New Release Blog Page Promo + Social Media Sign-Up

FEE: $15

Do you have a book that feature people of color? Are you an author/writer of black/African American descent?

Complete the form below and we’ll make sure to promote your book for you on our New Release Blog Page and via all of our social media platforms. This promotion is originally priced at $30.

With this promotion, here’s what you’ll get:

1) Your book will be posted on our New Release page on the blog.

2) Your book will be advertised via our Newsletter.

3) Your book will be promoted on our following platforms: 3 Twitter pages, 3 Instagram pages, 2 Facebook groups, 5 Facebook profiles and 2 Facebook pages.

This is a one (1) day promotion, which will take place on the 3rd of the following month.

For example, if your book is scheduled to be released in March 2019, the promotion will be scheduled on April 3rd 2019.

So go ahead & fill out the form below to book your promotion now.

We look forward to helping you spread the word about your new release!

Be sure to fill out the form completely & accurately. Please email your book cover to right after you’ve completed the form.

Thank you, have an awesome day! ~ Vaneka





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