November 2018 New Releases

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Promise You’ll Stay Down by November


Sexy, smart, and ambitious Skylar Jones was living the perfect life with her daughter Paris and longtime boyfriend rapper Ty’Mir. Skylar always thought the love they shared would overcome anything fame brought into their lives. Fame had a way of changing something Skylar worked so hard to build.

With fame comes drama and women, and Ty’Mir had his eye on one particular woman. Being caught up in the lifestyle ruined what he stood for. Ty’Mir thought he could have two women, and money would make them adjust to his lifestyle. Fame wasn’t for everybody, and it showed with Ty’Mir.

Sofia loves Ty’Mir, but she’s tired of sharing him with everybody. In her mind, she thought they should run off into the sunset and forget about their past lives.

Strong is a laid-back type of dude, but when he sees something worth fighting for, he goes for it—Skylar is that something. Falling for Strong was never in Skylar’s plans, but when he mends her broken heart, she has no choice but to stay down.

Love and loyalty will be put to the test in these relationships. Read to find out if promises are broken after everything hits the fan..

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction


Tangled Webs 3: Love, Lust & Diamonds by Zarkia

received_217547679138841Tangled Webs: Love, Lust, and Diamonds 1 & 2 left readers on the edge of their seats, yearning for more. This tangled web of a ride will come to an end with this highly anticipated African American Urban Fiction Finale. Happy endings won’t come easy for this Sunny South Florida Crew.

Raquel Davis finds herself in a room between two men who force her to choose. Lusting after her untapped pleasures forces her to reveal secrets she swore she’d take to the grave. Will Raquel be able to walk away from the center of a tense situation unscathed or will she have to lean on the love of her life to save her?

Healing after being heartbroken from losing a brother, Cameron Hodges is ready to change his life and give it all to the one woman he loves the most. Being faced with the truth of the lies Raquel has been keeping, changes the love he has for her. Will he be able to ultimately forgive her for her adulterous affair or will it send him down a destructive path of his own?

Love sends Daree Thompson spiraling down a dark path of solitude quicker than he can catch a break. He’s forced to decide between his heart telling him no and his mind telling him yes. Manny packs and Cadillac’s are now at the forefront of his new life; true happiness arrives when his true love is revealed…or so he thought. With the love of his life forcing a divorce on him, will he sign on the dotted line or fight to keep his beautiful wife, Tracey, in his life?

With new money comes new moves. Carmen stayed up on all the latest tea, sipping and spilling whenever she sees fit. Sweet, sweet Carmen has a life of her own that she can barley hold in the shadows anymore. She has no idea how much she’s playing with fire. They always say, pressure bursts pipes but Carmen believes that same pressure can be used to make diamonds. Will she be able to navigate through this land of unknown territory or will she fold when the wrong person comes knocking?.

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction



Secret Seductions Of An Incubus by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1541094016821Saniyah Carter is a successful divorce lawyer. She has everything a woman could want a successful career and a handsome fiancé. What more could a woman want right? It seems she has the perfect life but sometimes looks can be deceiving, as Saniyah soon discovers.

Once Saniyah’s perfect world starts to fall apart, she is taken to a place that will help ease the pain in her heart and the throbbing between her thighs. Seduction was never on her mind when she stepped foot into Club Pleasure. That was until she was tempted by the Devil himself.

Genre Urban Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Erotica, Paranormal



Montega: Montega Chronicles Book 2 by Keon Smith


The boss’s nightmare is no longer a bad dream…It’s a reality, and his name is Kenneth “Montega” Carter. Using a vigilante M.O., known as the Phantom, he is fueled with the desire to seek revenge on those who pose a threat to both family and friends. Little does he know, that threat could possibly be the end of him. All it takes is the girl of his dreams and a seductive kiss of death. This is a story where pups become wolves and lions become sheep.

The Montega Chronicles is an endless maze of conflicts leaving blood and death in its wake. Linking together man’s strengths and weaknesses ultimately leads one to ask the question… can the thirst for blood, money and revenge be the prequel to Montega’s ultimate demise or will the one queen in this game help him to become the man he is destined to be? The city of Philadelphia will never be the same. The chill of revenge invokes a thirst for blood money, and all who stands in its way will forever remember the name… Montega.

Genre African American Urban Fiction



No Love In The Streets: A Hostile Takeover by Asia Moniqué

FB_IMG_1543438951282Harlyn “GeGe” Gibson is a “get it by any means necessary” type of girl. Growing up in the slums, she always dreamed of living a life better than the one she was afforded. She gets her chance when her and her best friends, Ariyana and Alena, get into the murder-for-hire game becoming the most sought out assassins in the city of Detroit. The money starts to roll in, and she is finally content with her life, until she’s approached by Martell—a blast from her past—about a hostile takeover in the drug game. She doesn’t even bat an eye before agreeing to help the man she always loved but could never have.

Martell “Coop” Smith was thrown into the street life at young age by his uncle who was grooming him to take over his drug empire when the time was right. On his eighteenth birthday, his uncle is gunned down by some small-time drug dealers trying to take his spot—or so he thought. When he learns that his uncle wasn’t the kingpin he’d said he was, he’s thrown for a loop, but not for long. Martell decides that he is made for this life and one death wasn’t going to stop him from having what he knows should be his. Almost six years later, Martell is ready to put his plan into action. He enlists the help of his two best friends, Bennett and Nigel, and his childhood love, Harlyn, to assist him in the most hostile takeover Detroit has ever seen.

In this first installment, lines will be crossed, secrets will be exposed, and bonds will be broken. Will they remain untouched or will this hostile takeover turn against them?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction



Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni

FB_IMG_1543506141452Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but is internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep”. On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself?

Meet Tobias, the nosy lawyer who looks out for everyone, even if it’s damaging to his well-being. He holds the world together with an iron fist, but somehow, a sassy, free spirit has worked her way into his heart. He sees what the world doesn’t—a broken soul. Would you be willing to watch the one you care for fall deep into an abyss of darkness?

Find out what happens when love is all you have and truly becomes your lifeline.

Genre African American Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Women’s Fiction



Never Should’ve Let You Go 2 by elle kayson

FB_IMG_1543536228310Reality-TV star Nahla Sullivan was willing to put it all on the line to prove her love to super-producer Zion Brown. Yet, once the obvious obstacles are out of the way, the couple finds that being together won’t be as easy as they’d hoped—especially not with an unexpected enemy determined to destroy what they’re trying to build. A web of lies and secrets, spun around them in the past, threatens their future.

Nahla’s co-star Zanaida Brooks was done with security expert Wraith Ford. Seriously. Done. Until the dark chocolate dream of a man insisted on inserting himself in her life at every opportunity. Just when Zanaida decides she might have to give their relationship another chance, Wraith crosses a line she had clearly drawn. Wraith refuses to apologize for doing what he felt he had to do to keep her safe. Zanaida would just have to get past her trust issues to see things from his perspective. But… can she?.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



Coup by Brooklyn Knight

Coup_KindleWhat happens when Interracial Love and Afrocentrism collide?

All Dylan Hamilton knows is that he loves the vivacious and vibrant Laila Renaud, and would do anything to make her happy; including support her decision to work at the firm owned by his arch nemesis, Michael Sawyer.

All Laila Renaud knows is that Dylan Hamilton means the world to her, and there has never been another man to love and support her, the way he does.

But the minute Michael Sawyer lays eyes on Dylan’s prized possessions – both his woman and his firm – his blinding rage and jealousy ignite, driving him to bring an end to their ‘unnatural’ relationship and force Dylan to his knees.

Will Dylan and Laila be able to defend their special love?

Or will Michael be successful in getting them to doubt everything they think they know about each other… and themselves?

**READER ALERT** This story contains extremely passionate and descriptive sex scenes. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18 years, or those who may be offended by somewhat graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. This story also contains scenes which include expletives. Brooklyn’s characters exhibit real emotions and desires, and though she is their creator, she is also very sensitive to their needs and wants, and works in partnership with them to create their unique HEAs.

Genre BWWM Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica, African American Women’s Fiction



Dreaming On Ice by Theresa Hodge

received_2145128285740517Gutsy figure skater Jacinta James was denied a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics after a fall. As Jacinta drives off partner after partner, her coach, Donald Gray, must quickly find her a new one in order to be ready for the next Olympics.

Enter confident former hockey player Connor Hartley who briefly encountered Jacinta two years before at an event.
Reluctantly teaming up, Jacinta and Connor’s icy rapport begins to thaw, resulting in a slow burn chemistry both in and out of the rink hot enough to melt ice.

Will Jacinta’s dream come true or will the gold medal elude her once again?

Genre BWWM Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance, African American Women’s Fiction



Deck Of Lies by Cabria

FB_IMG_1543524613980“Miki, you’ve got to stop playing with those people’s hearts and minds. Being a seer is real. You can’t play with that.”

Those were the words, Miki Bell’s grandmother, Ramona warned her about repeatedly. Instead of heeding her grandmother’s advice, Miki continued to remain focused on her psychic business, Foresight. Using tarot cards and palm readings to deceive people for monetary gain, Miki convinces herself she is actually helping people.

After a traumatic past, having a man was the furthest thing on Miki’s mind. However, when she met Von Adams who was the opposite of her former lover, Miki was intrigued. With Von’s smooth talking and his profession, he was a man who most women would run from. However, Miki found comfort in his brutal honesty with her.

Things progressed between the pair until Von decided they needed to make a change in their lives. While contemplating this change, Miki provided a false reading to a strange client. Suddenly, events begin to occur in Miki’s life, which could only be explained as being of the supernatural. Her client begins to make Miki’s grandmother’s declaration all too real. The consequences are devastating to Miki in many ways.

Will Miki finally heed her grandmother’s advice and end her charade with playing with the gift of sight? Will Miki’s client use her powers to destroy her? In the end what will Miki find out about herself? Find out in this tale with supernatural elements, Deck of Lies.

Genre Urban Fantasy, African American Fantasy, Urban Paranormal, African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Paranormal



Chased by Lakisha Johnson

image1Magnolia is a 32 year old female who was recently asked to lead the congregants of a growing church in Memphis, TN. She thought she’d be happy but as soon as the words, “We want you to lead…” left the mouth of Senior Pastor, Lucas Carrington, fear set in.

It isn’t fear of the position because Magnolia has been under the leadership of Pastor Carrington for five years. It isn’t even fear of being the church’s first woman pastor. Her fear is the secret she’s carrying. Her secret … Magnolia is being chased.

Chased – pursued in order to catch.

Magnolia is being chased by the demons of her past and it is the one thing she can’t get away from. No matter how much she prays and fast or the many times she lays on the altar, she cannot outrun it.

But she’s tired.

Tired of running but afraid of being caught. Will Magnolia finally surrender to stop the chase or will her fear be too hard to face?

Genre African American Christian Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense




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