August 2018 New Releases

Hey readers, check out these new releases!

Dear Future Lawyer by Neena R. Speer


The road to becoming a lawyer is hella difficult, especially for minority women. So I recorded my raw, authentic experiences as well as provided you with tools that you can apply to your law school and life journey.

I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable asking for help when you really need it. Especially when you are the only one in your family that decided to pursue a career in law. I know what it feels like to not want to raise your hand in class when you are confused for fear of looking stupid or when you have applied to countless jobs and have yet to hear a call back for the one you really want. I know what it feels like to pick up the phone and want to call someone to vent about how much law school sucks and not having anyone who understands or likes to hear your repeated rants.

I also know what it feels like to struggle with becoming skilled in this profession. I struggled in school to make friends, with grades and my first time taking the bar, but I am here to tell you through my story that it is possible to triumph! My hope is that you see yourself in some of the struggles described in this book and learn just what I wish someone had told me before I decided to be a lawyer. It was not easy, but I can honestly say now that every temporary defeat was worth it!

Genre Self-Help, Empowerment, Law



Why Does Love Hate Me? by Kennedee Devoe

Screenshot_20180831-110310~2Kween Dupree has been lucky in everything else but love. One failed relationship after another, she continues to believe that love hates her and maybe it’s just not in the cards for her. Then she meets Jamarie. Will love finally deal her a fair hand or will she end up with a joker?

Genre Urban Fiction, Relationship




True Blue (Melodies of Love #1) by Dahlia DeWinters

Screenshot_20180831-105831~2Sometimes a goodbye leads to a second chance…..

Racing ahead of a deadline, singer Ellie Moore makes a stop at her beach house to retrieve a sentimental item. When she discovers her estranged husband there, she tries to grab and dash, but the sudden downpour of hard rain makes it impossible to safely leave.

Though he doesn’t know how he feels about seeing his rock star wife after all this time, the one thing David does know is that she’s not driving anywhere in a vicious hurricane.
Until the weather blows over, the two are stuck, forced to confront each other and the hurt lurking below the surface of their marriage.

Will the fierce winds of the raging storm blow open the locked doors to their hearts?

Genre Women’s Fiction



Pages of My Life by Eugene Minnifield

Screenshot_20180831-105121~2The four letter word love is more than just a feeling, it’s an understanding between two people. In “The Pages of My Life” author Eugene Minnifield Jr. examines the difference between a healthy and non healthy relationship and teaches one to maintain and entertain the right kind of coupling. Love is a journey of change of growth, and through inspirational and lesson teaching quotes, Eugene Minnifield Jr. aims to restore love lost, reinstill hope that love still exists, and change your mindset completely on what it’s like to be loved and give it freely. That’s why #IPRESS.

Genre Self-Help, Relationships



Love Child 3: Retribution by DD Hairston

FB_IMG_1535726631154In a blink of an eye Love is gone, right under William and Liam’s watch. They were both caught slipping and now they are scrambling to find her. The LAPD are focused on William as their prime suspect and Liam is feeling completely helpless. For the first time he has no power and has to depend on other people to bring his sister back to him. Every move he makes, he finds that his Uncle Sammy has blocked his path. Liam needs to figure out if his Uncle is friend or foe.
William is trying to remain the pillar of the community he has become and locate his beloved wife. He turns to his friend and Head of his Security to help him find his wife.

Liam is closing himself off from everyone because of Love’s abduction, including Nikkei. Liam and Love will have to choose between “Family Loyalties” with Uncle Sammy or the “Ties that Bind” them to William. Nikkei does not understand the life that they live and walks away from it all. Will Liam fight for her or choose decades of Secrets and Lies of the “West Family”?

Tracy finally has a suitor that is actually good for her. Yet Tracy’s guards are still on high alert after what Peter did to her. She tries to give love a chance, but at every step of she finds a way to push him away. How long will he put up with the wild and outlandish Tracy?

As the turmoil spirals out of control there’s just one last question; who will not make it out of Love Child Three alive.

Genre Urban Fiction



Loving A Cold Hearted Savage 2: Phire & Ice’s Story by elle kayson

FB_IMG_1535642518402The Harrisons… The Taylors… Everything about them is golden… except their luck in love.

Smart and fearless, Isaiah “Ice” Harrison has all the potential in the world. The only problem is, he’s a selfish, immature, arrogant asshole who takes people for granted, especially his longtime lover, Sapphire Henson. Ice loves Phire, but he figures she’ll be waiting when he’s finally ready to grow up. But, life has a way of humbling us, and Ice definitely invites the worst karma…

Beautiful, bright, and determined, Sapphire “Phire” Henson tries to hold things down until Ice realizes the prize he has in her. For eight years, she’s fiercely loyal until Ice pushes her way too far. For the first time, it looks like Ice may not able to come back from his mistakes, especially since the sexy gunrunner, Caelan Bleu, has Phire in his sights.

After struggling out of the hood, Jace is on his way to stardom. His first sight of his lovely, reserved tutor, Laila, had knocked him off his feet. Determined to have her, he pursues the reluctant BBW until he makes her his. But in one careless moment, Jace finds himself losing her trust and maybe, her love. Can the basketball standout rebound in this situation he never imagined?

First born son of Talitha and Elijah Harrison, Elijah “Jah” Harrison, II, is the streetwise heir-apparent to his parents’ drug empire. He’s cool, reserved, and distant… until he meets Ariana. When she doesn’t fall in line like he’s used to, will Jah be able to deal with the independent streak that sometimes leads Ari to put her life and that of their son, in danger?

Six-and-a-half years ago, Jace’s big brother and Jah’s best friend, Josiah “Si” Taylor, faked his death after an ambush. He doesn’t know what to think or who to trust. An unraveling mystery combines with his desire to be reunited with his family… and the gorgeous, mysterious clothing designer Beautiful Toussaint to draw Si back to San Antonio and back into the game.

Find out if the Harrisons and Taylors can turn their romantic fortunes around before they lose everything.

Genre Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Romance, African American Romance



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