{The ’90s Collection} You Don’t Have To Hurt No More by Nicole Dior


Good afternoon readers! Author Nicole Dior has a new release that just dropped today! You Don’t Have To Hurt No More is part of the R&B’s 90s Collection by Urban Chapters Publication’s authors. This story is inspired by Mint Condition’s classic hit, You Don’t Have To Hurt No More. It is an Urban Contemporary Romance novella. Check it out below.



“I don’t like the way he treats you… What gives him the right to say it’s you that he owns?” – Mint Condition

“You Don’t Have to Hurt No More”

Nature Robison is a twenty-five-year-old law student at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, studying and working her way to become a criminal defense attorney. As pretty and strong as Nature seems on the outside, one would never know that she is engaged to a man who abuses her, not only verbally, mentally, and emotionally but physically and sexually as well.

Nature has been with Trevon “Trey” Burks for almost twelve years and have been engaged for two of those years. In the beginning, Trey seemed like the perfect guy for Nature, at least she thought he was perfect, but as time changed and their relationship grew, Nature started to see Trey for who he really was… an abusive, lying, cheating wannabe. Although his true colors shined brighter than the diamond engagement ring he placed on her finger, Nature still put up a front, making herself believe that Trey still loved her the way he did before, and that was how she chose to accept her life. That is until she gets a blast from the past when she runs into her childhood friend, Denali Stevens, whom she’s known since the first grade.

Denali is a twenty-five-year-old rapper and actor who has returned to his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana to work on his upcoming solo project and hopefully gain the heart of Nature, whom he’s loved since they shared their first kiss in first grade, but things don’t work out as planned when Denali discovers that Nature is being mistreated by Trey.

Will Denali help Nature open her eyes to see that Trey isn’t the man she needs, or will it be too late to save her? Get ready to experience a mix of emotions as Nature, Denali, and Trey take you on trip in this story inspired by Mint Condition’s classic hit, “You Don’t Have to Hurt No More”.


Genre Urban Romance, Urban Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, Urban Fiction, Romance

Series Standalone; Novella

Publisher Urban Chapters Publications

Publication Date December 8, 2018




Amazon eBook






Nikita Banks, pen name Nicole Dior, is a twenty-nine year old mother of one amazing daughter and a handsome son who are ten and one from Monroe, Louisiana. Nicole has been writing since she was eleven years old, but never took it seriously until she was fifteen. She wrote her first unofficial series in 2013 via Wattpad entitled Chanel & Jacquees: Road To Fame, which was a fan fiction novel that featured singer Jacquees as himself and the lovely Cassie Ventura as Chanel. It was a six book series (almost seven) and featured two spinoff novels which are still very popular today!

Before Nicole left Wattpad, she had penned over twenty works that her readers have loved. In February of 2016, she signed a contract with Charmanie Saquea under her company Charmed Pages Publications which is where she completed her first series, The Streets Or Me: A Louisiana Love Story, and went on to complete it’s spinoff Only In Love And War. In July of that same year, Nicole signed with Royalty Publishing House with the lovely Porscha Sterling as her new publisher. She went on to release three new series in January of 2017 entitled My California King: Dream and King’s Love Story, a three part series. Her first collaboration was with Author Vaneecia entitled Falling for the Illest: King Karter and Shyne. Afterwards, she penned Crescent City Blues: Live and Love in the Nola where she gave readers pieces of her life through Nyilah Jacobs’ eyes.

Later that year, Nicole teamed with the amazing Kendra King and several other amazing writers to create the movement that was and still is THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES 1 & 2 where they took readers into the lives of SIXTEEN BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN and showed them that they can be just as sexy and desirable as smaller women.

Nicole has been in the industry for two long, hard, and trying years working hard and following her dream. She is now signed under Urban Chapters Publications ran by the amazing and gifted Jahquel Jacobs where she hopes to deliver more amazing works that readers will love and just continue to do what she’s prayed so hard for. Nicole really just want to live her dream and continue to write…the payment is just a plus.



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Let me know what you think in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

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