{Book Review} Love On Greener Pastures by Britt Joni

Book Review - Love On Greener Pastures


Holistic Artist, Isla Danielson, has met Mr. Right, but it was in her past — and she allowed him to slip through her fingers. If she could go back in time, she would risk everything just to have a portion of the love she let escape her. On her journey to healing her broken heart, a chance encounter promises the opportunity for redemption. However, she finds mending her own heart is only half of her battle.

Tennyson Hampton is a passionate bar owner who has been scorned by love a time or two. He’s always been one to lead with love but after his latest heartbreak he vowed to pour all of his energy into his business. Although his heart has been declared closed off to love he can’t help but feel a void. But when a random meeting brings him face to face with his pain, he questions fate and his heart.

Will facing the past reignite an old flame or has all remnants of love already been burned to ashes?


Genre African American Romance, African American Women’s Fiction

Publisher B. Love Publications

Publication Date (Paperback) 2/27/20

Publication Date (eBook) 2/06/20


ISBN-13 979-8617338074

Price (eBook) $0.99 or FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription (Paperback) $7.99



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Love On Greener Pastures




Love On Greener Pastures is a second chance love story. A story of healing. Self healing. And forgiveness. This story is intense. Deep. The characters were raw. Naked. Isla and Tennyson first needed to heal their individual self before jumping back into a relationship which would ultimately fail if they did not.

I felt their pain, fears, trials & triumphs as I read this story. I was once Isla and Tennyson. Maybe I still am because I’m not completely healed. This story really spoke to me. You have to connect with yourself, free yourself, understand yourself and love yourself before you can be at peace and completely love someone else. This story demonstrates how healing is very important before you can truly move forward with anything.

Healing, forgiveness and needed therapy was necessary for them to see that their second chance at love was indeed meant to be. I’m glad that they made the decision to give their love another chance. Everyone deserves happiness, peace and “love on greener pastures.”

I highly recommend this second chance at love novelette. Yes, it’s short and sweet but it’s packed with so much more. Take the journey with Isla and Tennyson. You will not be disappointed.

I give this book five stars and recommend it to others.


Rating 5 out of 5 stars

My Purchase Date 4/05/20

Date I Finished Reading 4/14/20




Author Britt Joni

Britt Joni is a Midwestern girl with Southern roots. She’s a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s a strong representation of black love. If asked to describe herself she’d probably tell you she is a modern day hippie with a dope soul. When Britt Joni is not chasing down her dreams with a pen, she is being a mommy to an AMAZING little boy. Britt Joni’s ultimate literary goal is to write from the heart and to let her fascination with black love soar into the world.




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Have you read Love On Greener Pastures yet? If so, what were your thoughts? If you have not read it, are you considering it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Have a great day & Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

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