June 2019 New Releases

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When A Thug Catches Feelings 2 by Miz Lala

When A Thug Catches Feelings 2In the first installment, you were introduced to the characters and their hidden insecurities. It’s not easy getting a thug to love you back, and it’s even harder to realize yourself-worth. These characters have been through hell and back, but the love keeps them coming back for more.

Chy’Mere and Kasiah are fed up with the other playing with their hearts. Leaving seems to be the best thing for the two, but as the heart constricts, their cadence is thrown off. Love can be a deadly game, and when someone from Chy’s past keeps inserting herself into the picture of their forever after, it threatens to ruin the future Chy and Siah are trying to build.

Will Kasiah buckle down and give Chy’Mere a fair chance, or will she turn in her love card?

Lorelle thought she was over Santana and his games. She even went out and found her someone to keep her out of his bed, but all that changed when Santana popped up unexpectedly, putting an end to whatever little fun she thought she was going to have. Santana’s name is ringing bells in more than just the streets. He also hears his name called out in the sheets of his many other bed companions. Just when he starts to clean up his act, something devastating happens, threatening to end his plans of being the man Lorelle needs.

On the run and out of touch with reality, Twyla’s brush with the law seems to be the only thing that will curve her “IDGAF” attitude. But when she returns back home, after a few weeks on the run, will the mess she made be more than she can handle? With so much drama happening in her life, all at once, being sentenced to murder isn’t the only thing that will change Twyla’s life, leaving her down on her knees clutching her chest, as she tries to take what could be her last breath!

Come take this ride and see where the rollercoaster will end up for these three couples. Love isn’t always easy to obtain, but it’s easy to lose. Your life will change forever When a Thug Catches Feelings.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**This series is now complete. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**




Pretty Gurls Love Gangstas 2 by DeeAnn

Pretty Gurls Love Gangstas 2Life for the Roland brothers, Chan and Chas, came tumbling down after the truth about their mother’s death was revealed. The two women they’d fallen in love with just so happen to be products of the two men who changed their lives forever.

Chas is torn between saving Drew, or seeking revenge on her father, Walter, for his mother’s death. Life is throwing things at him day by day, but he refuses to fold. Not sure if Drew will make it through, Chas begins to question his father, Christoph, and his motives behind his actions. Once things begin to come to light, Chas fights with whether he’s choosing the right side or not.

Unexpected events occur, leaving Chan lonely and battling the mental darkness that gets stronger each day. He loses the mother of his twins’, leaving Chas to help him stay sane. His twins are the only two people helping him through after Lynn’s sudden disappearance. With the weight of losing three of the women he loved most, Chan contemplates a decision that will affect everyone’s life around him.

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**Be on the lookout for Book 3. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**




Karisma And Yashawn 2: A Chaotic Love Story by Latisha

FB_IMG_1559747991349The drama continues in part 2 when more secrets are revealed, and the couple can’t seem to catch a break.

Someone is gunning for Yashawn, and though a reason has been presented to him, he is still unsure why. The beef has nothing to do with him at all… or so he thinks. There are some things that haven’t been mentioned to him, and even those in his circle aren’t as forthcoming with information. Add that to the stresses of Karisma being pregnant, Yashawn feels he’s suffocating and at the end of his rope.

The doctors gave Karisma, what she feels is a death sentence. It could not have come at a worse time. She is also battling inner demons within and feels her love for Yashawn is dwindling. She wants an immediate escape and decides this life is no longer for her. That is until a situation occurs, and Karisma has to make a choice between living life without the man she’s come to love or saving her family.

When everything comes to the forefront, nothing appears to be what it seems. With all the lies, betrayal, and secrets, a strong unit has been torn apart. The division between everyone leaves vulnerability in their circle. Friendships are hanging on the line, lives are at stake, and secrets are continuously being revealed. In the end, will the choices, secrets, and betrayal be the end of Karisma and Yashawn? Find out in this finale of Karisma and Yashawn: A Chaotic Love Story.

Genre African American Urban Fiction, African American Romance

**This series is now complete. Here is the purchase link to Book 1.**




Giving You My Love by Brittany Nicole

Giving You My LoveKennedy Strong is a gorgeous twenty-one-year-old college student that had one bad relationship with her high-school sweetheart, Tristian, and it made her want to just focus on herself. Being a full-time student and working a full-time job, she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with the opposite sex. A chance encounter with an old teenage crush, Zaire Hart, brings back old feelings that Kennedy didn’t know still existed. In a short time, Zaire sweeps her off her feet, and she gives him the free time she only had reserved for herself. The only problem is that while Kennedy is giving almost all of herself to Zaire, he has a lot of secrets that he isn’t so forthcoming to share.

Tasia Mitchell is Kennedy’s best friend since childhood. She’s also a beautiful twenty-one-year-old college student, but also add young mother to the mix. Tasia is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Michael Hart, who also happens to be Zaire’s younger brother. Tasia and Michael have been together off and on for eight years. It seems after they had their daughter two years ago that they finally got their stuff together and were in a blissful relationship. While Tasia is on cloud nine and admiring the father and boyfriend that Michael is, she doesn’t know that he is keeping a secret that could break her heart and ruin their relationship forever.

Join Kennedy and Tasia on the ride of their lives as they go through the best and worst time of their lives together. Will they be able to make it out on top, or will the crap they’re about to endure break them down all together?

Genre Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, Urban Life

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




Love Lifted Me by Lisa Washington

Love Lifted MeDanger lurks around every corner for career military man and government, secret operative Nehemiah Bolden. When he continues to have nightmares of an assignment gone wrong, he decides it is time to retire from the military and find another career path. Just one thing stopping him, a ghost from his past.Nehemiah meets an attractive woman while on vacation and has an overwhelming need to protect her. He soon discovers that meeting her is more than a coincidence. Over the years, he has kept her safe but now their pasts may put their lives in jeopardy again. They need to both trust in a love like no other.

Genre African American Christian Fiction, African American Christian Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




The Coldest Love Be Trill But That Hood Love Is Real by Skylar Gray

TCLBTBTHLIRLuck is believing you’re lucky but for seventeen year old Deluchi believing doesn’t come easy. With a mother who’s trying to revive her thot years, Deluchi is forced to become a mother to her younger siblings. A slew of unfortunate events leaves her homeless, broke & lost without a real sense of direction.

Forced to survive by any means, Deluchi finds herself in the presence of the charming Jasper. When introduced to a life she could only dream of, she quickly begins to believe in the unthinkable; luck.

Fast money, fly cars & diamonds rings are the things that make the Hood glisten. Gutter streets & slanging dope just to eat, are the things that make this world Trill. With her back against the wall & time winding down will Deluchi choose, Hood Love or Trill Love?

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




Pretty Gurls Love Street Gods 3 by Thea

Pretty Gurls Love Street Gods 3At the end of Pretty Gurls Love Street Gods Part Two, chaos breaks out. Marina and Jax are left to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together again, but it just might be too little too late. Marina is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she is in love with the man whose parents were responsible for her parents’ murder. Meanwhile, Jax is trying to deal with the war of emotions that he is feeling due to Marina’s actions. Can he forgive Marina for what she did, or did she go way over the line? All seems to be fair in love and war, but this might be the one time where love does not conquer all.

In this series finale, there are plenty of lies and secrets that come out of the closet and no one’s lives will be the same. Meanwhile, Jax has been off of his square but there are still enemies that need to be eliminated for violating. Will Jax manage to kill David and Kade or will he get caught slipping due to the emotional damage that Marina has caused him?

There is a family tragedy that ends up rocking the core of the Williams family. Will everyone band together to get through this tragedy or will it be too much to come back from? Come and find out if a pretty gurl still loves a street god in this series finale.

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction, Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 and Book 2.**




When We Ride: Tales Of A Chicago Crime Family by Dream

When We RideMeet brothers; Vice, Boosie, Angelo, and Vidal King. Love and loyalty were all they had besides each other. Growing up in the slums of Chicago without any positive role models, their only option was to turn to the wicked streets of the Southside.

Watching their mother finesse the streets, the brothers knew one thing for sure; that the world could get cold and ugly at any given moment.

Vice, the oldest King, only concerns himself with a few things: family, money, and the drug and crime business. With the life he chose to live, he made sure to surround himself with nothing less than loyal, bloodthirsty, trigger happy soldiers. However, Vice wanted more in life. He wanted something or someone he could come home to, besides a lonely house filled with dirty money.

Boosie, he was what one would refer to as ‘more than what meets the eye. It wasn’t any secret that he loved the streets, but he was wise beyond his years. Growing up, he dedicated his life to the streets that he grew up in, but now with a daughter, he knew that he had something more and better to live for.

Coming home after a five-year prison sentence, Angelo only had one thing on his mind, and that was currency! Money had ruled everything in his small world. He knew that he’d be nothing without that green paper.

Vidal, the youngest King brother, is also known as the ‘troubled child.’ Picking up his first gun at the age of eight, everyone knew that he was headed for self-destruction. Once he sold his first ounce of cocaine at the age of eleven, Vidal knew that he wanted his life to revolve around fast money, and drugs.

When We Ride On Our Enemies takes you into the life of four brothers, as relationships and loyalty are tested. What will they do when their mother’s past comes back to haunt them? Putting the lives of the ones closest to them on the line, it’ll cause them to never look at their mother the same.

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




Before I Let Go: Carmen & Troy by G. Fife

Before I Let GoWe come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. -Unknown

In the finale of The King Sisters Series, we find our beloved couple Carmen and Troy Black still madly in love after twelve years of marriage. Having defied the odds of staying together after losing their firstborn, they’ve recommitted themselves to each other creating their very own perfect love story.

When photographer Troy Black is called to work on a project with news anchor Zya Chase, he jumps at the opportunity. Troy is no stranger to beautiful women throwing themselves at him, but his love for Carmen is steadfast. After two weeks alone with Zya in DC, Troy finds himself way too aware of her beauty, and she challenges him on his feelings for her. They are compatible in a way he hasn’t been with another woman, not even Carmen.

The eldest King sister, Carmen King-Black, is free spirited, loyal, and she loves her family. She’s created a life that her sisters admire, and the love between her and her husband is a storybook love affair. Troy’s sudden distance has Carmen wondering why, but when Troy and Zya are linked together in the media, Carmen is left questioning the future of her marriage.

Did things go too far?

Genre African American Romance, Contemporary Romance, African American Women’s Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1 and Book 2.**




A Staten Island Love Letter 5: The Forgotten Borough by Jahquel J.

A Staten Island Love Letter 5In the finale, everyone is battling their own demons. Messiah may have done something that could end her relationship with her daughter and husband. Has she gone too far, or like usual Messiah, did she know what she was doing? Staten is stuck on trying to handle loving Liberty, even after she ended things, be a father to he and Chanel’s daughter, and be there for a pregnant Maliah as well. Can he juggle it all, while trying to be there for his big brother too?Justice felt like her life was over. What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, ended up being one of the worst days. She thought her past with shitty men was over when it came to Priest. Can Priest redeem himself? Or is this the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Justice decides to call it quits?Liberty is fighting for her life. Will Staten come running to her rescue like the past? Or will he finally give Liberty what she has been wanting; space? If that’s not enough, Ty is falling for Liberty – hard. Is he willing to compete for Liberty’s heart, knowing it belongs to her ex, Staten?With Ghost’s condition and Samoor’s condition, Free is stretched thin trying to be brave and hold down the home front. Will it all be too much to handle, or will Free pull up her big girl pants and hold it down for her son and man? Find out in the finale of this series!

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**This series is now complete. Here are the purchase links to Book 1, Book 2Book 3 and Book 4.**




Show Me Your Love by Pamela Campbell

Show Me Your Love{Standalone} Bella and Landon went to Vegas with their friends for two different reasons. They didn’t expect to meet someone that would change their worlds. Landon swore the last thing he had time for was a relationship. That is, until he met Bella, who had just had her heart broken. The more time they spent together, the stronger their connection became.

Kay and Akil are both afraid to gamble on love. Instead, they both play games with each other to keep from showing their true feelings. Akil knows deep down that Kay is the kind of woman he needs in his life. Both have been hurt deeply in the past that they need to overcome.

Will these two couples find a way into each other’s hearts, express their love, and be truly happy?

Genre Urban Romance, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance




We’re Not Making Love Anymore by Scorpio Love

FB_IMG_1561035739098{Standalone} Kasper and his wife Brianna have been together since high school. They have made it through many trials and tribulations, but always manage to find a way to stay together. Their relationship was never perfect, but then again what relationship is?

After eleven years of ups and downs, both Kasper and Brianna find themselves questioning if what they have is really love or obligation. Loyalty means everything to Kasper and when Brianna breaks his trust, he finds himself questioning everything about their marriage, wondering if he should give her another chance or move on to someone new?

Layla is a young, beautiful and successful event planner. She has a new house, a new car, and a family that loves her dearly. Problem is, she goes home to an empty bed every night. After dealing with an abusive ex, she doesn’t trust men. She and Kasper have been friends for many years. They both are equally attracted to each other, but would never act on it.

With so much drama happening in Kasper and Brianna’s marriage he starts leaning on Layla for support and companionship. When lines are crossed, hearts get broken and no one’s relationship will ever be the same. Find out if Kasper and Brianna’s marriage can make it through betrayal or if giving up and throwing in the towel just may be what’s best for them.

**READER ALERT** We’re Not Making Love Anymore can be read as a standalone; but for maximum enjoyment, consider reading Book 1.

Genre Urban Life, Contemporary Urban Fiction, African American Women’s Fiction

**Be on the Lookout for Book 3. Here is the link to Book 1.**




His Love Captured Me: Love On The Run by R. Michelle

His Love Captured MeTanaye hasn’t had an easy life since her father was gun down in broad daylight, altering her life for the worse. Living with her grandmother was the best thing to happen to her but not everyone is happy about the relationship between Mama and Tanaye. Jealousy and envy is at a all time high in the Wallace household. Striving to be the best she can be everyday, Tanaye’s life is capitulated into pain when, Mama’s life on Earth abruptly ends. Leaving Tanaye empty and heartbroken.

With a chance to leave home and never return, Tanaye runs until she reaches her destination.

Four years later and a college graduate, Tanaye finds herself homeless and pregnant. Not knowing what to do besides continue her journey on finding something so secure. In doing so, she runs into the last person, she wanted to see, Jahzier Ball.

Jahzier is shocked to see Tanaye in the state she was in but also confused when he put his hand on her stomach, that is carrying his legacy.

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




A Special Summer by Suzette Riddick

FB_IMG_1563037567523Summer Jackson is inexperienced when it comes to love. That’s until she meets wealthy playboy, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Stiles, who teaches her everything she’s been missing. The only problem is, Nick isn’t the settling down kind. Devastation rocks Summer when Nick walks away, leaving her to pick up the shattered pieces of her life.

Months later, Nick reappears and is in for a massive shock. A love that once was pure is plagued by betrayal, deceit and heartbreak. Will Summer and Nick find true love again?

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, Holiday Romance

**Be on the lookout for Book 2.**




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