in common than either one of them imagined. Will Knowledge be what Neeko needs to move on from Chance? Or will he be just as TOXIC, if not more? Find out in TOXIC: A Different Kind Of Love Story!

  • Genre Urban Romance, Romance, Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction
  • Kindle Unlimited Yes
  • Series Book 1
  • Book Type Novel
  • Publication Date September 13, 2022
  • Publisher Au’Shay Presents


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