New Release: Manifested: I Dreamt Of You by Marina J

Bryn Mara Davis longed for the type of love her parents shared. So much so that she spoke it into existence and even prayed for it. She manifested it because, manifestation is real.

When Kendrick Colton laid eyes on Bryn Mara Davis for the first time, he knew she was the one. Finding out just how connected they were made it that much more special.

When tragedy strikes, both Bryn Mara and Kendrick decide there’s no time like the present and jump straight into it. But, did they move too fast?

Can you really put a timeframe on how long it takes for a person to fall in love? Or, is manifesting something a two-fold type of thing? 

Find out the trials and tribulations that Bryn Mara and Kendrick have to go through in this beautiful love story where she manifested the love she wanted but didn’t realize what all came with it.

  • Genre Urban Romance, Romance, Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction
  • Kindle Unlimited Yes
  • Series/Standalone Standalone
  • Book Type Novel
  • Publication Date September 6, 2022
  • Publisher Unique Pen Publications


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