September 2018 Featured Authors

IMG_1661 Author Kyeate is a mother, author, and Nashville resident.

In 2008, after the death of her daughter’s father, she used writing as a grieving mechanism. Already being an avid reader of urban fiction from greats such as; Keisha Ervin, Kiki Swinson, Teri Woods, and Nikki Turner, she tried her hand and started writing short stories. READ MORE



Author Elaine Allen has a Bachelor’s of Science, currently works fulltime for Dept of Human Services. She is a fulltime mother of two who loves to read and write.  She loves romance and all of its ups and downs, all the joys, some of the pain, the heart lifting and heartbreaking, and let’s not forget the funny and outrageous. She is not afraid to write about love how she views it. She currently resides in Philadelphia and is working on different writing projects.. READ MORE


1536974759225_image1Author Parker Kingston (Sidni B) is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of English and has a full-time job at a car dealership in Norfolk, Virginia. Despite how much she loves the people that she works with, Parker has gigantic dreams of one day being able to leave her 9-5 and pursue writing full-time. For as long as Parker can remember, she’s loved reading and writing. However, in the area where she grew up, reading nor writing was celebrated, so she kept her gift hidden and attempted to lock it away for good. Life clearly had another plan for her, because no matter how much she tried to stray away from her first love, it always came back full circle. READ MORE