Aug 2018 Featured Authors



LaKisha Johnson is a woman after God’s own heart, living everyday trying to be better than yesterday. In addition to being an author, she’s also a wife of 20 years, mother of two and native of Memphis, TN. She’s the product of a huge family whom she loves unconditionally. She’s an all-around talented lady who is an ordained minister and speaker. READ MORE




Twyla T. has over two dozen published books, with We Both Can’t Be Bae being her debut novel that lit up the Urban & Romance charts. All of her series have been bestselling novels and she is currently working on more to deliver to the wonderful readers around the world. Twyla resides in Mississippi with her beautiful daughter, Amyra. In her past time, she enjoys playing softball, she’s an avid football fan, loves spending time with family and friends, and of course reading and writing. READ MORE


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Annitia L. Jackson was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and was raised by her loving grandparents, Hattie and Ernest Fletcher. She discovered her love for writing in the 5th Grade thanks to a wonderful teacher named Ms. Middlebrooks. She has written stage plays, television scripts, short stories, and now, novels. Annitia has been married to the love of her life, Ron, for over 23 years and they share a handsome five-year-old son named Nathaniel. READ MORE



Simone is a twenty-five-year-old authoress from New Jersey. She’s had a passion for reading urban novels since adolescence. Her love for urban fiction started at the tender age of fourteen after reading Omar Tyree’s, Flyy Girl. Simone’s passion for writing began in college five years ago. READ MORE



Brandie Davis, born and raised in New York City where she lives with her husband, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from York College and is the founder of My Urban Books blog and Facebook book club. From home, she continues to pen drama filled novels. READ MORE



IMG_20150124_034124Cherie Briggins is an author born and raised in Akron, Ohio. With all the great success she’s received from her first book, Dirty Laundry, she now has a total of seven books under her belt and now working patiently on book eight. If you’ve never read anything from this author, be sure to check out her latest novel Never Made Love To A Thug. READ MORE


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