{Urban Christmas Novella Series & Cash Giveaway} Christmas In The Trap by Twyla T. Presents

*UPDATED on 12/17/18: Instead of 8 books, there are now only 7 books in this novella series. The 8th book will not be released/available. This series is now complete.*

Good Morning readers! The authors of Twyla T. Presents has come together to bring you a dope 7-book Urban Christmas Holiday novella series. You can read for pleasure or join in on the amazing Christmas cash giveaway!

Christmas In The Trap is a collection of seven books from seven different authors from the Twyla T. Presents camp. The 1st book was released on December 1st, by none other than author Twyla T. herself. Here’s the lineup:



As you can see, there will be a book published every other day. Two books have already been published and book three will be available tomorrow, December 5, 2018. So get caught up if you’re behind! Details for the Christmas Cash Giveaway is included in each book. Heads up, you must read all 7 books to be eligible for the giveaway.




Here are the purchase Links for each book. Each book’s purchase link will be added as each book goes live on Amazon, so check back on each book’s release date. Also, they’ll all 99¢ each and are also free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


  1. 12/1 Christmas In The Trap: Atlanta Style by Twyla T.
  2. 12/3 Christmas In The Trap: Miami Style by Zarkia
  3. 12/5 Christmas In The Trap: Memphis Style by Shania B.
  4. 12/7 Christmas In The Trap: Chicago Style by M. Keyes
  5. 12/9 Christmas In The Trap: Nashville Style by Glitz
  6. 12/11 Christmas In The Trap: The Bay Style by Ms. Street Cred
  7. 12/13 Christmas In The Trap: Birmingham Style by K. Larry


So, will you be checking out this novella series & participating in the Christmas Cash Giveaway? Good luck, I hope you will be one of the winners. I mean come on, who doesn’t need or want the cash? It’ll be a great Christmas present plus you’ll be able to enjoy some great reads! Merry Christmas! ~ Vaneka


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