{Completed Series} Seven Minutes In Heaven by elle kayson

Good Morning! Author elle kayson best-selling series, Seven Minutes In Heaven, is now a completed series. Take a journey through this Urban Women’s Fiction Romance two-book series. They’re both listed below. Enjoy & have a great day!




Seventeen-year-old Taleah Morgan was an all-around good girl. All she wanted was to get into the nursing program of her dreams and make her parents proud. The last thing she had time for was guys, and especially not bad boys like nineteen-year-old Liam Maxwell. Liam had quickly risen from a corner boy to the heir-apparent of San Antonio’s most infamous drug runner. He didn’t have time for the distraction of a relationship—his main goal was proving himself worthy of inheriting an empire.

When Taleah and Liam’s paths cross one night at a house party, they find themselves reluctantly playing the game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. What they experienced that night in a dark closet change both of them. Unable to stay away from each other, Liam and Taleah decide to take a chance on love, but not everyone in their lives is thrilled. Will the young couple survive the forces arrayed against them?


Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, African American Urban Fiction, Urban Romance

Series Seven Minutes In Heaven, Book 1

Print Length 216 pages

Publisher Shan Presents, LLC

Publication Date August 5, 2019


ISBN-10 1088886159

ISBN-13 978-1088886151



eBook | Paperback





“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever…” Liam Maxwell took that advice when he watched Taleah Morgan walk out of his life four years ago. He had to give her space to “go and grow,” but now, her time is up. Liam is determined to win back his first love, at all costs. Taleah is just as determined to resist him. She’s never forgotten—nor forgiven—what she believes was his betrayal. Can Liam get past the walls she’s built around herself to show her that he’s always had her best interests at heart?

Tumultuous doesn’t even begin to describe the first few years of Kelsey Morgan’s and Kyriq Childress’s relationship. But things have been going smoothly the last two years for the couple—too smoothly. Life throws a plot twist at them that threatens to end their engagement and tear them apart forever. Is the love between Kelsey and Chill enough to survive unexpected circumstances?

Love troubles are not the only problems that befall Liam and Chill. During their climb to the top of the drug underworld, they made some dangerous enemies. Now, at least one of those enemies has come back to destroy everything they’ve worked for. Can they discover the identity of the person wreaking havoc on their business before it’s too late?


Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, African American Urban Fiction, Urban Romance

Series Seven Minutes In Heaven, Book 2

Print Length 343 pages

Publisher Shan Presents, LLC

Publication Date September 28, 2019


ISBN-10 1697205720

ISBN-13 978-1697205725



eBook | Paperback




elle kayson is an Amazon bestselling author of urban and African American romance. Her writing blends fast-paced urban settings and situations, traditional romance, and humor to produce distinctive characters and stories. A native southerner, in her spare time, elle likes to cook and share southern comfort food.




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