February 2019 New Releases

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Still Fighting: My Sister’s Fight with Trigeminal Neuralgia by Lakisha Johnson

FB_IMG_1551570374629What would you do if you woke up one morning with pain doctors couldn’t diagnose, medicine couldn’t minimize, sleep couldn’t stop and kept getting worse?

What would you do if this pain took everything from your ability to eat, sleep, wash your face, brush your teeth, feel the wind, enjoy the outdoors or even work?

What would you do if this pain even tried to take your life but couldn’t shake your faith?

Still Fighting is a inside look into my sister’s continued fight with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition known as the Suicide Disease because of the lives it has taken. In this book, I take you on a journey of recognition, route and restoration from my point of view; a sister who would stop at nothing to help her twin sister/best friend fight to live.

It is my prayer you will be blessed by my sister’s will to fight and survive.

Genre Non-Fiction, Self-Help

**Be sure to purchase the Be A Fighter journal.**


A Staten Island Love Letter: The Forgotten Borough by Jahquel J.

49776285_2254941384775854_5411788161669922816_nImagine at nineteen loving a man so deep that you would risk your entire life for him? Loving him so hard that despite his small pockets, you love him for love . Freedom McGurrry loved Ghost like no other. Even though she was nineteen and he was a bit older, broke and trying to trap, she loved him. One night in 2009 causes her to rethink things and she disappears off the face of the earth. She leaves Ghost wondering what ever happened to his love?

Liberty, Freedom’s twin loved her man Pook. After he caught a drug case, she loved him so much that she would have held him down to the end of time. That is until she sees another woman pregnant with his baby and wearing the same exact ring he had gifted to her. Leaving the courtroom, pregnant and confused, she has no clue what to do.

Priest has been raised by his older sister, who is drying from lung disease. She’s all he has known. When she passes, she leaves behind three daughters, who Priest must raise. A college student himself, how is he supposed to put money on the table for three little girls? Putting down his books, he goes to see Ghost to provide for his family. On the back of the bus in 2009, he comes across Justice McGurry, Freedom and Liberty’s younger sister. A quick smile and a few words are exchange before they both exit the bus and go their own ways.

Ten years later, Ghost is the head nigga in charge in Staten Island. All the hard work and broke days sculpted him into the trap king that he is today. With his baby brother, Staten, and Priest by his side, nothing moves in Staten Island unless they know about it. Find out how ten years changed all these people’s lives and how life forces them to come back together.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



A Staten Island Love Letter 2: The Forgotten Borough by Jahquel J.

FB_IMG_1551178434053When you’re at the top, people question why? Zeek and Zoe moved to Staten Island to lay low, but instead found out that there was money to be made there. Wanting Ghost’s position in the street, they’re willing to do whatever to get it, including killing whoever means the most to him. When Zeek makes a call that he thought would end Ghost, but could possible end him too… what happens?

Ghost wants to know who would try him and his family this way? Tearing Staten Island apart to find the answers, the answers may lie in the hands of Liberty, who heard a one sided conversation that Zeek had previous to Staten and Summer being gunned down. Liberty has her own fair share of Skeletons, but once those skeletons start to fall out the closet, she has no choice but to come clean to her sister and mother.

Freedom knows she needs to talk to her twins about their father, but fights hard trying to figure out how. With Mama Rae in her ear, she realizes that she has no choice, but to tell her children that she has lied to them their entire life. Zoe isn’t willing to leave Freedom alone. He’s willing to do anything to get back in her good graces, that even includes trying to end Ghost.

You don’t mention Staten Island without mentioning the Garibaldi family. Ghost and the Garibaldi family go back for years. When chaos erupts on Staten Island, Messiah laces up her timbs and gets ready to go to war. This time she’s not alone… her daughters are joining her.

Kiss’s paternity of her child is still a mystery to Priest. The person who actually fathers his niece’s child is the last person he expects. Juggling his own personal life and trying to raise three girls, Priest might reach his breaking point, especially when Justice breaks his heart for the final time.

Y’all were sleep on the forgotten borough, but it’s safe to assume you’re wide awake and ready for the explosive sequel to this series. Pay your toll, sit back and welcome to Staten Island!

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



Trust That This Love is Real by Pamela Campbell

received_692762634459282{Standalone} To the outside world, it appeared as if Amara had it all together. A successful career, a loving boyfriend named Swade, and a super supportive best friend named Nya. But looks can be extremely deceiving.

Most of Amara’s days were filled with sadness and deep pain, that she kept hidden behind her smile and perfect appearance.

Amara learned how to open up with the help of a strong, good-looking stranger, named Nathan. Nathan understood Amara’s dark struggles from his past experiences. He’s drawn to her and wants to help her.

Amara was caught off guard when she learned the truth about the man she loved, and was blindsided by an unexpected betrayal that could possibly send her back into a dark place.

Will Amara let go of the love that she thought she needed, and go with her heart? Can she trust that the love she feels for Nathan is real?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



Hood Royalty: From The Trap House To Penthouse by R. Michelle & Teruka B.

FB_IMG_1549290781386For over a decade, Dreaux has kept the streets on lock. With nothing but traffic in the A, they ran a tight ship, not allowing anything get through the cracks. That’s until he makes a life-altering change in his by allowing the woman he thought he loved, inside his world. Soon, everything came crashing down around him.

Six years later, he’s free from the feds with a new partner in tow. Haiti, a natural born hustler but street and booksmart, Dreaux is in on what can make his empire better. The brotherhood couldn’t have come at a better time because Dreaux has no clue who to trust. A snake is amongst his family.

Shanaye has been surviving the best way she could. Stripping to make ends meet was never her goal but with the way money flows, she had to do everything she could to provide for her and her sister, Brooklynn. Life wasn’t easy for two sisters and all they had was each other.

A business move places them in the presence of Haiti and Dreaux. Nobody saw the changes that were arising in the couples and nobody could’ve expected the consequences of messing with Hood Royalty. Soon they learn what it means to comes from the traphouse to the penthouse.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance

**Book 2 is Coming Soon.**



The Princess And The Thief: A Tale Of Love And Honor by Stacy-Deanne

FB_IMG_1548902176947After King Eric makes it illegal for the poor to have access to medical treatment, his sister, Princess Lelaina AKA Laney vows to right the wrongs he’s bestowed on the people. Unbeknownst to her brother, Laney begins helping a pastor by funding an underground medical facility for the needy.

Posing as a peasant to deliver money to the pastor, Laney is captured by an old man with lewd intentions and is saved by Alistair, a thief who recently robbed her in the forest. Though things are prickly between them at first, Alistair and Laney’s curiosity for one another turns into a voracious attraction and soon both are willing to give up everything for true love.

Unfortunately, Alistair has no idea he’s fallen in love with a princess and Laney must choose between telling him the truth and losing him or risking Alistair’s life at the hands of the king.

Genre BWWM Romance, Historical Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance, Women’s Fiction



The Calm To His Savage 2 by Latisha

The Calm to His Savage 2

“Money breeds envy. Envy breeds disloyalty. Anybody can be bought for a price.” ~Karisma

Clipz thinks he has everything figured out. In his mind, if he takes over the streets, he’ll take over the world. Never once does he think about the toes he’s stepping on to get where he wants to be nor the lines that he’s crossing to get there. His actions not only puts his life in danger, but the lives of everyone he loves as well.

Frenzy finds out that his whole life has been a lie, and this causes his first outburst with his aunt and the one he grew up loving as a brother. When a disastrous event happens, Frenzy loses his mind. Not only is he now at odds with his cousin, but he no longer feels he’s the one for Ajayah, which causes him to try and push her away. He has to make a decision to go against everything he has stood for in the last few years.

One man’s greed causes a chain of events that affects the lives of everyone around him. Secrets are revealed, friends become enemies, lives are taken, and unspoken loyalty is tested. Not every relationship can be repaired, and not every book written has been closed. Find out who will reign supreme in the finale of The Calm to His Savage.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. You can purchase Book 1 here.**



Nice For What? 2: Kevin’s Story by Recie D.

FB_IMG_1549474047606Kevin is a twenty-five-year-old truck driver on the road to finding love now that he has dealt with the passing of his mother. He’s the true definition of a wholesome guy, who chooses to see the good in everyone he meets, especially women. His mother always taught him to live a virtuous lifestyle which sometimes causes him to be a bad judge of character. A night out at the strip club pulls Kevin into a seductive relationship with a beautiful dancer by the name of Jade, who changes him into a man he never thought he would become.

Jade is a nursing student by day and an exotic dancer by night. She’s been stripping from state to state trying to make ends meet until she finds the right job that will have her sitting pretty. When she first meets Kevin, she sees him as just another lustful lame that talks a good game. But she soon realizes that he could be the come up she’s been waiting for and uses her alluring mindset to play into Kevin’s naïve upbringing.

Kevin soon finds himself under Jade’s tantalizing spell and falls madly in love with her. But Jade has a secret and even though she is developing strong feelings for Kevin, she is not ready to give up her double life.

Will Jade follow her feelings and leave her secret life behind or will she drag Kevin down a rabbit hole that will leave him feeling Jaded forever.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**You can purchase Book 1 here. Book 3 is Coming Soon**



When Lovin A Boss 3: Unique and Sin by Dymond

FB_IMG_1549636736502Trust is broken. Loyalty is questioned. Can two best friends look past the odds?

Unique and Brooklyn’s friendship is truly tested as the finale unfolds. Finding out Ohi’Ji was behind Eugene’s death opens so many questions, and Unique gets more information than she bargained for. Now, Unique’s life is in jeopardy, and Ohi’Ji is living free with no worries. Has he gotten away with his slick talking and treacherous ways?

As the saying goes, you can meet somebody today who may have better intentions than someone you’ve been knowing for years. Could Sin be that for Unique? Or will Champagne win him back?

In the end, the same things that make you laugh will make you cry. They say the tables will always turn. Be sure to see who’s now seated at the head of them.

To each his own was how this crew dealt with things.

Will Sin choose Champagne or end up with Unique?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 and Book 2.**



A Boss’ Love Saved My Heart 2 by DeeAnn & AJ Dix

50818531_2038915316191909_8736377940113096704_nWith Sameerah being shot and Leikyn getting jumped, the weight of the world is on Levi and Micah’s shoulders.

Levi has a hard time coping with what happened to Sameerah, and the only thing on his mind is revenge. Not resting until he finds Taizere, Levi meets someone new who “helps” him cope with everything. Everyone around him realizes the distraction she is, but Levi is too far gone to realize until the unthinkable happens; leaving Levi in a situation that makes him choose what’s more important in life.

Now that Micah and Leikyn’s relationship is out in the open, things between them are better. With so much turmoil going on in their lives, Lei turns into a beast that only Mic can contain. He juggles being there for Levi and trying to control everything else going on in life. In the midst of the storm, him and Lei find peace in one another. What happens when Micah thinks about taking that final step in their relationship? Will it be too much for them? Or will it be the saving grace of their lives?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. You can purchase Book 1 here.**



Falling For Troy: A BWWM Christian Romance by Destiny

JAHQUEL_FALLINGFORTROY{Standalone} Troy O’Rourke is the handsome and wealthy pastor of Hillside Church. As a popular T.V. minister, he’s recognized everywhere but is still having trouble finding the one who will fill the role of a pastor’s wife, a woman of God, and the love of his life. Due to his fame, models and actresses are thrust into his presence but his lack of interest worries his mother and members that are used to married pastors leading one of the largest churches in America.

Bright Jenkins is a single mom of a five-year-old. She was recently laid off her job. Hired at a Christian bookstore in the mall, she hopes she can get her life back on track to care for her son. She desperately tries to work it out with Kydon’s dad because she refuses for her son to go without a father figure. Her sister and mother encourage her to make it work with Terrell or try online dating to find the man she has been praying for.

When Pastor Troy visits the bookstore where Bright works to promote his latest self-help book, their lives are changed forever. However, will Bright learn to listen to her heart instead of her meddling family members when it comes to finding love? Bright wants to please everyone but herself but will she learn that putting her heart on hold is only blocking her blessing?

Genre BWWM Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Romance, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance



Heartbreaks And Promises: A Los Angeles Love Story by Vaneecia & Nicole Dior

JAHQUEL_HEARTBREAKSANDRicky Ortiz Jr. known to the New Orleans and Los Angeles streets as Bone, is the twenty-eight-year-old owner of Premier Barbershop located in Los Angeles, California. Bone is the kind of guy that every woman has tried her best to win over, but failed because he’s closed himself off from love after the death of his first love and daughter’s mother, Anneisha Malone. When he meets his aunt’s friend, Vee, and gets a taste of her feisty attitude; Bone secretly craves the feeling of being in love and building on his future, but is Vee truly what he craves or is it just a matter of lust, playing at his heart?

Vaneecia ‘Vee’ Netters is a feisty twenty-three-year old female barber with a foul mouth and a crazy attitude. She’s been through some hell in her life, but her saving grace just happened to be her good friend, Khemistry Ortiz. Escaping an abusive situation with her ex-boyfriend, Vee finds herself in Los Angeles and lands a job in Bone’s barbershop, not knowing that so much would come along with her being there. Will her first encounter with her new boss lead to a blossoming romance or will her foul mouth push Bone away?

Khemistry and Kei found love in each other when they were fifteen years old, but were suddenly torn apart on the night of Khemi’s 21st Birthday when Kei revealed that he was moving to New York. Khemi thought she’d never see Kei again, but after eight long years, Kei is back to fix a heart that he mistakenly broke. Will Khemi welcome Kei back with open arms or will Kei reveal a secret that breaks her heart more than ever?

Secrets, lies, and possible insecurities will be in the wake of these four friends lives. Will they be able to face their struggles and find happiness or will things come tumbling down around them? Heartbreaks and promises sometime go hand in hand in relationships, but will these four find that they’ve had enough heartbreaks and find the promise of a happy ending or will it all end in shambles?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



14 Shades Of Loving A Gangster by The Ladies and Gents of Urban Chapters Publications

JAHQUEL_14SHADESUrban Chapters Publications has come together to deliver you a bunch of sexy, steamy and gangsta love stories to entertain you on Valentine’s Day. Sit back, grab some wine and be ready to have your mind blown.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance



The Real Kings Of Cleveland by Kalita Stokes

FB_IMG_1550417120157Behind the beautiful facade of every city there’s always drugs and violence; the ugliness that the politicians want to keep hidden from the public eye. Cleveland, Ohio was no different and that’s why the city had been labeled as one of the deadliest cities to live in. King, Damien, and Bennett had contributed to the cause over the years. They’re the leaders of the infamous KDB gang, that originated and operated out of Cleveland. While people around the leaders played checkers, the leaders of KDB were playing chess, rendering their crew untouchable. They used politicians, judges, detectives, and whoever else they needed, to stay out of jail and off the FBI radar.

As their empire grew, so did their problems and drama within their lives. Secrets, lies, betrayal, infidelity and death were revealed causing pure chaos within their personal lives, which in turn caused a chain reaction that started to affect their businesses. KDB had the potential to become one of the most profitable African American conglomerates the East Coast had ever seen if they played their cards right.

They’re, The Real Kings of Cleveland, not just because of their success, but because they did what others attempted to do but failed at it miserably.

Genre African American Urban Fiction

**Book 2 is Coming Soon.**



An Urban Valentine’s Story: Ebb And Bobbi by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1550095324611Valentine Miller was running from love when she left Nashville. Surprisingly, Arkell (Ark) Watson followed her to the islands she was hiding from him on. They have been in a relationship for almost a year. Her four-year-old son Vic loves Ark and wants them to be a family. But when Ark tries to take things to the next level, Valentine shuts him down in a major way. A heartbroken Ark gets fed up and leaves. Will Valentine come to her senses before it’s too late?

Winter Collins started dating one of her bosses Dison White, six months ago. Things had been rocky for the pair, because Dison was keeping a devastating secret. Winter’s ex, her son’s father Joshua, steps back into the picture and Winter is forced to make a choice. Who will she choose? The man that has secrets? Or the one that broke her heart?

Find out if these three couples will make it through the Valentines Day together or separate.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance



Please Be My Forever Valentine by Pamela Campbell

FB_IMG_1550438394321{Standalone} Meet Lauren, the little sister of Elijah, from the novella Queens Thug for Christmas. Lauren is invited to her best friend’s upcoming couples-only, Valentine’s engagement party. She hasn’t been out on a date since she moved back to New York, and started her own business, with the help of Elijah and her dad, Rocky.

Lauren meets a sexy, good-looking stranger name Marqus that opens up her heart and changes her life. That is, until she finds out some information that threatens to end their whirlwind love affair. Can Lauren let go of her trust issues, and let Marqus be her forever Valentine?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance



Wifed By A Boss by Ms. Keena

JAHQUEL_WIFEDBYABOSS{Re-Release} Who says love always come when you least expect it?

Life had never been easy for Asha, especially being raised by a drug addict. If it wasn’t for her grandmother she wouldn’t know the ups from the downs. When her grandmother passes she’s left to figure things out on her own and she’s actually managed with doing a great job at it, but, Asha felt that something has always been missing since her grandmother passed, which was real love. On a warm spring night while working, she runs into the infamous, Budah. He’s smooth, cocky and hella’ sexy. She tried on many occasions to brush him off because she isn’t like the other thirsty and easy chicks that he’s used to. However, his smoothness and the ability to bless her life wins her over. Although he has a hard exterior, his interior is soft as a Teddy bear which pulls Asha in even more.

Budah is at the top of the chain when it comes to being the biggest boss in the city. If you ever have an issue or need something to be taken care of he is the man to see. He never had a woman that has made him want to be a better man and test him the way that no one has ever done until Asha comes in his life. That is what he always wanted out of a woman and he feels he’s lucked up with Asha. With the threat of someone trying to take down his empire within his camp, will he cave under pressure?

Will Asha cave with the revolving door of drama from chicks or will she stand in the paint by her man like a boss’ wife should?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



Love’s A Game For Two by Asia Monique’

received_530337384122648{Standalone} Yari Logan has worked her way up the ladder in the sports media industry and she couldn’t be prouder. At twenty-seven, she’s the newly appointed analyst for a major sports network. Her goals are to continue to move up that ladder and stay clear of men in the industry. She’s able to follow that path until she meets, Montana Stephens. Past traumas stop her from fully letting him in but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Montana for the last six years has been living his lifelong dream as a professional football player. He’s one of the most respected and talented wide receivers in the game. He has everything he wants except for a woman to share all of his success with. It’s hard to trust the intentions these women have when you’re in his field of work, so he stays clear. That is until he meets the new and beautiful analyst at Sports101, Yari Logan.

Malcolm Stephens—the younger brother of Montana—had just as much talent as his big brother. Instead of leaving college before getting his degree and committing to the draft Malcolm decided that graduating with honors was first and football was second. He walked across the stage and was drafted into the NFL all in the same year. Everything in his life was going right and when he meets the alluring and free-spirited Amiya Holland things become ten times better. The saying “what goes up must come down” rings true for Malcolm when a scandal rocks his world and shatters the foundation he worked so hard build.

A scandal, job woes, and reopened childhood wounds could be all these four needs to tear them apart for good or is it what will bring them together in the end?

Genre African American Contemporary Romance, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance



Nessiah & Dominick: A BBW Love Story by Miz LALA

JAHQUEL_NESSIAHNessiah didn’t know that a potential promotion would’ve thrust her into the cross hairs of business savvy bar owner and clothing designer, Dominick Andrew Washington, formerly known to the streets as Drew, your typical arrogant man of power. Having boatloads of money accompanied by a list of women that was as long as the state’s Constitution, all the past tense wording was meant to let you know that the life he lived before drastically changed him after tragedy struck someone close to him, and Dominick turned his life around.

With his family and his fiancée keeping a close eye on him, he finds it hard to be himself. Could a once in a lifetime business proposal give these two people a different outlook on love and life?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2. **



Catch My Smoke by DeeAnn & Keisha Elle

JAHQUEL_CATCHMYSMOKE“We want all the smoke. Yeah, he just, he just breakin’ up the ice. We leanin’, facts.” – Thugger

All Ceasar knew was the streets. Born to a mother who could barely take care of herself, he did what he had to do to survive. Not just for himself, but his younger sister, Kyan, as well. He paved the way for his success after being in foster care and juvie and, of course, that success came with more than he expected. Vowing to only love the streets, that vow changes when single mother, Seven, enters his life and falls in love. Seven wants more, but is Ceasar capable of giving her more? Will the love he lacked as a child affect him as a man?

Drako was introduced to the grimey world at a young age, molding him into the man he is today. His hard, rude exterior boils down to a heart break that left him with a ‘f**k the world’ attitude. Ceasar and Kyan are the only people he puts his trust in. A woman from his past, Joie, invades his world again. Unfortunate circumstances occur involving her boyfriend, Norien, leaving her and Drako closer than before. What happens when this trio is connected through the love of drugs and money?

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



I Fell For The Realest Savage In The Game by Mercedes

JAHQUEL_IFELLFORTHEREALESTWhat is love when there is no love, but only time invested? That’s the story of Kadeen’s life. Years with her cheating, high-school sweetheart has been nothing short of challenging—both mentally and emotionally. It takes running into the infamous Dino for her to think that maybe not all men are the same. And it takes for him to run into her to think that not all women are heartless savages.

After the almost fatal betrayal of his first love, Dino has sworn off women getting close to him. But that is quickly dismissed when he lays eyes on Kadeen. When the obsession of a former hookup threatens his forever, Dino has to put it all on the line to save the woman he loves. With him getting hit from all angles, he’ll soon find out that snakes no longer have to hide in the grass. Sometimes they hide in plain sight.

Will he sever the head of the snake and be rid of it forever, or will the bite be too much to recover from? Take a ride with this crazy couple, and find out who it was that fell for the realest savage in the game.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**



A Boss Valentine In Vegas by Ebony

received_794808527563785{Standalone} It’s that time of year that some people look for Cupid to pierce the heart of a potential love interest, but not everyone believes in love.

A thriving esthetician, Amira has sworn off love completely. Tragic events in her past make her feel that love only leads to people making foolish decisions. Amira believes that love is a temporary feeling and is used by people as an excuse to hurt others. If your mother has never shown you love, how could it be real right? Right. That’s why Amira doesn’t care for Valentine’s Day at all. People can keep that love ish… it’s for the birds. That is until she stumbles across the very handsome and esteemed gentleman Asem in Las Vegas while handling some family affairs.

Asem is one of the bosses reigning over Las Vegas, having his hands in multiple dealings. Asem isn’t against love, but he isn’t quite looking for it either. He can only offer women sex because he hasn’t met one that is worthy of his love. Until he lays eyes on the beautiful Amira, immediately claiming her as his future even though he hasn’t spoken the first words to her, unbeknownst to her.

Making Amira his is easier said than done. Penetrating the steel vault around Amira’s heart will require some work, but is he up for the challenge? With the help of Amira’s best friend, the sassy and brassy Sky, Asem is determined to have Amira forget about her past, break through her stubborn wall, and reaffirm her belief in all things love. Will Asem’s straight forward arrow hit Amira’s unbreakable heart? Messing with a true boss, will Amira find love in Vegas this V19? See if love wins in this feisty new urban romance Valentine’s novella by Ebony.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance



Already Someone’s Girl 2 by Manda P.

JAHQUEL_ALREADYSOMEONESGIRL2It was almost love at first sight for Bobbi and Hunter, but with them both having situations of their own, nothing could ever happen between them. Or so they thought…When the opportunity presents itself, will they take that leap of faith or will co-parenting be what’s best for them?

This is the first time a man has ever had Carmelita open. She’s doing things she has never thought she would do for a man, but Ade deserves it. The way he treats Carmelita, she can’t help but to open up to him. Everything was going good until BOOM, a storm named Kennedi shows up to wreak havoc. Ade is determined not to let this effect what he has going on with Carmelita, but will she be able to let go and not let her cousin get under her skin?

Tyriq and Allison have both fled to Dallas, trying to run from their mistakes. While Ty is living the life, Allison is miserable. What she thought was going to be smooth sailing turns out to be a wrecked ship. On top of that, she gets some news about her baby girl that changes everything.

In part one, there were many questions left unanswered. Will Bobbi tell Hunter about their baby and what she saw Allison doing? Is Kennedi going to be a problem for Carmelita and Ade? What will come of Hiydia and Bilal? And the burning question everyone wants the answer to: Who is the father of the baby Allison is carrying? In this finale, find out how the drama will unfold and who gets what’s coming to them.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**This series is now complete. You can purchase Book 1 here.**



Let Me Love You The Right Way by Thea

53097306_2359558947662172_6832593704310538240_nFor Delicia, she should’ve been on her way to wedded bliss but on her wedding day all hell broke loose, which caused a whirlwind of problems. Down and out on her luck, the next six months of her life become troublesome and tiring. A chance encounter with someone from her past and a new friend makes her near future seem a little easier to deal with. Navigating through the trouble that has become her life, Delicia wonders if it will ever get better. Will it? Only time will tell but first Delicia has to cleanse herself from the demons of her past to be able to move forward. Will she be able to do what she needs to do? Will she be strong enough to stand up to her past?

Tyson Ross is stuck in a dead end relationship with his fiancée Sabrina. When he runs into Dee Ann, he realizes that life is too short to be unhappy, however Sabrina is not about to give up so easily. Tyson has left his street life in the past, but when someone from his past comes back asking for a favor will he concede? Find out whether Dee Ann allows Tyson to love her the right way in the first installment of this series.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




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