September 2018 New Releases

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Resisting Temptation by Sheena Binkley


Troy Jimenez is one of the top managers at Suds Car Wash-Richmond, but is also a huge player. From his constant flirting with customers to him indulging in many of the employees, he loves the ladies, and with his good looks and charm, he knows he can get any woman that comes into his path.

That was until Reece Palmer came into his life.

Reece is everything Troy wants in a woman: smart, ambitious, and sexy as hell. As he tries to find ways to get with her, Reece is definitely not falling for his antics, making Troy wonder if she’s worth the fight.

Or is she?

After quitting her job and abruptly leaving the only city she knows, Reece decides to move to Houston to be near her cousin, Vanessa, her husband, Mark, and their daughter Samantha. She doesn’t know what direction her life is heading, but she knows she needs a job fast. Her cousin suggests she come work at Suds as the new office manager. With the location needing a bit of a facelift, Reece is up for the challenge; little did she know she also need to get the manager in line. In more ways than one.

With the daily theatrics of the business, including bickering amongst the employees, and rude customers, Reece has her job cut out for her; but the real issue is with Troy. She wants to strangle him on a daily basis, making her wonder if her feelings for him are pure hate, or something more.

The constant interaction between the two will make them wonder if there is something more between them. While Reece is trying not to get involve with a co-worker, Troy has even bigger demons to deal with, causing him to finally face them head-on.

Will the two be able to get past their personal issues to see where their feelings are for each other, or will their dilemmas push them further away from what is right in front of them?

Genre Multicultural Romance, Romance, Interracial Romance, Drama & Plays



Pure American Greed by Chief G-Code & Keyono “Buck” Cook

41QWsTzyl3L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rickey Roundtree…
A young man that has never known anything but hardship and pain…until he discovers the powerful allure of money.

With his sights set on getting rich, he set out to do just that.

Then he bumps into love in the strangest place. But will love—something he’s never known before—be enough to tame his pure American greed?

Genre Urban Fiction




Secret Deception by Monica L. Smith

FB_IMG_1538225276175Jessica is a young and beautiful nursing student who falls in love with Justin, a guy that she met at a party. Although, he fulfills her needs mentally and financially, she longs for a little more excitement in her bedroom.

While attending nursing school, she gets involved with her pharmacology teacher. With Denver, her sexual appetite for the kinkier things are satisfied. There’s only a couple of problems that interfere with her happiness. One, Denver is married with two daughters that attend the same college as she does. Second, although her body craves the more experienced Denver, her heart belongs to Justin.

During the unforeseen events that happen in Jessica’s life, she has one person that she can turn to, her best friend, Kayla. She becomes the clarity in Jessica’s twisted love life once the intense drama of her two relationships become front page news, and one of Jessica’s love interest is found to have been murdered.

You will fall in love with this urban erotic romance. It has it all!

Genre Erotic Romance, Romance, Urban Erotica, Erotica



Sins Of A Housewife (Book Series) by Monica L. Smith

received_918266981700504**RE-RELEASE** Sensual – Seductive – Erotic Romance ‘Sins of a Housewife’ follows a sexually frustrated housewife who has all but given up on helping her husband Louis understand that their relationship is one sided romantically. Through the referral of her longtime friend Jazz, she signs up for a membership to an escort agency exclusively for female clientele.

Adele is able to indulge in her wildest sexual fantasies. By going on dates with the men from Hidden Pleasures, she finds out that there is a whole new side to her sexual appetite. She is able to have encounters with any man – anywhere – and she is not judged based on her preferences.

But Adele feels there is hope for her dying marriage and gives it one more try before calling it quits. While on a trip with Louis, she explains to him what she likes and how she likes it. She even gets him to participate in one of her fantasies.

Now that she has exposed her deepest secrets to Louis, she quickly finds out that he enjoys participating in having unconventional sex more than her. Louis turns the tables and takes Adele on the ride of her life. Now he’s taking her on a journey into a world of voyeurism, menage-a-trois, sexual domination, and much more.

Happy with the course her life is taking, can she continue to keep the secret, and does she still need Hidden Pleasures?
And – will her husband discover the skeletons that she has been hiding in their closet?



received_2157151914608106**RE-RELEASE** The Hennessy Chronicles follows Louis’s story of how he is transformed from a sweet and loving husband into the most talked about and requested male escort at Hidden Pleasures – Hennessy. Aurora, the owner of Hidden Pleasures, shows him that size truly does matter in his profession and money can make one sell their soul to the devil.

Louis is pulled in by Aurora’s slick tongue and twisted meanings. She assures him that he would never have to worry about struggling again, if he uses what he possesses to make the money he wants. Knowing that what he is about to embark on may cost him his marriage to his wife Adele, he still dives in head first, believing that he is making the right decision. To Louis, this is a come up and he feels that this opportunity is the only way he can provide his wife with the finer things in life. It only takes him a few dates with his female clientele to fall hard and quick into a life of seduction and lust.

In the midst of him learning about how to finesse a woman and how to make them melt into his hands, he notices his wife is changing right before his eyes. Like him, her appetite for the darker realm of the pleasure principle has reached a new height. He learns quickly that his wife wants what his clients pay him for – a thrilling, sensual, exciting lover in the bedroom.

When Adele reveals her desires, Louis reluctantly gives in to her wants. As he pulls her into his world of passion and seduction, he realizes that he wants to be with her and her only. But there’s a problem; he still works for Hidden Pleasures and Aurora is trying hard to keep her top earning Casanova.

Will Louis be able to keep this provocative secret from Adele?

And – will their marriage survive if his secret is revealed?



FB_IMG_1537839607550Sins of A Housewife 3 Rekindled – follows Adele’s story as she tries to find a way to deal with the skeletons in her closet as well as the skeletons Louis, her husband, had hidden in his.

Adele finds out that her husband is working for Hidden Pleasures, an escort agency exclusively for female clientele. But, as she learns out about his secret life, Louis discovers that his wife has been withholding a secret as well. He may be the escort, but she is one of their clients.

Although she loves her husband, he has another secret – Aurora, the owner of Hidden Pleasures, is also Louis’ mistress. They have a lot of history between them and he is caught between two love interests. Adele wears the ring, but Aurora is offering him not only her body but an open relationship to be with other women.

Adele finds herself battling two demons. Her husband is the famous escort Hennessy and he has an intimate relationship with the She-Devil herself. Adele learns quickly that Aurora wants to play for keeps, but what she wants to keep, doesn’t belong to her.

In the midst of them learning about each other’s surreptitious affairs, Adele finds out that she is pregnant with Louis’ child. Her broken heart and twisted relationship issues forces her to keep the pregnancy a secret from Louis. In her mind, he doesn’t deserve to be a part of her child’s life.

Will Adele reclaim her husband? Can they forgive each other’s indiscretions? And – will there marriage survive now that their skeletons have escaped their closets?

Genre Erotic Romance, Urban Erotica, Erotica, Romance



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