27 Urban Christmas Holiday Books 2018 Edition, Part 1


Hi everyone! Today I’m introducing to you some hot new Urban Christmas/Holiday books written by African American Authors. This feature will be a two-part post. Part two will be posted later this month. All books listed were published November/December this year. So make sure to check them out! Please share, purchase a book or more, gift a few for Christmas, read & leave a review. Thanks a lot & enjoy your weekend! Happy Reading! ~ Vaneka


Dreaming On Ice by Theresa Hodge


{Synopsis} Gutsy figure skater Jacinta James was denied a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics after a fall. As Jacinta drives off partner after partner, her coach, Donald Gray, must quickly find her a new one in order to be ready for the next Olympics.

Enter confident former hockey player Connor Hartley who briefly encountered Jacinta two years before at an event.

Reluctantly teaming up, Jacinta and Connor’s icy rapport begins to thaw, resulting in a slow burn chemistry both in and out of the rink hot enough to melt ice.

Will Jacinta’s dream come true or will the gold medal elude her once again?

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Always My Baby: A Christmas Short Story by Alexandria House


{Synopsis} What Melanie sees as an inconvenience, Luke sees as a long-desired opportunity. Hopefully, this converging of divergent paths on Christmas Eve will lead to pleasant surprises for both of them.

This story is very short and contains profanity and sexual content. If none of this is your cup of tea, this is likely not the story for you.

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Sen & Skylen: Holidays With My Hitta: A Novella by Iisha Monet


{Synopsis} After finding out that Sen was Leland’s killer, Skylen’s life as she knows it has changed. Pregnant, she’s unsure of everything and has a hard time accepting her new reality. Her hearts craves Sen but her loyalty and devotion to Leland has her fighting with her heart and her mind.

Sen was betrayed by the person he never thought he’d have to worry about. Coming from the streets he understood that it was a dog eat dog world but he just couldn’t respect it. Dealing with his new life he’s obsessed with two things, seeking revenge and capturing Skylen’s heart.

Nothing ever happens by chance,in fact what’s meant to be will be. Some call it luck but other’s call it fate. With everything that has transpired in both of their lives over the past year, will fate have its way and let love win or will bitterness and sorrow cause it to lose?

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Christmas Past: A Crazy Ink Anthology by Rita Delude, Rena Marin, M W Brown, E S McMillan, Kathia Iblis, Skylar McKinzie and Lorah Jaiyn


{Synopsis} It’s not about the presents.
It’s not about the menu.
It’s not the trimmings either.
It’s about the spirit of the holiday.
Or it was.

Once upon a time, there were holiday seasons that weren’t about blue-light specials and jumping up from Thanksgiving meals for fifty-percent off deals.

Sometimes, to find what’s missing, you have to step back…

Christmas Past will take you back to when things were much simpler and a spirit lived between the lights and holiday glitz.

With stories in as many genres as Saint Nick can fit in his bag, Christmas Past offers something for every reader.

It’s as simple as that.

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Tis the Season to Mend A Hitta’s Heart by Latoya Nicole


{Synopsis} Christmas is the time for love, giving, and togetherness. That all rang true for Sniper. Everything was going as it should in his life, and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, he found love…

Gizmo had it all. Love, power, and wealth, but his selfishness caused him to take advantage of what he had. You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry screamed loud and clear as Giz is about to lose everything at Christmas…

When tragedy strikes, it changes both Sniper and Gizmo’s perspective in different ways. One vowed to hate Christmas forever, and one hopes the spirit of the holidays will help him regain what he lost.

‘Tis the season to mend a broken heart, but will the pain and scars be too deep?

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I Got A South Carolina Thug For The Holidays by Kendra Sumter


{Synopsis} ​Cynae Harris has never wanted anything for the holidays. She’s always felt like she was blessed beyond measure growing up. That was when she was a kid though. Now that she’s a grown woman, she wants a little something more for the holidays. She’s overcome something that warrants her need for a hard body, chocolate skin, a smile that makes her panties wet, and a voice that makes her crave to hear him talk. She has her list, and she’s checking it twice. The man she encounters checks off all her boxes. She may just get what she wants for the holidays.

Khrystal Harris is one you love to hate. She’s real with her words and feelings. She has a talent that other women wished they had. She’s never been one to give her feelings away. This season though, as she ventures out into being her own boss, she figures she can have the man she wants too. So, what’s a girl to do when the holidays approach and she doesn’t want to be alone?

Leviticus Books, his name alone gives people the wrong impression. He’s that man. Not because he demands it, he just got it. He’s never been one to claim a female. Running into a real one is hard as hell in a sea full of imposters. But the moment that he does, something from his past tries to interrupt his present. All he knows is, his holidays are gonna be merry, by any means necessary.

Micah Books is young, handsome, and knows he can have any woman he wants. And that’s the problem. He wants a woman he’s got to work for. Somebody said once, “Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it, and how will you handle it?” A challenge has always been his thing, so why would he back down when he finally gets the woman he deems worthy enough? His holidays looks bright, until his shine is dimmed by something from his past. The aftermath of his actions may cause him to lose his holiday baby. Will he let it?

The holidays mean something different to many. What happens when the holidays for these four individuals mean the same thing? Will they end up with the same results, or will past indiscretions mess up their Happy Holidays?

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And All Through the Trap…: A Christmas Anthology by TJ Wells, CJ Ocean, Hunter Cruz & JaMarcus


{Synopsis} Take a ride into the heart of the ghetto to places where Santa wouldn’t dare to venture! To strange and decrepit parts of the hood where the ultimate gift is just to survive!

A collection of five unique ratchet tales center around the season of the giving. But the surprises that some will get in the end will show that it’s better to give than receive!

From a Christmas murder to a robbery gone wrong and an unexpected holiday visit with a twist, all the madness and mayhem come out! And every thug should be on his guard!

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Thug Of Christmas Past by Yasauni


{Synopsis} Keiere is a man that makes his own rules in the streets as well as in his business. Having an explosive temper most of the time he reacts before he think. Being a man of many moods, he loses out on a lot of things in life, including the person that he finds is the most important. This Christmas he gets the surprise of his life, but will he be able to let go of the anger to have what is most important to him?

Kendell is a playboy in every sense of the word, that uses his money as leverage over every woman he deals with. his main priority is to make sure his son has everything he wants and needs, then he gets back to his women. Having no attachments and keeping his women at arms length is what he feels is the key to a functional relationship. until he meets that one woman that is willing to give him exactly what he wants.

After a having her heart broken into pieces Deirdre ran away from the only man she will ever love. Five years later a job opportunity brings her back to the city that she loves and hates. With a new love interest by her side Deirdre does everything within her power to stay away from the man that sent her running. Thinking she’s making smart moves, she ends up in a position that may cost someone their life.

Tired of men that’s in the streets Dawn decides that she wants a fresh start. Taking care of her daughter and running a lucrative business she only want one thing from a man. Everything is working in her favor until she has to make a decision to either walk away from the thug she has come to love or stand by him and help him out of a bad situation.

Christmas is a time of giving and love, but will these couples make it through this Christmas or will this Christmas be a time of pain and sorrow?

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Making Good Love to a Bad Boy: A Black Family Christmas by Breana Morgan


{Synopsis} It’s Christmastime and the Black Family is back, and crazier than ever!

As Bailee and Domino navigate through marriage and parenting a three-year-old replica of his dad, drama arises as always, trying to put a damper on their Christmas spirits. Will they be able to keep loving each other as they always have, or will the turmoil around them cause them to lose one another for Christmas?

The other couples return as well, bringing humor, drama, and a lots of craziness to the Christmas dinner. What happens when Davion and Camiyah, Weezy and Janay, and Dedrick and Venice all have issues that seem to spiral out of control? Will good ole’ Saint Nick be able to keep the Black clan together? Or will these couples enter the New Year without the one they love by their side? Find out in Making Good Love to a Bad Boy: A Black Family Christmas!

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A Cougar For Christmas by Barbara Joe Williams


{Synopsis} Widowed at 58 years old, Christina Johnson had never imagined herself as a cougar. But after meeting the fine young club promoter, Miles Middleton, she just might become A Cougar for Christmas.

Brighten your holidays with this romantic Christmas short story.

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Hitta by Thea


{Synopsis} Justin Wilson is a single father to his twelve-year old son, Josiah Wilson. His ex-girlfriend Sierra Powell took Justin for everything that he had and abandoned him with a newborn baby. Fast forward twelve years later and Justin is still trying to adjust from making good money as a hitta to working minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. The problem is Sierra is the baby mother from hell because she refuses to allow Justin to be happy and causes him to lose any job he has for more than six months. One day, Justin gets an offer that cannot be refused but it also makes him contemplate going back to his lifestyle as a hitta. Will he accept the offer or try to make another way with his son? By chance, he runs into the snobby, but very beautiful, Penny Phillips. Find out why all Penny wants for Christmas is a hitta.

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Boss by Sephiri J.


{Synopsis} It’s Christmas and Amell and Leah are ready to celebrate the holidays. But with the holidays right around the corner, there is some unexpected drama that the couple will have to face.

Amell is still busy running a huge drug operation disguised as a string of international strip clubs. And Leah is growing her exclusive jewelry boutique on South Beach. But Leah is beginning to feel like her man is too caught up making money and wishes he would slow down to spend more time with her. She wants a baby and a future with him but she doesn’t know if he’s ready or will even make the effort to make her truly happy.

When Leah has a chance encounter with football player, Jamal Sinclair, who comes to her store looking for a Christmas gift, Amell and Leah’s relationship goes into a tailspin that neither one of them ever saw coming. Will Jamal really step in and shake up the strong bond that these two have had this entire time? Or will their love be strong enough to overcome every and all distractions. This Christmas story will make you laugh, cry and get excited about love all over again. Join Amell, Leah and their family and friends on this Christmas ride that no one will ever forget.

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I Got A Houston Thug For Christmas by Candi B.


{Synopsis} Christmas was around the corner, and for Tiana Jordan, her favorite holiday was just another normal day. Bells weren’t ringing, and spirits weren’t bright. She is stuck between a rock and a hard place. With a mother who has abandoned her motherly duties, Tiana is left with two mouths to feed. Tired of struggling, she is at her breaking point. Regardless of her current situation, she was going to spread some holiday cheer, and make the best out her situation.

Benz McCall is the king of H-Town. Ready to leave the streets and the empire he built to his brother, he was ready to focus on the more important things- his daughter. When Benz was hit with a surprising event that left his heart in shambles, and him a single father, he vows to never fall in love again. To avoid dealing with his feelings, he works overtime in the streets. Benz never wanted to fall in love again, but all that changes when he meets Tiana.

They realize they have a lot in common, and for Benz, that wasn’t a good thing. The feelings that he kept locked up were escaping. A change of events leaves Tiana to make a decision that will change the rest of her life forever. In dire need of a Christmas miracle, will Ol Saint Nick send Benz as one of Santa’s helpers, or was Benz the gift of all gifts? For these two, Christmas will never be the same.

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Home For The Holidays by The Ladies of Kindred Soul


{Synopsis} The holidays bring about feelings of nostalgia, love and spending quality time with the ones you love.

Enjoy these holiday love tales as told to you by the ladies of Kindred Soul family!

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A Fetish For Fur by Annitia L. Jackson


{Synopsis} Saniyah Carter’s life had been turned upside down, when she finds out that the man she is engaged to Edmond, is not only sleeping with her sister, but the King of Hell himself, Lucifer. The parents that she always obeyed and trusted, had sold her into marriage to him in exchange for power and money. When she tries to back out of the marriage, Lucifer threatens to kill and destroy everyone that she loves.​

Reeling from the betrayals in her life and her impending marriage made in hell, Saniyah spends a passion filled forbidden night, with Devil a dancer that she met at her bachelorette party. What she thinks is one night of passion, turns into a permanent bond to her future husband’s son. When Lucifer finds out, he declares war against the newly mated pair.​

Devil and Saniyah are now on the run and trying to find allies in the fight against Lucifer. Devil goes to his former best friend Pola for help. The problem is, Pola wants Saniyah in his bed. An offer is made to Saniyah, that will test her morals and push her sexual limits.

Will Saniyah give herself to Pola for help? Or will the price of temptation, be too much to pay?

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I Got A Queens Thug For The Holidays by Pamela Campbell


{Synopsis} Trinity was not in the Christmas spirit, at all. She was raising two small kids alone, and working at a busy department store. Trinity reluctantly agreed to go back home to Queens to spend Christmas with her family.

This is her first time back home since she left for college, and her daughters’ first time in Queens. Trinity’s relationship with her mother is strained, and she hoped this trip could get them back to a loving mother and daughter relationship.

Trinity meets Elijah, and suddenly, her closed heart is wide open again. Falling for a Queens thug was the last thing Trinity expected to do. She has a choice to make… Will Trinity take a chance, and choose love?

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‘Tis the Season to Trap by Tip Montana


{Synopsis} When you think of Christmas, you think of shopping, beautiful lights, Christmas trees and gifts. Christmas is the time of the year when family and friends come together to spread holiday cheer. But things couldn’t be more different for, Snow Belle.

Having to raise 3 kids with a dead end job and government assistance, life is hard. Although she tries her best to give her kids the things they want for the holidays, she grows tired of the empty tree and disappointed looks on her kids face.

Snow feels like there is no hope. That is until she crosses paths with Napoleon. A street nigga in his own right who owns the key to the city. With her back against the wall and no other choice to make she hits the block. With Christmas around the corner and gifts that need to be wrapped. Snow no longer cares about the consequences cause Tis The Season Trap!!

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I Got A Dade County Thug For The Holiday’s by Melissa Monae


{Synopsis} During the holidays, you want to spend it with family and the people you love. That’s not the case for Delight Flowers and her son. Instead of preparing for the holiday festivities, she is dealing with heartbreak. Ebony Daniels, being the best friend that she is, tries to get her friend out her funk. Delight runs into the mysterious Joshua, and is captivated by the kind words he spoke to her.

Darwin Reynolds, a successful lawyer, has everything going great for him. That’s until he makes the ultimate betrayal, that almost costs him everything. Can he use his lawyer skills to argue this case, or will the verdict read guilty?

Joshua Harding has been through a devastating ordeal with his ex. Even though they aren’t together anymore, her betrayal is still haunting him. He has given up on love, until he encounters the beautiful Delight. He’s determined to stop at nothing until he has her.

Will Delight get through her heartbreak in time to Get A Dade County Thug For The Holidays? Or will she let the Grinch steal her heart and her Christmas spirit?

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Trippin’ Off Your Bae: A Chaotic Holiday Romance by Tysha Jordan


{Synopsis} Most people love Atlanta, but Diamond isn’t most people. The first chance she got, she left Atlanta behind to live her best college life in Maryland, but the past has a way of showing up
uninvited-rude as hell-when you least expect it. What is supposed to be a long overdue, yet quick trip home for the holidays turns out to be chaos and confusion. One thing’s for sure: this will be a holiday Diamond never forgets.

Breon is a man of few words, but much action and long paper. When he meets Diamond, he’s ready to lock her down, cut all his hoes loose and make her his main chick. But there’s just one problem: Diamond wants no parts of it and is content just kickin’ it—until it looks like the next chick is ready to give Breon any and everything he wants to be his main. Just when Breon is about to prove how serious his feelings are for Diamond, everything goes left, leaving someone dead when it’s all said and done.

Money. Cash. Hoes. Murder. Their lives will never be the same after this Christmas…

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Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story by J. Nichole


{Synopsis} Breaking up with her boyfriend, and moving back home wasn’t in her plans. But when her sister becomes a widow, and a single mom, Kai returns home to help.

An auntie’s job is easy, so she thought. When she realizes her niece has lost the Christmas spirit, she takes on the task of returning her joy. First up, letters to Santa.

What do you ask Santa to bring when you’re too old for the season’s trendiest toy?

A boyfriend, of course.

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*Christmas In The Trap Novella Series*

📘1 Christmas In The Trap: Atlanta Style by Twyla T.


{Synopsis} Handsome. Street King. Strong. Respected. Intelligent. Accurately describes Hassan, specifically known as Lil Hot or Hot, but now, a new title is being added to the list that takes his life on a whirl spin. Hot is thrown into fatherhood when one of his jump-offs abandons her baby with him, claiming it’s his. Not only unprepared for a baby, Hot finds himself in another foreign territory that he had no intentions of going down—love. Plus, street life in Atlanta starts wreaking havoc as he deals with personal struggles. Will Hot survive the streets long enough to embrace a baby and love? Find out if Hassan’s best Christmas gifts are the ones he didn’t know he wanted in this sultry African American Urban Fiction novella, Christmas In The Trap: Atlanta Style.

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📘2 Christmas In The Trap: Miami Style by Zarkia


{Synopsis} Miami is the city of fast cars, flashy lifestyles, and big dreams. For Mariah, Miami became her new home and fresh start after she was forced to flee her home state and leave behind her children and mother. Just when things start looking up, Mariah loses her job and quickly finds herself faced with a situation beyond her wildest dreams. She’s forced to make a quick decision that will leave her battling not only her mind, but her heart as well. Take a wild ride down I-95 South and enjoy the beautiful winter weather down in the M-I-A.

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📘3 Christmas In The Trap: Memphis Style by Shania B.


{Synopsis} Gucci Mane says, ‘They call me East Atlanta Santa, run up on me get murked’, and Brodie “Bankz” Hendrix lives by his favorite rapper’s street code. Bankz is the Santa Claus of the hood in Memphis and his ruthless reputation precedes him. Trapping isn’t the only thing he’s caught doing this holiday season and his girlfriend Taylor soon finds out. Although Bankz is proud of how his strategic drug organization serves major weight, and the power he’s snatched over the years, he can’t escape his fate. He is surrounded by people he thought he could trust, and someone is testing his street cred. Bankz can’t and won’t allow this to happen.

Taylor Shaw is the loving girlfriend of Bankz. Her man has been there for her through it all, but the closer it gets to Christmas the more she begins to realizes it’s NOT the most wonderful time of the year. Taylor has never been one to make decisions based off of street gossip, but she discovers the streets know more about the man she loves than she does. Taylor wants to forget about everything and have some fun before Christmas, but fun takes a tragic turn and her life will be changed forever.

Can the holidays be filled with love, laughter and fond memories for Bankz and Taylor, or will they inevitably have a Christmas In The Trap: Memphis Style? A Christmas that has no peace and joy but conflict and misery? Hit these Memphis streets to find out in this African American Urban Fiction Tale.

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📘4 Christmas In The Trap: Chicago Style by M. Keyes


{Synopsis} Cessair and Kain have been best friends since grade school and they have always coexisted at opposite ends of the spectrum. Cessair is level headed, introverted, and blessed with an old soul thanks to his mother who has committed her life to saving her son from the harsh streets of North Lawndale Chicago. Kain is an untrustworthy hot headed teen with a tongue lash just as fast as the gun he carries without his mother’s knowledge. Upon his initiation into the Kill Kingz, Kain adheres to the leadership of Deuce, a Kill King leader with an ever darker soul than Kain could imagine. These two adolescent best friends are forced to choose between circumstantial loyalty and history as their lives merge down opposing paths only blocks from one another during the holiday season.

Dia and Kelly have been attached at the hip since they could wear colored lip gloss. Kelly is a brown skinned beauty that is struggling to break away from her abusive and alcoholic father that has plagued her and her mother’s life with broken bones and heartache. With the guidance of her ‘know it all’ friend Dia and Dia’s uneducated mother, Fifi, the female duo dive head first into new aged prostitution. One that doesn’t involve street walking and fishnets, but instead the girls use their phone to meet with strangers in exchange for money all with one goal in mind: to make it out of the ghetto.

M. Keyes brings a tale of survival when four teens all from one neighborhood face the odds built against them as they fight to complete high school in exchange for their escape from the cold streets of Chicago in this African American Urban Fiction Novel.

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📘5 Christmas In The Trap: Nashville Style by Glitz


{Synopsis} Ambitious, driven, intelligent, and loyal, Kia Morgan is fresh out of high school with her own fashion business under her belt. However, her overprotective brother Dro prevents her from living life fully, including being with his business partner Block. After being pushed away by Block and needing a fresh beginning, Kia travels to Nashville on a business venture and crosses paths with upcoming street king turned rapper Telle. When Dro’s enemies follow Kia to Nashville, her life takes on an unexpected twirl, causing Telle to step into a role that he hadn’t planned for. Will Kia’s Christmas be as joyous as she hoped? Or will the sins of her brother sour her Christmas spirit? Find out what happens it this drama filled, African American Urban Fiction Novella!

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📘6 Christmas In The Trap: The Bay Style by Ms. Street Cred


{Synopsis} Boosting isn’t just a hobby for Stasi, Celeste, Shadequa, and Ta’Rhonda. No, boosting is a way of life for the four best friends, bringing money in to help them to survive. With three of the friends having children and one trying to get more studio time, extra money is always good, especially at Christmas time. When a joking idea turns into a formulated plan, the stakes rise to a higher level as the friends go from boosting corporations to robbing people. After selecting their targets, the quad put their plan into action. However, unbeknownst to them, they inadvertently rip off the wrong kingpin, putting all their lives in danger. Will the four friends get to enjoy the type of Christmas that they always imagined? Or will this Christmas be painted red instead of white? Get lost in the grind with Stasi, Celeste, Shad, and TRaw in this gritty African American Urban Fiction novella, Christmas in the Trap: The Bay Style.

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📘7 Christmas In The Trap: Birmingham Style by K. Larry


{Synopsis} Born with all odds against him. No mother. No father. No siblings. Remo was destined for failure from the very beginning. In spite of, he was determined to beat the odds. Just as things begin to look up for him, an accident sends him crashing into The Plug; The man with more jewels than kings and more money than corporate America. One simple mistake puts him in a position that he never thought was possible. Will he succumb to the demands of the streets? Or will he stand in his own greatness?

Mahlia is young, hard working, beautiful, and ready for love. She has her cousin Amelia by her side and they are more like sisters so Mahlia has no problem confiding in her ride or die. When jealousy rears its ugly head, the cousins are faced with drama out of this world. Will the bond that Mahlia shares with Amelia stand in the way of love? Or will true love win? They say Christmas is the season for magic, so come take this crazy ride in The Magic City as K. Larry brings nonstop drama, love, deceit, and betrayal in this sultry African American Urban Fiction Novella.

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That’s it for now. Stay tuned for part two! Authors, if you have a Christmas/Holiday book that was recently published or is coming soon, send me an email to get your book included. Email me at vanekasbookblog@gmail.com, with the subject line: Christmas/Holiday Book.

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