{Issa Hood Love Story} Book Series & Scavenger Hunt Contest

Hello book readers! Today’s featured spotlight comes from Cole Hart Signature Novels, Issa Hood Love Story series. This series includes 15 books from 15 different authors from Cole Hart Signature Novels Publishing Company. (Note: An extra book was recently added, that’s why it’s 15 books now instead of 14 when this post was 1st published.)

A book will be published every other day. Three books have already been published and book four will be available August 7, 2018. So get caught up if you’re behind! Details for the Scavenger Hunt is posted below along with the book release schedule for this series.



TO QUALIFY you must read all 15 books (an extra book was recently added). Details will be in each book. There will be a total of 3 WINNERS!!!

1st place $200
2nd place $100
3rd place $50




  1. 8/1 Issa Hood Love Story: Brooklyn & Blaze by Twyla T.
  2. 8/3 Issa Hood Love Story: Lyric & London by Patrice Balark
  3. 8/5 Issa Hood Love Story: Bailey & Bash by Anna Black
  4. 8/7 Issa Hood Love Story: Libra & Janiero by Chante Amor
  5. 8/9 Issa Hood Love Story: Tokyo & Greek by Princess Diamond
  6. 8/11 Issa Hood Love Story: Riley & Chance by Yona
  7. 8/13 Issa Hood Love Story: Shampaine & Savage by Tina Marie
  8. 8/15 Issa Hood Love Story: Carlee & Macklin by Dani Littlepage
  9. 8/17 Issa Hood Love Story: Ava & Casanova by B. Richemond
  10. 8/19 Issa Hood Love Story: Dallas & Dinero by Shykel W.
  11. 8/21 Issa Hood Love Story: Jacquelyn & Finesse by La’Quana Jones
  12. 8/23 Issa Hood Love Story: Iesha & Stone by Stormy
  13. 8/25 Issa Hood Love Story: Eden & Bounce by Sabrina A. Eubanks
  14. 8/27 Issa Hood Love Story: Jade & Apollo by Angie Hayes
  15. 8/29 Issa Hood Love Story: Storm & Antonio by Kevina Hopkins


So, will you be reading & participating in this great Scavenger Hunt? Good luck, I hope you will be one of the three winners. I mean come on, who doesn’t need or want the cash? Plus, to enjoy some great reads! Enjoy! ~ Vaneka