{Book Spotlight + Book Review} Black Girl Limited: Don’t Believe The Hype by Gale Glover

Black Girl Limited

Black Girl Limited starts out as a novel detailing the life of a young African American girl who is being taunted because of her dark skin, her weight, and her social class and it follows her throughout her adult life. Experience her struggles and find out what it took for her to gain empowerment. Did she overcome all of her struggles or did she continue to be a victim of the generational curse that screamed failure, loser, slave, and did it continue to destroy every relationship she had? Read her story.

The second half of the book includes the Black Girl Limited Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Learn them, own them, and share them with others. Both will guide you on your journey to empowerment.

The final piece is a journal to document your 3-month journey to empowerment. Now is the time for you to reach your ultimate greatness.

**Every educator, every father, every mother, every brother, every husband, every boyfriend, every girl and every woman needs to read this book no matter your racial background because Black Girl Limited is more than just a book. It is a movement to empower young girls and women, to end racism, and break the generational curse. The book will empower your soul and encourage you to make a positive change in your life and in the lives of others and it talks about self-identity, how to overcome stereotypes and it promotes racial unity and self-love.**


Genre African Literature, Historical African Biographies, African American Fiction, Family Conflict Resolution, Survival Biographies, Biographies of Social Activists

Publisher Glover Publishing and Community Outsourcing

Publication Date (Paperback) 3/10/19

Publication Date (eBook) 7/23/19


ISBN-10 0998622273

ISBN-13 B978-0998622279

Price $3.99 or FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription



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Black Girl Limited is a very empowering read. I love the fact that this book can be read by any age, nationality and gender. This book spotlights one of the biggest issues in the world: Racism. It focuses on how to end racism and break generational curses that has been passed down for forever. It empowers you as an individual to make positive change in your life and for the well-being of others in the world.

Glover invites you into snippets of her past, where she endured so much pain and abuse, to tell her story of healing plus give us an insight of how cruel people in the world has been and still are. To give us examples of how the generational curse and racism has been passed down. I also loved the BGL Code Of Ethics and BGL Code Of Conduct presented in this book. They will help guide you on your journey of empowerment. As the way the people in the world are right now, every human being should read this book. There has been so much widespread hatred, violence and racist behavior going on and I believe that this book will be a great guide for each and everyone to help them find self-love, empowerment, to break their generational curse & more.

There were a few things about this book that annoyed me, which was the repetition of certain sentences. However, once I finished the book, I came to the conclusion that it was written that way for a reason. Overall, this book was empowering. Not to mention, there is also a journal at the end for you to help you keep track of your progress. Black Girl Limited was a very different read for me. It was a more positive, eye-opening read. You should definitely check it out. Besides, it was the #1 New Release in African Literature AND in Historical African Biographies since it’s release this March (in paperback) and it’s eBook release late July. Go get it!!!

I give this book five stars and recommend it to others.


Rating 5 out of 5 stars

My Purchase Date 8/21/19

Date I Finished Reading 8/21/19

Goodreads Review



Gale Glover

Gale Glover, Ed.S, MPA is a social activist, educator, spoken word artist, domestic abuse survivor, and author of eleven books including her upcoming autobiography Pain, Passion, Poverty, and Power.​ Her books and work on higher education and the Flint Water Crisis earned her a featured spot on ABC News, Michigan Radio and in many articles. Gale also earned a recognition as ABC News Person of the Week and received a nomination for the Christ Enrichment Literacy Award.

Gale then went on to start a nonprofit to help the Flint kids recover from the water crisis and through her efforts and her organization Flint Kids Matter, Gale has given away almost 2000 books. Her goal was to improve literacy to counter the developmental delays caused by the lead poisoning.

More recently, Gale started the movement Black Girl Limited to empower young girls and women, to end racism and break the generational curse. Gale, who grew up in the impoverished community of Flint, Michigan knows what it feels like to battle stereotypes. She wants to empower people of all nationalities and create a world that truly exemplifies equality.

Please join the Black Girl Limited Movement by signing the pledge of commitment to end racism. As a thank you for signing the pledge along with purchasing the book, Black Girl Limited, we will display your company logo or picture and bio on our website and list you as one of our sponsors. Please help Gale change the world by promoting love and equality.




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Have you read Back Girl Limited yet? If so, what were your thoughts? If you have not read it, are you considering it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Have a great day & Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

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