July 2018 New Releases

Hey readers, check out these new releases!

Warning: Dangerous Curves Ahead by M’Renee Allen


He’s a dangerous criminal.

She’s dangerously curvy.
Together, will they sizzle or will they crash and burn?

Dean Collins wasn’t born evil. This cruel world turned him into the cold-hearted killer he is today. Death and destruction follows him everywhere he goes. So, when he crosses paths with the very sassy and very curvy food truck owner, Rain Delaney, he does everything he can to push her away.

But situations beyond his control keeps pulling them back together. It isn’t long before the darkness in his life seeps into hers and she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his enemies are after her. Staying away from her is no longer an option. To keep her safe, he has to keep her near him.

It’s sad that the safest place for her is in the arms of a killer.

A killer who has no intention of letting her go.

*This book is for those who love naughty alpha males and even naughtier alpha females.*

Genre Steamy BWWM Crime Romance, Romantic Suspense



The Opposite of Hew by Lisa W. Tetting

image1Kay McQueen is a woman who goes against the grain. She wants no part of love or romance. When her beloved aunt passes away, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She meets Heath Novack and discovers they have more in common than either of them think. However, when she learns the truth about who he really is, can she forgive his deception or will she realize she has known the truth all along?

Genre Fiction – Romance



Baby, I Need You Bad by Scorpio Love

36915106_2123524624584198_5198125289724444672_oLyric has it all. She’s a woman that has the career she’s always wanted and lives carefree in New York City. Everything seems to be falling right into place, except her love life. While visiting her family in Long Beach, California, her hometown, tragedy strikes forcing her to stay in town a little longer than expected. Since she’s left home, she limits her visits back home because they’ll remind her of the hurt and pain she left behind ten years ago.

Messiah is a real estate developer in Long Beach, California. To the outside, he seems to have the perfect life. He has the home, successful business and a beautiful family, but none of that makes him happy. He longs for the chance to make things right with Lyric, the true love of his life. Ten years has passed since he saw her last, and the love he has for her remains the same. When tragedy hits, they are forced to work together to help her family. Will Lyric be ready to forgive Messiah? Can Messiah and Lyric finally figure their relationship out or has too much time already passed? Will they find out who really needs who really bad?

Genre Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Women’s Literature & Contemporary Fiction



Torn Between by Stacey Lynn Patterson

9781478761365_cov.aiBudding photographer Gabriella Dixon goes on the vacation of a lifetime, with her childhood friends Xavier, Ash, Inez, and Jess. One-minute Gabriella and her friends are exploring, and Gabriella is doing what she does best, taking pictures non-stop. Then the accident happens, leaving her in a coma for 2 weeks. Gabriella is left less than whole. You see, she has left something in the realm of The Between; A junction of darkness and despair. Gabriella does not feel quite right when she wakes from the coma. Something is missing. Something inside of her is gone. It is calling to her, pulling at the pieces left behind. She can still feel… things, grabbing and tearing at her insides. What are these things? They have stolen something from her. She can feel the yawning void inside. Maybe it is just a nightmare. Will she get back what she has lost before it is too late, or will she be torn between forever?

Genre Supernatural



Treacherous: Deadly Intent by Crystal Alexis

received_132968124261576Azuri is a woman who thinks she has it all: a pampered lifestyle with all the luxury she could ever ask for and a man who loves her to her core— as long as she obeys his every command. But every woman secretly craves a man who knows how to keep her in line, right? But what happens when you’re not the only one your man’s been loving? It seems like it’s taken a lifetime for Azuri to build her fairytale life, and she’s devastated when she feels it all go up in smoke in a single night. Staring at what just may be the end of her life as she knows it, she has a choice: ride for the man she loves, or die being loyal to herself. Will she make the right choice or take her last breath filled with regret?

Meechi is an untouchable boss who gets any and everything he wants. A ruthless presence in the streets, he lives the life of a man well connected and even more protected. Death is the only punishment he knows for dishonor, and with an army of soldiers at his beck and call, he commands a fearless respect without ever getting his hands dirty. But they say nothing lasts forever, right? Just when Meechi is ready to take things to the next level, he’s faced with losing his most prized possession forever— his woman. Does he really have her heart on lockdown, or will a new boss tempt her with all the things her man can’t do?

Treach has a one-track mind: complete the mission by any means necessary. But what happens when the heart has a mind of its own? Never one to fail, Treach faces a tough decision as he chases the ultimate score: will he stick to the plan or fall weak to what his heart craves?

Hate is the highest form of love, and revenge is the best payback, but as the secrets come bubbling to the surface, it’s clear that these characters must fight to come out on top by any means necessary. Who will be the last one standing when the smoke clears?

Genre Urban Fiction, Street Lit



K’Asia: Queen City’s Finest, The Finale by Sparkle Lewis

FB_IMG_1532137754418Just when Ki’Asia has decided her family means more to her than the streets, her world is turned upside down, and the one person that has been able to bring some calmness to her warped reality is taken away. In addition, the only man that has been able to actually step up to the plate and be the man she needs is now lying in a hospital bed.

Thinking that their enemies have been defeated, Ki’Asia has the slightest idea where to begin looking until someone requests a meeting with her. That meeting opens up the door to Ki’Asia finding out that her father was right all along—she was never the target. This mystery person has been after Firm the entire time. But with Firm in a coma, this person remains just that—a mystery.

When Firm finally awakens from the coma, the last year of his life has been lost, and he is not able to provide any insight on the tragic details that claimed his daughter’s life. But a visit from someone changes that, and suddenly, things begin to unravel all at once.

The past has a way of catching up with us, and in the finale, both Ki’Asia’s and Firm’s have come back with a vengeance. When the last person you’d least expect is standing in front of the barrel of Ki’Asia’s gun, will she fold, or will she continue to reign as Queen City’s Finest?

Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction



Dragon’s Blood: Story of the Brethren 2 by LaVerene Thompson

FB_IMG_1530890426637After losing her mother at a very young age, Arianna’s world changed when her father came to get her. He took her across the Atlantic Ocean, away from everything she’d ever known and loved. But once again she’s forced to cross the Atlantic, this time leaving everything she’d grown to love behind. Running from the thing that had killed her remaining parent, running for her life. And fleeing from the being she’d dreamt of for half her life. Nothing could save her, she didn’t believe in myths and fairytales. Didn’t believe in the man with the eyes that flashed gold. She could trust no one. Not even the voice whispering inside her head she recognized as her own.

Talon had come to Earth searching for his truemate. Knowing she was near but still so very far away. Only able to reach her when they both closed their eyes, but waking up to find it had all been nothing but a dream. Until one day he heard her cry of pain and felt the crippling pang of fear that invaded her mind. She needed him, but he couldn’t find her. Not until she released her block against him. He just hoped it would not be too late. Because an ancient enemy roamed Earth once more and hunted his truemate. It was a race as to which one of them would find her first. Talon would not lose.

**This is not an erotic romance but it does contain sexual content and violence suitable for 18+.**

Genre Romantic Fantasy



Through The Fire 2 by Simone

received_149535139255399In the second installment, the couples are met with enemies lurking the shadows, ready to take them down. Rock and Ace come face to face with problems they’ve never suspected to confront. Will they be able to handle what’s being thrown at them, all while trying to sustain their relationships and protecting their organization? Or will they realize that the lifestyle and hustle they both love so much isn’t meant for love and happiness?

Rock and Gina are finally together after years apart…but not many want to see them happy. Will their love prevail against newfound enemies? Gina’s ex fiancée, Mel, wants revenge. His plots may tear these two lovers apart. Will he succeed?

After Mina’s shocking revelation of Ace’s indiscretion, Mya’s world had been rocked. She struggles with forgiveness and anger against Ace and wonders if their relationship is strong enough to overcome. With Mina still in the shadows, she enlists the help of an unlikely alliance to take down Ace and Mya.

A storm is brewing. Will these women be able to survive loving these men through the fire?

Genre Coming of Age, Young Adult, Urban Fiction



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