March 2019 New Releases

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Trusting Him With My Heart 2 by Manda P.

THWMH2Life for Chastity was starting to turn around for the best. She’s reunited with her brother, got a boyfriend, and even gained a friend in Dottie. Clark knew the moment he saw Chastity, that she was going to be his shawty. After overcoming another family crisis, the happy couple took things to the next level. What happens when a certain songstress has eyes for Clark? Will Chastity believe what she sees or trust Clark’s word?

Dottie and Channo weren’t sure what they were doing at first, but after one taste of Dottie, Channo couldn’t get enough. Fully invested in Dot, nothing changes when Channo meets her daughter, Mira. Channo loves the kids, and even a blind person could see that from how he treats Mira. Now that he doesn’t know where she is and with Dottie hurt, Channo is faced with situations after situations.

The whole crew is faced with news that could tear them all apart. The question is, will they let it or will the bonds they’ve built be strong enough to survive it all? Was Connor lying or telling the truth when he told Chastity he wasn’t her father? Can Dottie and Chastity trust Channo and Clark with their hearts? Find out in the finale of this H-Town love story.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life



Skinwalkers 3: The Uprising by Monica L. Smith


In the beginning, there were three individuals that were at a pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. As their lives became intertwined, it was impossible for all three of them to get their happy ending.

In the sequel, we found out that Lana felt like Ashley threatened her crown. She believed that all her problems stemmed from Gethambe’s love for Ashley – a human. She tried desperately to savor her position as the true Queen of Achaemenid, but she committed the ultimate sin by placing a hit on Ashley, Gethambe’s lover, and Serenity, her own daughter.

After Ashley is inadvertently thrown into Bullet’s arms, she is taught about her true heritage. As Alexandria feeds from her essence, she begins to realize that this is the life that she was meant to live. While learning about her past, and accepting the path she must follow, she finds out that Serenity’s life is in danger. Her very existence has started a battle between good and evil.

Now, in the finale, Serenity has grown into her power, and she starts to realize why she is in such demand. There are only three deities more powerful than herself – The Almighty, Lucifer, and Maahes.

She takes a journey to speak with the Almighty only to find out that she is going to lose the one man in her life that brings her joy. Serenity is told that she is destined to open Pandora’s box and release a force upon the earth to maintain the balance of power. If she refuses, her people will be demolished by The Mad King’s army and she will become enslaved to her biological mother, Lana – The Queen of the Damned.

Will Lana and The Mad King finally dominate the realms and strip Serenity of her power? Will Serenity open Pandora’s box and sacrifice the man she loves for her family and tradition?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the highly anticipated finale, Skinwalkers 3!

Genre Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 2.**



A Hitta With That Dope Love by Shanay & Dymond

A Hitta With That Dope Love{Standalone} When Blow spots the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen walking out of her job one day, he can’t help but to approach her. He’s drawn to Nylah in a way he has never been drawn to another woman. He can tell by looking at Nylah that her man isn’t treating her right, so he sets out to make her his woman. Nylah is hard to get, but he takes the time to break down her barriers.

Nylah is done with men, but she thinks Blow’s persistence is charming. It’s different from her current situation, where her man does more for the women on social media than he does for her. Despite being turned off by a gut feeling that Blow makes his money illegally, he relentlessly shows her he’s there for her, unlike the men of her past. A year later, she has given in to the thought of Blow holding the key to her heart. But can a man escape his past?

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life



Best Friends With Twice The Benefits by Annitia L. Jackson

BFWTTBTone Michaels and Montel Carter had been boys since the sandbox. They had a lot of things in common and rocked with each other no matter what. One of those things they had in common was, they were both in love with their female best friend, Talia Webster.

Talia Webster was a woman in love with two men; her two best friends Montel and Tone. One night she gives into her fantasies, after a game of Truth or Dare and drinks. The friends have a threesome which makes things even more complicated than before.

The trio decide to engage in a polyamorous relationship that sends shockwaves throughout their families, careers, and lives.

Find out what happens when their normal, clashes with the way the world views them and their unique relationship.

Genre Urban Erotica

**This is a novella.**



When A Thug Catches Feelings by Miz LALA

When A Thug Catches FeelingsWith one’s last name being Love, you would assume that was one area in their life that they had figured out. Love should just flow freely without any ulterior motives behind the gesture. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for Kasiah and Twyla Love, two sisters bonded by blood but totally different individuals.

Kasiah, the eldest, decided that love wasn’t worth the fighting and numerous trips to the ER, while Twyla believed that love wasn’t perfect, and anything was fixable. For years, Kasiah had dealt with the blatant disrespect from her high-school sweetheart, Jamieson. Always known for having his penis out and in someone other than Kasiah, she finally called it quits.

Could a creepy encounter, at the bar of all places, help bring that melodic Cadence back to her heart, or would it cause more damage than what it’s worth?

Twyla, the hopeless romantic of the two, was always known for trying to see the positive side to things. But what she sees as forgiveness, the predators out in the real world see as naivety, and that fact is proven when she gives her then boyfriend, Ashton, of two years chance after chance until he does the unthinkable, leaving her with the only choice—to die by his hands or to fight for what she deserves… happiness.

Could someone close to the couple come in and save her before she gets cold feet and ends up making a deadly decision?

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



Nice For What? 3 by Recie D.

Nice For What 3Darlina is four months pregnant and is in the process of picking up the pieces of her life. Depression and guilt have filled her days since the incident involving Adrian. She can’t help but blame herself and think that she made the wrong choice in picking Jaxon over Adrian.

Jaxon is trying to deal with Lina and her hormone-induced mood swings. What was once a fun connection is now a relationship full of stressful arguments and harmful secrets. Jaxon is tired of the drama and is starting to think maybe the money clouded his judgment about his love for Lina.

Kaden was relieved when Riley chose to stay with him after he revealed his past. Four months later, they are living together and are as happy as can be. But Kaden has become paranoid lately and is having the strange feeling that he is being stalked.

Riley loves her life with Kaden. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed after he opened up about his past, but once she met his daughter, she knew she wanted to stay in their life. Riley is the glue that holds this group of friends together. But with everyone dealing with their own individual problems, Riley can’t help but ask the question, will her group of friends ever be the same, or will each situation keep everyone IN THEIR FEELINGS forever?

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 2.**



Scared To Love by DeeAnn

Scared To Love{Standalone} Boncy Waters grew up without anything or anyone to guide her. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes until she turned eighteen. Immediately, she was thrown out on the streets to fend for herself. At a young age, she learned the skills she needed to survive in this cold, harsh world. With the help of her best friend, Elyse, and Elyse’s husband, Maverick, Boncy can remain on her feet. Life is good and gets better when she meets Gavin Murphy, a successful gym owner who is quickly intrigued by her. He does everything to sweep her off her feet, but Boncy’s past holds her back. Little does she know, Gavin has past secrets he wants to share with her. Afraid of how things might change between them, will they allow their pasts to affect their possible future?
Kaine Hall is a selfish man who only lives to please himself. Infidelity strikes his marriage with his wife, Robyn Cavanaugh Hall, leaving Kaine in a situation. He should feel bad for but doesn’t. He enjoys his wrongdoings while Robyn fights for their marriage. Robyn becomes fed up with fighting alone and begins to do things to put herself first. Oblivious to his wife’s feelings, Kaine is forced to deal with the mess he made, but will he successfully clean?

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance



Silence by Latisha

FB_IMG_1552340405189{Standalone} What happens when everything in your world comes crumbling down? Do you give up or fight harder to keep going?

Sheilayne Williams is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and all around go getter. Her family is her first true love, but on the outside looking in, one would think Sheilayne put her career before them. When the first onset of tragedy strikes, not only does Sheilayne drown herself more into her work, but the almighty bottle becomes her best friend. After experiencing major losses, some of which she blames herself for, Sheilayne feels as if her back is against the wall. She withdraws from family and friends. Silence becomes her refuge.

Though her friends are concerned, they slowly begin to leave her life. In her mind, they were never her friends anyway. Turning to strangers has become the norm for her, feeling that opening up to them, she will not be judged. After a while, even the strangers she confides in seem to slowly back away.

Alone with her thoughts, Sheilayne begins a downward spiral, slipping further from reality. Not having anything left to fight for—or so she feels—taking her life seems like the only option for her. Will Sheilayne escape the dark cloud that has seemed to loom over her for the past year, or will she submit to the Silence once and for all?

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, Memoir

**This is a Novella.**



My Truth, My Time, My Turn by Shelia E. Bell

MTMTMTThe McCoys and the Grahams try to work together as Stiles makes a decision whether or not to return to Holy Rock. Hezekiah shows a softer side (or does he really), while Khalil makes it evident the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Xavier continues to war against his flesh but will Pepper be able to help him win the war? So much intense drama in this next installment of the My Son’s Wife series.?

Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, African American Christian Fiction

**This is book 9 of the series. You can purchase the other books here.**



Heart On Trial by Cassandra

FB_IMG_1557616849564{Standalone} What if you could put your heart on trial? What if it could be convicted for every time it was broken? Rachel is a high-profile lawyer who thinks that she has the world at her finger tips. She has everything that she could ever dream of; money, cars, clothes and a powerful career. However, no amount of money or fame could have prepared Rachel for the turbulence she is about to encounter.

She never imagined that her life would come crumbling down around her. Nothing could’ve ever prepared Rachel for the amount of heartache she was facing! Once her life is turned upside down and she is faced with more turmoil than she was ever prepared to handle. Soon, she will find out that she is not untouchable! Life will rock Rachel to the core and everyone around her will be affected one way or another.

Life is never what it seems to be. Will she be able to handle what comes her way? What pain will she have to endure? Will she be able to survive or die trying? Can Rachel’s heart handle being on Trial? A heart can become very fragile when it is entrusted with the wrong people. Take this trip with Rachel through her life to see how her faith is tested. Only the strong will survive.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life



Love Wounds: What May Come Of A Broken Heart by Mykisha Mac

FB_IMG_1552690261199Love Wounds run deep. They ache like a ruptured sore with broken scabs, that won’t heal because something or someone is always scraping up against it. Friction causes bad blood and infected hearts don’t mend well. Where there is lies, betrayal, and pain, destruction is sure to follow, and love wounds are spawned.

Getting over the past and moving forward doesn’t come easy for the Luther family. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of curing and everyone has their own choice of drug to cope. Old family ties are severed, and new bonds are formed. Redemption may be farfetched and not everyone is on board for reconciliation.

Graham believes the pieces to his happily ever after finally arrived until a twist of fate comes knocking on his unhinged door. No denying underlying truths about himself will be revealed, and a sudden mystery destined to happen.

Graham finds himself battling darkness as his struggle with depression takes control of his livelihood and wellbeing. Will a Kindred Spirit save him from himself or disrupt his happily ever after?

A strong friendship forms between Graham and the mystery woman until the undeniable connection gets greedy and demands more than what Graham and the woman are willing to sacrifice; everything they believed before they met. Will Graham put responsibility before true love?

Love Wounds is centered around a love triangle between Graham Luther, Gigi, and Tempest. It’s a love story with a wicked twist of a dark psychological grit. It explores the psyche of a woman who feels betrayed and the psyche of a man who battles depression all while he’s forced to reconcile with an alcoholic brother and father who abandoned him when he needed him the most. Will the Luther’s self-destruct or patch-up their troubled relationships?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



The Taming Of LaRue by L. Loren

Taming of LaRueLaRue “Church Mouse” Simmons is a feisty pain in my ass. I knew I loved her when we met in that biker bar two years ago. She blew me off then, but now she’s back and needs my help. I will do anything to show her she belongs with me. Even help her avenge her father’s death. If I can only get her to curb that attitude and listen, we’ll get along just fine. But, who said love was easy? She’s stubborn, independent and thinks she knows everything. I’m a surly bastard who enjoys the game more than she knows. It’s going to be fun taming LaRue.

Genre BWWM, Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance

**This is Book 2 in The Predator MC Series. Book 1 in this series is a prequel, and is only available to the author’s newsletter subscribers. However, The Taming of LaRue can be enjoyed as a Standalone novel.**



Klayton’s Treasure 3 by Thea

FB_IMG_1552574329961In the next part of this series, Klayton is stuck in a terrible position. He might literally lose everything that means the most to him due to an innocent mistake. Will he end up figuring things out before he loses everything, or is it too late for him to fix the damage that has been done?

Meanwhile, Kamar is still coming for Klayton’s throne and will stop at nothing until he succeeds. Klayton is distracted because of everything he has on his plate. Will Kamar catch him slipping? Treasure is in love with Klayton but battling her own inner demons and insecurities. Will she learn to push past them and fight for the man that she loves, or is she willing to throw in the towel and move on with her life?

Luca is still stuck grieving the loss of AJ and the fact that his sister is in love with the enemy. He loves Treasure and wants what is best for her, but will his controlling ways split the family apart? Luca is also heartbroken because of something that he found out that happened in Gigi’s past. Will he forgive her, or will he cut her out of his life for good?

Catch up with this cast of characters on the next part of Klayton’s Treasure.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1Book 2, & Book 4.**



A Staten Island Love Letter 3: The Forgotten Borough by Jahquel J

ASILL3In the finale, everything comes to a boil. Will Zeek’s luck finally run out? Did Priest murder Zoe, or has Zoe escaped death to live another day? With everything going on, Priest hasn’t had a moment to check in with his nieces. When he finds out that his niece has a baby with the enemy, will he turn a blind eye, or will he push Kiss out there with the wolves? Kiss witnessed her uncle shooting her baby’s father and doesn’t know how to get past everything. Does Kiss decide to cut her uncle, or does she choose family over everything?

Free is left with the decision of what to do with her newfound pregnancy. Should she abort the baby or lie to Ghost about everything? With Georgia in the back of her mind, she’s ready to move back to where she once felt safe. One problem; she doesn’t know how to tell Ghost without him getting in his feelings. Does Freedom decide to move back without Ghost? Or does Ghost put his foot down and demand she stays in Staten Island?

Liberty’s secret about her son is out and she doesn’t know how to process everything. With Staten now looking at her different, she starts to back pedal with drugs. All her hard work goes down the drain once she finds solace in her newfound escape from it all. Will Liberty’s past be too much for Staten to handle?

Justice is trying to balance out life with Priest. With Marisol constantly at her neck, she doesn’t know if they’ll last. When Priest asks Justice to move in with him, she accepts the offer. With a baby mama who is out for blood, will Marisol finally get her wish and break the couple apart?

Everyone is wide awake when it comes to the forgotten borough. With rivals at each other’s necks, bitter baby mamas and relationships on the rocks, who knows if these couple’s relationships will survive? Staten Island, here’s my letter to you…

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**Book 4 is coming soon! Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 2.**



Chosen: Forever & A Day With My Brooklyn Bae by E. Shanie

chosen forever and a day with my brooklyn baeAfter doing a favor for his cousin, Kalen meets the mesmerizing DiZarie. What he thought was going to be a boring night turned into a night filled with good vibes.

DiZarie is a woman who knows her worth & has very little time for any dude who can’t look past her curves. Idle chit chat never fazed her & weak pick up lines never gamed her. She wanted something that felt real & lucky for her Kalen was the realest. Right when Kalen & DiZarie start to build a budding relationship, Kalen’s best friend Kalyla steps in ready to play defense.

To be Chosen is to know your place not only in the world but in the arms of your lover. Will DiZarie know where she stands with Kalen or will Kalyla’s antics force a wedge between the two love birds?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. Here is the purchase link to Book 2.**



Chosen 2: Forever & A Day With My Brooklyn Bae by E. Shanie

Chosen 2After finding out that DiZarie is pregnant Kalen is left with nothing, but a heart filled with regrets. Deep down he knew the wrong decision was made when he called it quits. But hearing that DiZarie is carrying his child confirmed every doubt he had. With everything on the line he’s willing to risk it all just to get back in DiZaries good graces & be in his child’s life.

Heartbreak has never been an easy pill too shallow and with a baby on the way DiZarie is left with a bullet to bite. Not really wanting to tell Kalen about the baby she decides it would be best to raise her unborn on her own. In her mind she doesn’t need the stress Kalen brings and neither does their baby.

Kalyla is shocked beyond hurt that the man she might love has fathered a baby that doesn’t belong to her. Having nothing but hate for DiZarie clouds her better judgment and instead of focusing on her own relationship, she causes nothing but problems. Tired of Kalyla’s games Zobie wipes his hands clean of her but then find out moving on isn’t as easy as he thought.

With so much on the line these four individuals have no choice but to get it together. However, when negativity surrounds you, it sometimes has a way of manifesting. Will everyone get their happy ending, or will Kalyla’s unhappiness plague them all?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**



The Real Kings Of Cleveland 2 by Kalita Stokes

FB_IMG_1557616572608Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

King, Damien, and Bennie’s organization was successfully being revamped and restructured, which should have been a good thing, but its success was being overshadowed by their personal lives. The roots of their foundations were rotten to the core, and because of that, chaos began exploding around them,destroying and uprooting their lives.

Karma’s a bad, bad girl, and when she came a knockin’, she delivered them a dose of their own medicine. The Real Kings of Cleveland began to reap the consequences of their own actions. Will they be able to decide between what truly matters, or will they choose the easy route out and fall back into old habits?

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**Be on the lookout for book 3! Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**



This Thug Luvin by Dymond

This Thug LuvinIs it possible to love someone with a broken and/or damaged heart? Heaven Shepard is a salon-owning college student whose heart turns cold after a nasty breakup. After loving the wrong man for the last four years, Heaven won’t risk taking another chance on any man, not even a good friend like Halo. Shifting gears on relationships after a heartbreak Heaven thought was best, but it only ended up complicating things after a one-night stand. Heaven’s only goal was to heal and bring the boss she knew she was to the surface, but the wall she puts up around herself affects not only her, but the friendship she’s made with Halo.

Halo is the kingpin of North Carolina with a strong army behind him, all down for war. Not only does he own the drug world, he is also successful in selling merchandise. Being at the top gets lonely, and not fully trusting anyone has its downfall. Yet, the only thing Halo has ever lacked is love. Even though he’s gone through his fair share of heartbreaks, he’s always had his eye on one girl—Heaven.

Muffin, Halo’s ex-girlfriend who doesn’t understand the meaning of “it’s over,” blows back into town after leaving to protect a secret she swore to keep, and she has an agenda. Having unfinished business of her own, she will do anything to make things right between herself and Halo, even dancing with the devil if she has to.

Will Halo let the wall Heaven put up stop him from getting what he wants, or will he go with what’s familiar? Sometimes, piecing together a heart that another man shattered can be complicated, and with Halo being up to the challenge, only one question remains: will Heaven let him do it?

Find out what love truly feels like when you fall for Halo and learn to be open again like Heaven.

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



A Forbidden Hood Love by Tyanna & elle kayson

FB_IMG_1553689794993{Standalone} Takarri Matthews just wants to live her best life, but a past tragedy and an overprotective father mean that she stays shut away from the world, unable to find true happiness. That is, until she meets up and coming tattoo artist Austin “AP” Powell. From the moment they set eyes on each other, their chemistry is undeniable. Suddenly, Takarri is willing to take a chance and break all the rules to be close to Austin. But her father refuses to back down and Takarri worries he’ll be the one obstacle she and Austin can’t get past.

Beneath her hard exterior, Rita North is a vulnerable single mother, trapped in a nightmarish situation. She wonders if she’ll ever truly be free. Then her boss’s mysterious brother, Prodigy Kincaid, comes to her rescue. Rita has real feelings for Prodigy and, despite his tough persona, he cares for her, as well. Now, the question is, can she find the courage to trust Prodigy enough to leave the past behind and build a future with him?

After losing her mother, Jacobi Collins got used to it only being her and her father. She is devastated when the one person whom she looks up to ends up being taken away. Left being raised by the person she holds responsible for her father not being in her life, Jacobi has a hard time living the way she wants to. Then she meets Knowledge Kincaid. Will Jacobi let Knowledge be what she needs to help her look at life in a different way? Or will she push him away?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance, BWWM, Interracial Romance



Blood, Sex & Sister Wives by Mystique

Blood Sex & Sister Wives{Standalone} Would you join a polygamist vampire cult? Sign a contract and become bound to the dangerous, but pleasurable whims of a well known vampire zaddy? Jules is a hard-working woman, stuck in the rat race of life but determined to make ends meet while caring for her ailing mother. One night of fun from her normal routine could change things forever when she meets Venom, a century old vampire.

Venom has just been signed to a major label as one of Philly’s up and coming rappers. Despite disapproval from certain vampires, he refuses to hide in the shadows, preferring the lime light. When he meets Jules, he charms her and shows her the dark, sexually charged vampire underworld. Will she sign her life away and give in to the promised eternal ecstasy at her fingertips or will her internal struggle force her to walk away from it all?

Genre African American Fantasy, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance



Devoted To Her Pleasure by Vaneecia

FB_IMG_1557616276161{Standalone} Twenty-one year old Bee is a senior in college who can never seem to be on time. But her tardiness earns her the eye of her favorite and sexiest teacher, Tati.
Tati offers Bee something she never thought would be a part of her life; A polyamorous relationship.

With this proposition comes people who aren’t necessarily thrilled with the thought of the situation. Will Bee be able to keep the balance in her new budding romantic situation and her day to day life? Or will there be too much friction caused by the ones that are completely devoted to Her Pleasure?

Genre African American Erotica, Urban Erotica, Urban Romance



Seductive Nights by Suzette Riddick

Book3SeductiveNights_1600x2400Local celebrity chef and restaurateur, Julio Castro is living his dream. He’s satisfied with his professional life and now wants a family of his own, but Julio’s biggest regret is rejecting love to advance his career.

Alexandria (Alex) Lawrence is raising her three-year-old daughter, Maliah, and running two businesses. She also has misgivings because she’s kept her child a secret, with good reason.

Fate intervenes, and Julio feels betrayed when he meets his daughter. He falls in love with Maliah and is determined to win Alex’s heart. As they co-parent, Alex rediscovers the spark that brought them together years ago. When the opportunity comes for Julio to rise to national celebrity chef status, will he choose Alex and Maliah? Or his chance to make it big?

Genre Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, Hispanic Romance, Romance

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 2.**



Wifed By A Boss 2 by Ms. Keena

FB_IMG_1556368204515{Re-Release} Just when Budah was thinking that life was good, the drama unfolds. From Asha being attacked by unknown people to Kamari and Justice being brought to the same hospital and a drive-by shooting. Budah is forced to show a side that he thought that he would never have to show again. He also has to deal with the thought of someone in his organization working against him to take his freedom away. They will soon find out what happens when you go against the grain.

The last thing Asha expected to find out was her baby sister Justice and Kamari had been brought in also for a drive-by shooting. While trying to be the support system that Kairo needs, she can’t help but think that all the drama started when she met him. Will the love that she has for Kairo outweigh the drama that is surrounding them, or will she cut her losses and walk away?

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 3.**



Dropping Panties In The Pulpit by Tutu DaAuthor

FB_IMG_1557615831106Meet the Pastor Omar and First Lady Ruby of Divine Evidence Baptist Church in Utica, NY. They have the perfect marriage, or so everyone thinks. Omar has a baby on the way by his secretary at the church, Shavonda. Shavonda is threatening to expose everything, and Omar can’t have that. He has his own secrets and demons to hide and deal with. For years, there has been a pain in his ass that he owed his life to, which is Los. He was his top investor in the church. There were murders committed surrounding the church… How long will his secrets stay hidden in the church?

Sharee and Los are the most loved and hated couple in Utica. She ran the local prison, and he had several exclusive barbershops and salons in the Cornhill area. Everyone wanted a seat in his shops. Los was also involved in the drug game. He had the whole Utica on lock down and was currently working on locking down Schenectady too. With the more money he made, he would always give back to the church. Was Los’s being generous? Or did he and Omar have secret business together?

Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Separated, they are the worst enemies ever. Can their wives save their families, or will hate love and greed destroy them all? Who will remain standing—the saints or the sinners?

Genre African American Christian Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



Found A Reason To Love Again by Pamela Campbell

received_718308061933579{Standalone} Lexi Coleman’s world shattered when she lost her husband and her newborn twins at the same time. Lexi thought she could never be happy or fall in love ever again.

A year later, Lexi’s company comes under attack, and someone has been threatening her life. Lexi continues to mourn, and relive her what happened a year ago when her heart was broken.

Hampton Ballard enters Lexi’s life, and challenges her in ways Lexi’s not used to. They both share a special connection from one person that took a piece of their hearts. Hampton has just the right remedy that is sure to put the pieces of Lexi’s heart back together, and give her a reason to love again.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance



Pretty Gurls Love Hustlas by Nidda

FB_IMG_1556381272303When your family is praying for your downfall what do you do? At a young age Cina was in that position. Not knowing what was ahead of her, she stuck by Ricardo and through the ups and the downs while never switching up. Just when Cina thought that she was finally getting her happily ever after, it was snatched from her and her life was flipped upside down. Through it all, her best friend Sameria is there for her and not even distance can break their bond.

Sameria’s life has been mapped out from the day she was born. Being raised by a strict, single mother who was determined to get her out the hood, she never really had a chance to enjoy her childhood. Family secrets, lies and heart break are hitting Sameria back to back and she can’t seem to catch a break. When Sameria goes off to college it is supposed to be the fresh start that she needs. Taking a break from studying leads her to run into the perfect man.

Ricardo “Chaos” Matthews doesn’t do much talking, but won’t hesitate to put in work. With limited options he made the decision to hit the block and never stoped applying pressure. The love and bond that him and Cina share others envy and yearn to have. When his brother Scar comes back into his life things change forever. Things go from good to bad and Chaos’ back is forced between a rock and a hard place having to choose between his freedom and his family.

We all know that pretty gurls love bundles, makeup, nails and bags. Find out why Pretty gurls love hustlas.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 3. Here is the purchase link to Book 2.**



Karisma & Yashawn: A Chaotic Love Story by Latisha

FB_IMG_1553707069417After witnessing the death of Clipz and finding out about her best friend’s death, Karisma seems to lose her mind. With her hormones already running rampant, her emotions are all over the place, and she pushes away those that are closest to her, the main person being Yashawn. From the outside looking in, Karisma has reverted to her old ways.

Yashawn is left trying to figure out the path of his relationship with Karisma—if there will even be a relationship. Having discovered that their initial meeting was to set him up, he loses the trust he once had for her. With her constant nagging and continuously keeping secrets, he begins to doubt his feelings toward her. It doesn’t make matters better when someone from his past makes an appearance.

As if their relationship isn’t already in turmoil, more secrets are exposed, and the couple is faced with issues that neither are prepared for. Can the two survive the chaos that has become of their relationship?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This story is the 1st book of the Spin-off series to The Calm To His Savage series. Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



Married To A Dade County Bully 3 by Monica Jeremie

FB_IMG_1557615703900With the impending birth of his first child fast approaching, Po should be preparing for the joys of fatherhood. Instead, he’s cleaning up Bray’s mess and battling new criminal charges. And when he receives a concerning call from his father regarding Polanco’s, his world is turned upside down.

With Bray’s life in danger, Kodi missing, and Dozier plotting against him, Po is forced to choose between what’s right and what’s necessary.

Mending his relationships and getting back in good graces with those he betrayed isn’t an option for Dozier. So instead of dwelling and wishing he could turn back the hands of time, he prepares to continue with his original plan, but first, loose ends needed to be tied. Realizing the magnitude of his actions, he is forced to recruit help to carry out his plan. Unfortunately, his lies and betrayals make it difficult to keep personal feelings and business separate, and soon, he discovers that there is no honor amongst thieves.

Special Agent Ryan McKinnon is known to bend the rules in his favor and will stop at nothing to get results. Obsessed with dismantling Miami’s biggest weapons distribution ring, he’s prepared to do everything necessary just to get the recognition. But when informants end up missing and his unethical actions exposed, McKinnon’s loyalty to the badge is questioned. Blurring the lines between his professional and personal life, mixed with his illicit activities, not only is his job in jeopardy, his life is too.

In the finale of Married to a Dade County Bully, the thirst for money, power, and revenge corrupts, and no one is exempt from the consequences of their actions..

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 & Book 2.**




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