{Book Review} Dethroned by K K Harris

Good afternoon book lovers and happy Saturday! I had the pleasure of reading a novel by Author K. K. Harris and I wanted to share my review with you all. I enjoyed this story and I recommend that you all check it out. Dethroned is a standalone African American Romance & Urban Fiction novel. So, without further ado, here is my review!


Dethroned is amazing, I just loved it! Drama, Pain, Secrets, Lies, Deceit, Betrayal – they were all there. Well developed characters, a great storyline and a very happy ending! This book is definitely a must read so make sure you add it to your TBR List!

Jade was my girl. Strong as f*ck in the end. King & Sylvia did her so wrong. I genuinely felt her pain. I’m glad she felt it in her heart what was not right and did what she needed to do to fix her life. Glad that she finally got her happy ending with JD.

King was literally #1 on my hit list. I hated him with a passion. That nigga didn’t have a heart the first. He was selfish, thought of no one but himself. This snake deserved to wither. By the way, his demise was perfect!

Jamie was a sweetheart. I loved him and I hope Jade know I’m coming for him. 😍 This guy protected her with everything he had. He was her Knight in shining armor.

Sylvia & King belonged together. Her stupid ass deserved everything she got, just as much as King. I loovvveedd it when Jade beat her ass! But her demise was pretty awesome too.

Overall, this was a great read. You just have to read this story to find out all the juicy details, lies & secrets! You’re just not gonna believe it! Check this book out today!!!

I give this book five stars and recommend it to others.


Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Publication Date 4/11/19

Purchase Date 6/30/19

Date I Finished Reading 7/1/19

Goodreads Review


Synopsis A King Would Be NOTHING without his Queen.

A car accident wiped away months of memories and added roadblocks around vital information of Jade King’s life. Once she awakens from a comatose state, every one she holds dear walked around on eggshells too afraid to shake the foundation. Though her husband, former foot soldier for her father is by her side, there is something that does not feel genuine.

Jade set out to find what was missing but what she will discover will surely bring the house built on lies crumbling to the ground. Many will parish once the final hand has been dealt and played. Revelations, destruction, and payback will solidify who will have a seat at the head table. The kingdom is no place for a feeble mind.


Dethroned can be purchased on Amazon in kindle eBook and paperback format. It is also available free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. Feel free to follow Kanika to stay updated with new releases via her WebsiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Have you read Dethroned yet? If so, what were your thoughts? If you have not read it, are you considering it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. ~ Vaneka

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