{New Release Spotlight} The Calm To His Savage by Latisha


Good morning readers! Author Latisha, previously known as Sparkle Lewis, has a brand new release! The Calm To His Savage is book one of her Urban Fiction & Women’s Fiction two-book series. Check it out below.



Ajayah Wilkerson’s only goals are to finish school and get off the pole. Having to care for her mother and whorish sister are making it hard for her to do so. She finally meets someone who she can see herself settling down with, but she has a feeling he is keeping something from her that can tear them apart.

Nicodameus “Frenzy” Washington is a young businessman with more secrets than the CIA. Though his dealings aren’t in the streets, his life revolves around the streets in more ways than one. After a chance encounter with the most least likely female he would be interested in, he feels he has finally found the one to share his life with, but his past is making it hard for him to open up to her.

Clipz and Karisma are the hood’s modern-day Bonnie and Clyde and are also the sister and cousin to Ajayah and Frenzy. Clipz is a livewire and one of the biggest dope boys in Greensboro, NC, and Karisma is down to do anything for and with him. When Clipz betrays Frenzy and sets up a lick behind his back with Karisma, the last thing he expects to happen, happens.

Loyalty is a must in this game, and when you deter from those that are most loyal to you, you must deal with the consequences. In the first installment of The Calm to His Savage, a storm is brewing, and no one is prepared for the consequences that will follow.


Genre Urban Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Urban Romance, African American Romance

Series Yes, book 1 of 2

Publisher In Reverie Publications

Publication Date January 6, 2019

Print Length 196 pages











Latisha, previously known in the industry as Sparkle Lewis, began her love for writing at an early age through writing poetry for friends. After a recommendation from her best friend, she started reading urban fiction and fell in love with the genre. At that moment, she started penning her first manuscript, which, to this date, is unpublished. She pushed her dreams of becoming an author to the side and took another route in the literary industry.

Latisha is a wife and mother of four. She’s originally from Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in North Carolina. She loves writing, reading, and assisting others with their passion in writing. Her motto is ‘when others tell you, you can’t, show them you can.’



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Let me know what you think in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

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