October 2018 New Releases

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Tell Me It’s Real by Asia Monique’


Nimah Logan-Jackson is no stranger to being blinded by love at the expense of her mental and physical well-being. Brave enough to escape her abusive marriage, a newly divorced Nimah decides to leave Detroit in search of a new beginning, leading to her to Malloryville, a small town located in Virginia. It is there that Nimah meets Karsyn Miller, a Malloryville native with a quiet demeanor despite the vivid stories his tatted exterior tells. Nimah is instantly drawn to him but keeps her distance after discovering what the Miller name really stands for. It has nothing to do with Karsyn—who has shown her on more occasion than one that his name doesn’t make him—but everything to do with her real reason for leaving Detroit. Nimah’s husband has been taunting her, threatening her with letters since their divorce. And the last one was enough to send her running.

Karsyn Miller is proof that the same way you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, you should never disregard the human behind their ink. The great-grandson of Malloryville’s founder, Karter Miller, Karsyn has done everything the right way in life and still has to live with the stain of his family’s history every time their names are mentioned. After discovering that his parents embezzled money from his trust fund, Karsyn is legally emancipated at the age of seventeen. He goes off to college and returns to Malloryvville after graduating. After opening his tattoo shop, he feels like his life is on the right track, until a phone call reveals another betrayal from his parents. This time the victim is his fifteen-year-old sister Kaylyn, who is pregnant and has been abandoned by their parents. In the midst of readying Kaylyn for motherhood, he meets Nimah, who appears to be starting over herself. Despite her hard exterior, Karsyn craves Nimah and pursues her with vigor, hoping to break down that wall, and when he discovers her real reason for showing up to Malloryville, he promises to be the protector she never knew she needed.

Genre African American Romance, Women’s Fiction



Skinwalkers: The Uprising by Monica L. Smith

FB_IMG_1538601357733Three individuals are at the pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. And somehow, their lives will soon intertwine, but not all parties will get their happy ending.

Ashley’s world came crumbling down around her on July 17th. That was the day that she would face her husband for the last time. He had filed for divorce and had moved on to share his life with another woman.

Around that same time, Gethambe, a half breed human and wolf, found that he needed to prove himself to his pack and take an epic journey from death to life. During this journey, he must fight seven Archangels, one from each level of Heaven. He is not provided any information or weapons. Gethambe must use only his wits and survival instincts against his opponents.

As Ashley’s world is been shattered into a million pieces and Gethambe is fighting the battle of his life to become the next alpha male of his pack – Lana, a half breed human and wolf with healing abilities, is trying to prove her loyalty to become Gethambe’s wife. Although they are involved in an arranged marriage, and she was promised to him, if she doesn’t show her strength, she will be reincarnated and forced to repeat the cycle of rebirth and life.

With a strange turn of events, Gethambe cannot totally bond with Lana because her scent nauseates him. But when Ashley’s unusual aroma floats in to his den with the wind and envelops his being, Gethambe gathers his most trusted soldiers and hunts her down. Her scent awakens his deepest desires. Although he followed tradition and married Lana, he had a strong craving for Ashley.

How will Gethambe deal with his deep desire for a woman who knows nothing about his way of life or his skin-walking abilities? Will Gethambe sacrifice Lana, his home, and his way of life for a woman he is forbidden to have?

Genre Urban Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Erotica, Paranormal



Skinwalkers 2: The Uprising by Monica L. Smith

received_754438084894201Lana feels that her crown is threatened. The root to all her problems stem from Gethambe’s love interest, Ashley. Trying desperately to savor her position as the true Queen of Achaemenid, she commits the ultimate sin and puts the lives of Ashley and her daughter in danger.

Feeling guilty about how things ended with Lana, Gethambe attempts to find her to right his wrongs. Not realizing that Ashley is missing, his focus becomes bonding them as sister wives. His hope is for everyone to live together in perfect harmony. Little does he know, he’s already too late. While teaching Ashley about her past, Bullet finds out that she has been hiding a dark secret.

When Ashely awakens, she finds that she is no longer sharing a bed with her husband. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that she is in a strange new place with her new daughter, Serenity. Over time, she finds comforts within her new prison, and sees her surroundings in a different light. The Land of Alexandria bonds with her soul and enlightens her being. She learns about herself in a way she hadn’t known before.

Although they cannot become mated partners, he loves her enough to give her what she needs – Gethambe. Ashley and Gethambe are reunited, but they are forced into another battle to protect Serenity. With the strong leadership of Gethambe, the loving heart of Ashley, and the wisdom of Bullet, Serenity’s future is protected. Or is it?

Will Lana get what she deserves for her treacherous ways? How will Bullet cope with being second in Ashley’s heart? What does the future hold for Serenity? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the highly anticipated sequel, Skinwalkers 2!

Genre Urban Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Erotica, Paranormal



I Want To Love You In Every Kind Of Way by Brii Taylor

FB_IMG_1538660259327Since he was a youth, Juwelz Davis always knew what he wanted. He did what was necessary to achieve his dreams and goals. Being a young, successful college grad and business owner, he lacks the one thing he’s been diligently praying for; the right woman to call his wife. That is until a distressed, single mother, Santana Jackson walks into his shop. Even with her circumstances, Juwelz finds himself infatuated with her. She’s exactly the woman that he’s been praying to God for. “He that finds a wife finds a good thing.” He believes Santana is his “good thing” and prays she feels the same.

Santana Jackson has gone thru the fire and the storm. Still, she has managed to keep her head above water. Her struggle started at the tender age of seventeen, when she got pregnant and abandoned by the child’s father. Along the way, she has lost the support of family and some she called friends. The one man she will never lose, she hasn’t called on him for help.
It wasn’t until she walked into Juwelz’ shop that she finally broke down and surrendered. Soon after, San starts to see blessings on top of blessings. One of her biggest blessings was meeting Juwelz. San doesn’t see it that way. She’s still hurt over the past and uses it as a wall to keep him out of her mind and heart. However, “Prayer changes things” and that’s all Juwelz has been doing. Is he praying to have the wrong woman? After being hurt by people so much, will San trust God to open her heart for love again?

Genre Contemporary Romance, Romance



I Got Nothing But Love For My Hitta 2 by Jahquel J

JAHQUEL_IGOTNOTHING2Being in love with a hitta, you have to be prepared for the life they live. Is Leyanna really prepared to deal with being with Benji, even knowing the life he lives? While Trying to go to school and run the boutique both she and Chyna own, is she stretched pretty thin? On top of worrying about Benji’s safety, she wants him to leave the game. Will Leyanna’s request mean anything to Benji?

Benji is in love with Leyanna and wants to put a ring on her finger. What happens when Leyanna doesn’t want the same things that Benji wants? Being a hit man has been his life for as long as he could remember, is he willing to stop for Leyanna? Or will Benji be willing to let his Wiz go in order to continue being a hitta?

Chyna feels like her heart is broken when she gets the call about Kash, dropping everything she goes and sits by his side fearing the worst. Will Kash make it? And will Chyna find out the secret he and Benji has been keeping from her sooner than later?

Solace isn’t going to sit back and let BMS ruin GB, he’s ready for blood. When he uses an old friend of Leyanna to lure Chyna, in order to try to hurt Kash, he isn’t prepared for Benji’s wrath. Not everyone can live to say they lived after an encounter with Benji, but will Solace?

Is Kash dead or alive? Left abandoned in the warehouse while Chyna is celebrating the birth of their son, Kash is shot by a figure in the shadows, was it Benji, JoJo or Solace?

Genre Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction



Would Never Be by Lore

EC3E3165-241A-4586-8099-EBD95C46903BThe way Sherwood’s heart is set up for Jacob he’d do anything for him if it’ll make him happy. On his birthday he surprised him with the ultimate gift, his wife and kids. He had all of the right intentions, however he never expected it to backfire on him the way it did. With everything to lose, Sherwood is willing to do whatever he has to do to keep his man.

Jacob’s wife Marcy is now in town and instantly she knows something is up with her husband’s current living arrangement. After putting the pieces to the puzzle together she devises a plan that may just backfire on her. She attempts to use her title as Jacob’s wife to get what she wants.

Jacob is caught in the middle of the two. What started off as a game has now become his reality. On his birthday when he lays eyes on his family, initially he’s ecstatic to see them after all that time, but he soon realizes his wife is someone he never knew. Jacob simply wants to be happy and Marcy has other plans.

In this sequel to What Could’ve Been, it all balls down to love. Love will prevail and may the best lover win.

Genre Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Romance



Kings Of The Underworld: Alpha & Omega by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1537884602311Syren Duvall died saving the life of an innocent baby and woke up to find out she was now a sex craving succubus, with two mates that are brothers. The first two months were perfect until her past came back to haunt her. On top of that, dead bodies of drained human men are popping up around the city and has Syren wondering if she has turned into a killer.

Alpha and Omega Duvall thought they had found the woman, that they would share their lives with until another man claimed to be her mate. Now, they are left wondering should they fight for their mate? Or move on?
Dark forces are working hard to keep this triad from happiness, and to destroy the Demon Realm along with the Underworld. Can Syren, Alpha, and Omega come out whole?

Find out in this D-City Underworld Spin-Off Saga.

Genre Paranormal Romance, Romance, Women’s Fiction



Love Changes 2 by Cabria

FB_IMG_1538238675044Asya Amar is back, but with a new set of challenges facing her. After running from Las Vegas to Cozumel from her indecisive lover, Marcus Mack, Asya runs into someone from her past. Khalif Asad, who is 14 years older than her is the definition of a real man. He is something that Asya never encountered since the murder of her father when she was a teenager, in terms of being a protector and provider.

​With Khalif back on the scene, Asya has to decide whether to continue running from hurt or to run towards love. Marcus isn’t going to make it easy for her though. With his obsessive ways, Asya begins to truly question his sanity. Throw in another blast from the past and Asya and Khalif’s relationship becomes rocky. Has Asya finally let go of the past? Has she learned to put herself first?

Will she finally learn what being Perfectly Matched truly feels like? Be prepared for a shocking ending!!

Genre Romance, Women’s Fiction



Tempestuous Entanglements 2: The Aftermath by Yolanda Dumas

FB_IMG_1539987025393It’s ironclad. Lovely Stewart and Patrick Alcoa are officially a couple. Will the road to matrimony become the ultimate test of their relationship? Will Lovely’s insecurities cause Patrick and her friends and family to discover the self-destructive path she’s spiraling towards? Can Lovely come to terms with Balinna’s and Marcus betrayal before she loses everything in her life including her fiance?

Balinna Luden’s surprising announcement topples her life. She may lose the one thing she’s always been able to depend on – her family. Her obsession and jealousy may be her ultimate downfall. Balinna has to decide if being involved with Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins is worth losing everything. Will the aftermath be sustainable?

Laria Stewart has been placed in the middle of the feud between her sister and cousin. Dealing with her parent’s divorce and the shoddy men in her life leave Laria having to make choices she’s not ready to do. Can she survive the aftermath of controversy taking place in the Stewart family? Will Laria be able to come out unscathed?

Lesa Bamboo Nelson is jealous of Lovely’s happiness. It leaves her wondering if she will ever live happily ever after with Ivan Morrison. Lesa’s soon to be ex-husband, Kevin, has made it his ultimate goal to keep her by any means necessary. When secrets are revealed about his past be enough to gain her freedom from a horrible marriage? Will Lesa have her happy ending with the man who’s stolen her heart?
Robin Lipperton believed Rodrigo Zavala was the one man she could count on and trust. She’d found someone to love unconditionally; someone to heal her wounded heart. When secrets are revealed, Robin’s insecurities take over placing the life she’s built in jeopardy. Will secrets and lies be the one thing to have it all crashing down around her?

Genre Urban Romance, BWWM, Interracial & Multicultural Romance



In Love With An East Coast Maniac 3: Grizz & Sundae by Jahquel J

1539462046912_image1In the finale everything is coming to an end. Tweeti is dealing with the fact that her husband might be gone, and she may have to raise her son alone. Life comes fast and hits you hard, and Tweeti is learning that. The statement, you won’t miss them until they are gone is the soundtrack to Tweeti’s life. Will Jah pull through or will he leave Tweeti and Taz? With Dakota still around, will Tweeti tie her timberlands and handle what her husband should have ended months ago?

Uzi is running around trying to find out who had the balls to come at his brother – A McKnight at that. Along with that, he has to deal with his fiancée and daughter too. Whoever is coming at them, they’re coming hard. Will Uzi find out who in their camp is coming for their head?

Paisley is preparing to become a mother and adjusting to loving a Maniac. With Nisha being pregnant and confessing her love for Manic, Paisley is feeling insecure. Not to mention, Manic is working all kind of hours and neglecting her. Life throws them a curve ball and Manic has to make a life or death decision… will Manic make the right decision? Will he and Paisley’s relationship survive his decision?

Sundae walked out of Grizz’s life. Finding out that she’s pregnant and dealing with her mental illness, she has more to think about than Grizz and Teyanna. Will Grizz win her back? Or is Sundae really over Grizz and has moved on? With Grizz finding out exactly what Teyanna been up to, will he let her slip through his fingertips like before? Or will he get his hand dirty and deal with the snake he should have killed years ago?

In this finale, there is no such thing as a happy ending. While some couples may get their happy endings, others won’t. In life, there are no guaranteed happy endings.

Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction



Forgiven by Theresa Hodge


Sage was my only love and the only one in my soul. Her love made my every wrong right. She was my first love, and my love for her grew stronger with every breath I took. She made me a better man. In marriage, our hearts became one, and our lives were bonded forever when I promised to hold her close to my heart and remain loyal to only her. But beyond my promises, I made mistakes; I failed my beautiful wife. Still, Sage means the world to me, because once mine is forever mine—until death do us part . . .

At one time I loved another and thought I’d never love again. But after Blake came into my life, there was no other. I wanted to share all my love with him. The way he looked at me showed me how much he cared. He grabbed my heart forever. With Blake I was a better woman. After the vows we took, I had no doubt our love would last for all eternity. Then, to discover that Blake’s promises were lies and I had been played a fool broke my heart once more. Now, nothing will ever be the same.

Forgiven is an emotional story full of love, heartbreak, and betrayal. Turn the pages and find out if two hearts can heal from the pain of broken promises. Will Sage and Blake find their way back to each other, or is their love lost forever?

Genre Romance, BWWM, Interracial & Multicultural Romance



A Love Unlike Any Other: Caleb & Ebony’s Story by elle kayson

FB_IMG_1539868543835Caleb Chancellor and Ebony Knight were inseparable from the time they met as pre-teens. Then, at nineteen-years-old, Ebony experienced the unspeakable, challenging her growth as a young woman and destroying her belief in love.

Everything changed. They could no longer be in the same room without throwing brutal looks and sharp words at each other. To the average person, the lovebirds seemed to have become archenemies.

But appearances can be deceiving…

For years, Ebony tried to put her painful past and her first love behind her. But Caleb wouldn’t leave her life or her heart, no matter how much she avoided him. Desperate times called for desperate measures and Ebony suddenly needed Caleb to help her heal the friend who once healed her. Can Ebony make amends with her old love and move on with healing her scars?

As he grew from boy into man, Caleb Chancellor counted Ebony as a constant in his life. Then, she disappeared and refused to talk to him. Enraged, he learned to hate his only love… or so he thought. The circumstances that throw them together have him thinking about forbidden propositions and reclaiming the one woman who has always captivated him.

Will these estranged lovers move forward to a bright future or will they hold on to a bitter past?

Genre Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction



An Unexpected Desire by Kat Cole

JAHQUEL_ANUNEXPECTEDAnais King has the perfect life. She’s married to the man of her dreams, they live lavishly, and she doesn’t have to lift a finger, or want for anything. In her eyes, life can’t get any better.

But like the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, right?

Unexpectedly, Anais learns some secrets that her husband was keeping, and it shatters her heart, and turns her world upside down. She never thought in a million years that this would happen, and now she’s left feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

That only leads her to seek comfort in the arms of the next man, Koi Kane.

Koi is a reckless, careless, impulsive man, and he doesn’t care about what flies out of his mouth, or whose feelings it hurts. Once he lays his eyes on Anais, he knows he’s found the woman of his dreams, but she doesn’t feel the same towards him.

In this romance, will Anais fall for Koi’s smooth talking, or will she stay with her husband even though he’s broken her heart?

Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction



Coke Gurls: Flint by Queen Keishii

JAHQUEL_COKEGURLSFLINTRedrum is all I know. Put that on my life…

Ocean Redding followed these words like she put on her shoes. Being a Queen pin in one of the most dangerous hoods was like a rush for her. Gunplay and fixing cars gave her a rush like no other. When love and threats come and try to knock her off her square, will Oce fail or show how a concrete can rise from a rose.

Along for the ride is her girls— Kash, Ledé, Kellar and Dutchie. The Redrum Rebelz are out for blood and the power. The men that choose to fall for these women will found out that these women aren’t to be taken lightly. Follow these ladies as they navigate through a world of drugs, sex, betrayal, and violence. They will prove that Coke Gurls May just do it better.

Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction



Forever Ain’t Enough by Shelia E. Bell

FB_IMG_1541156561909Dray and Chynna were a perfect couple…well, let’s back up. Dray and Chynna had a tumultuous relationship during their seven years together but it worked for them. That is, until Chynna pushed the buttons of their relationship to the point of no return with her jealous and abusive ways.

When Dray meets Bethany, she is everything Chynna isn’t. To push Chynna’s violent buttons even more, Dray and Bethany become engaged, Chynna is enraged and all hell breaks loose. He promised Chynna they would be together forever. So what happened, and what lengths will Chynna go through to sever the ties that bind Dray to, sweet, innocent, successful Bethany, his newly chosen bride-to-be.

Genre Urban Fiction



Can You Stand The Rain? by Thea

FB_IMG_1539951562491Cinnamon Bell is newly married and is supposed to be the happiest time of her life with her being a newlywed. However, the day she married her husband Daniel Bell her relationship with his mother, Ashley Bell, took a turn for the worst. Ashley feels threatened by losing her oldest son to Cinnamon and does whatever she can to sabotage their marriage. Things start to shift when Daniel questions his wife volunteering to tutor after school at Sherwood High School and she starts to spend more time with the handsome Rodney Perkins.

Cinnamon starts to catch feelings for him and feels guilty for having feelings for a man that is not her husband. Will Cinnamon continue to fight the attraction that she has for Rodney or will she risk her marriage to pursue her feelings for Rodney? Cinnamon is very close with her family especially her younger sister Everest. When she finds out a bombshell that Everest had been hiding for years, will it permanently damage their sisterly bond?

Meanwhile, Daniel is stuck in the middle of his wife and his mother. He has the ultimate respect for Ashley because she gave him life, but he is in love with Cinnamon. Deep down, he knows something hasn’t been right with his mother for a while and tries to look out for his half-brother, Anthony as much as he can, but he becomes occupied by the drama his mother creates in his life. He doesn’t understand how close he is to losing his wife because of his mama’s boy antics. When all of the tension finally comes to a head, will Daniel manage to keep both of the women in his life happy or will he lose Cinnamon for good? Will their marriage be able to make it through the rain or is it doomed for failure? Come join us on this ride in the first installment of Can You Stand The Rain?

Genre Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction



Chasing Storm by Monica L. Smith

FB_IMG_1539780408892Storm’s life is a painful disaster. Her father’s passing away, she hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, and she’s in a cruel, abusive marriage with her husband Chase. Is there any way out for her?

On his deathbed, her father pleads with her to leave Chase. Her brother vows to help her escape the violence. With help from a family friend, she establishes a new life in Chicago. She has a new job, new apartment, and a friendship with the family friend’s son Kobe. He’s a playboy with a girlfriend named Samantha, but he’s developing feelings for Storm. In spite of herself, Storm feels the same way.

But Chase is just one step behind in finding her, and Storm knows it. Kobe asks her to move in with him for protection. As she’s packing, Chase breaks in to her apartment and kidnaps her. She’s a total prisoner now – savagely beaten, starved, addicted to alcohol and sexually abused.

In her worst beating yet, Storm is almost killed by Chase, but a neighbor hears and calls the police.

In the hospital, she reunites with Kobe. He asks her to marry him, but Samantha reveals he cheated with her while Storm was kidnapped…and she’s pregnant. Kobe’s one of three men who could be the father. Chase is another. Storm is forgiving, and they marry, but as they are ready to leave for their honeymoon, Samantha goes into labor, and Chase appears again – shooting Kobe.

Can Storm find peace, mend family matters and at last, find happiness in love?

Genre Women’s Fiction



A Hitta To His Savage: Kha’Lani & Dominic by R. Michelle

FB_IMG_1540085509439Kha’Lani has strived to be the best woman she can be to her boyfriend. Even with his constant infidelity and lies, she still finds it in her heart to love him. That is… until a secret that no one knew is revealed and she’s left to make some hard decisions that includes leaving her no good boyfriend, alone and moving on with her life.


Dominic “Nic-Nic” Johnson has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember, but with her already having a significant other, he has played the background. When Kha’Lani reveals that she is no longer interested in the man she had claimed to love for the last five years, he ceases the opportunity to profess his love.

But they never anticipated, her secret to be revealed for all to know. A secret that she’s kept since she was a little girl. But when her Savage is tested beyond her understanding, she owns her truth and shows the world, why she earned her title.

With lines constantly getting crossed and betrayal at its all time high. Dominic sits back and watches the Savage in her, and it makes him fall in love with her more than ever.

The lingering question remains, What do you do when the man you love betrays your trust?

Every woman wants a Savage but what man wants a woman who savage trumps his?

Genre Urban Fiction



Ebony & Zyion: True Love Ain’t Easy by Nicole Dior

FB_IMG_1540085516240*Previously titled Only in Love & War* Twenty year old, Ebony Dawson is a college junior and mother well on her way to success, even if she is on a rocky path in her life with trying to balance school, being a mother to her son AJ, and dealing with crazy drama with her son’s father/on and off boyfriend, Rodney. On the verge of giving up on love, one night at a frat party with her sorority sisters just might lead to a whirlwind romance when she meets her best friend’s younger brother and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity member, Zyion Watts who she unexpectedly falls for against the warning of her best friend, Simone Watts.

Zyion Watts is the nineteen year old guy with a future in the NBA that every girl on campus dreams of and wants in their life, but after just one meeting, he falls head over heels for Ebony and makes it his mission to capture her heart. After spending one miraculous night together, the two gradually gain an attraction for one another and Zyion falls in love, but Ebony is afraid she’ll be hurt again.

In this remake to a classic series, Ebony and Zyion learn lessons in life and love during their beautiful journey, but will they learn the biggest lesson of all and realize that true love just isn’t easy, and easy love isn’t true? Will Zyion learn that having one solid and loyal woman in his corner is worth more than being with different woman at any given time? Find the answers to these questions and more when you read: Ebony & Zyion: True Love Ain’t Easy!

Genre Contemporary Romance



Coke Gurls 3: Cali by Thea

JAHUEL_COKEGURLS_LA3Previously in the sequel of Coke Gurls Cali 2, Treasure and Giovanni find themselves in a precarious situation. Treasure’s mental state is in limbo and no one knows who got shot at the end of part two. Who survived to tell the tale in this dramatic finale? Giovanni is placed in a situation where he might have to be the full time caretaker to baby Genesis. Is he prepared to take on that role or did he bite off more than he could chew taking on the care of Treasure and Genesis?

Jonah and Brii are relationship goals but insecurities start to get in the way of their budding relationship. Will they manage to work through them or will it be too much for their relationship to overcome? Karla remains a thorn in Jonah’s side and she does something that brings the savage in Jonah and Brii out. Will Karla get away with the chaos that she created or will she end up with a heavy dose of karma?

Brii is still worried about her siblings while AJ seems to not be bothered too much by the fact that they are missing. Will they be found unharmed or will Romano get away with hurting more innocent victims? Romano is determined to kill the entire Glover family in this finale and has some secrets of his own that he is hiding. Secrets and drama are revealed and the death toll continues to rise as the stakes reach an all-time high for all of the characters. Find out what happens in the finale of Coke Gurls Cali 3…

Genre Urban Fiction



He Forced Me To Love Him by Soulja Choc

received_437253883471433Childhood best friends Tinashe, Robin and Jazmin couldn’t be any more different than the colors of the rainbow.

Tinashe loved her life. A bad boy with money was the kind of men she chased after. Robin and Jazmin would try to get Tinashe to try something new and find a good man, but Tinashe would laugh at them. That is until one night at the club she bumps into Jay’Sin. Everything about him screamed boss to her. His swag grabbed her attention and they exchanged numbers. Soon after, Tinashe learns that Jay’Sin is anything but a thug, but actually is the complete opposite, a square. Will Tinashe still take time and get to know Jay’Sin or will his plain lifestyle chase her right back to the clubs and in the bed of a gangsta?

Robin has been dealing with her boyfriend, Mikael, for three years now. Everything was perfect and she knew she was going to marry her man. But one innocent dance in a club led to a path of destruction. With no trust and back to back fights, Robin finds herself spending time with an old high school crush. Torn between right and wrong, will Robin stay in her current relationship with Mikael or will giving someone new a chance at love be her best bet?

Jazmin is considered to be the timid one of the three friends. The last to lose her virginity to her high school sweetheart, Timothy. He is the perfect man, hardworking and loves her equally. His job causes him to be away from home more than Jazmin likes, but with a wedding being planned and the couple wanting to buy a new house they know that sacrifices need to be made to achieve all that. Jazmin is the understanding fiancé, until she stumbles upon evidence that Timothy has been keeping secrets. Will Jazmin be able to forgive him or will it be too much that she calls off the wedding and walks away from the only man she has ever known?

Genre Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction



Lovin’ On A Dope Boy 2 by Precious T.

JAHQUEL_LOVINONA2Life is always what you make it, but it just seems like Porsha is mixing the wrong ingredients. Her life is spinning out of control, and she’s being forced to choose between King, her newly found boyfriend, or Jermaine, her once romantic sweetheart. Juggling too much on her plate, Porsha feels like she can’t complain to a soul, because all she’s ever wanted is to eat and survive. In the midst, she still remains solid and true to herself, trying to keep it together. After losing her first baby to stress, she knows it’s time to make decisions in her own life. In an attempt to put the beef shit behind her, she loses a close friend, and it does nothing but add more trouble to the waters.

For some reason, Porsha just can’t stay away from Jermaine. No matter how he treats her or how much he blames her for his troubles, her heart is with him, and nobody can change that. Porsha and Jermaine were inseparable, stuck together like Crazy Glue.

While trying to piece her relationship back together with Jermaine, she and her best friend uncover information that’s totally unexpected. I guess it’s true that you don’t realize how good something is until it’s taken away from you and then given to you again in another form.

Follow Porsha and Jermaine as they flip ATL upside down together but in separate ways with their hood love, drama-filled lies, and numerous confessions. Love really doesn’t cost a thing.

Genre Urban Fiction



Once Upon A Hood Love: A Compton Fairytale by Moni Love

image1Ty’Neka and Kae’Sean are close friends growing up on the Eastside of Compton, California. At an early age they both are faced with tragedy’s leaving them depending on each other more then ever. Tired of barley making it, Kae’sean has no other choice, but to turn to the ruthless streets of Compton trying to find away out.

After Ty’Neka’s life falls apart right before her eyes, she learns all about heartache and pain. With a mother that’s with her physically, but not mentally she’s left feeling abandoned and alone. Coming together Ty’Neka and Kae’Sean began to plan out goals that can take them all the way to top, but when tragedy strikes them again, Ty’Neka decides she wants to switch things up making decisions that could possibly change both of there lives.

Can she make things happen on her own? Or Will they both never get their happily ever after?

Genre Urban Fiction



In Love With A Southern Savage 2 by Brii Taylor & Shanah Little

FB_IMG_1540390790268After discovering the ultimate betrayal from his wife and brother Kaleef decides that it is time for him to take his happiness into his own hands. Being with Aniya and his son KJ was the only thing that filled his heart with joy. Nothing could take away the love he grew for Aniya not even his little brother Kalib. Having his son in his life was more important than anything even though he couldn’t stand Natalie anymore. After KJ is unexpectedly in the hospital Kaleef quickly realizes that he might become a single parent.

Kalib’s life has been turned upside down since he was caught with his pants down with his brothers wife. Now all Kalib wants is peace in his life. With Natalie in the picture peace is the last thing that Kalib’s going to get.

Respect is the one thing that Kanan lives off of. After Darius almost killed him the only thing on his mind is revenge. With all of Kanan’s personal life crashing he decides to set out and finally give Darius what’s coming to him. But revenge always comes with a price and that revenge may cost him his life.

Genre Urban Fiction



Sinful Halloween by Monica L. Smith

FB_IMG_1540307199022The Vault is the hottest spot in Incline Village. Louis’ club brings in the big bucks. Along with his wife, Adele, he’s reaping the reward. Deep pockets are required for a spot on the exclusive guest list. The lucky few granted entrance must agree to let loose and explore the forbidden realm of romance.

Nothing is off limits. For the right price, those brave enough to place an order can be served with their lustful desires in a matter of minutes. Louis and Adele aim to please; even moreso around the most forbidden holiday – Halloween.

With the nightclub thriving, they decide to throw five Halloween-themed parties. Each party offers a tsunami of delightful treats, guaranteed to bring out the goosebumps and soul-snatching screams. Only elite clientele get the luxury of experiencing the climax of a lifetime. After one night inside, Halloween will never be viewed the same again.

Find out what happens when fantasies are fulfilled and being ordinary is discouraged. Join Louis and Adele on their journey to push The Vault to a new level – a sinful one.

Genre Erotica, Erotic Romance



Herrera’s Temptation by Samara King

Herrera'sTemptation_9781786864352_ebookSERIES_1500x2400Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…will be at my mercy.

It is his responsibility to ensure minimum risks are taken with his clients. Now that ex-cop Nicolas Herrera is working with his dead partner’s daughter, pretending it is no different from any other case is becoming harder. It’s his duty to protect her, not give in to the wild attraction that shoots between them like electric currents.

Larisa Vega wants this criminal off the streets. If she has to go undercover as a celebrity, she will execute without fail. She doesn’t have time for Nic shadowing her every move with his quiet strength and bedroom eyes. Where was that concern when her father bled to death in his arms?

But when the Starlight rapist turns his sights on Larisa, will she trust the man she holds responsible for her father’s death and for stealing her heart?

Genre Romance, Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense Thriller




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