{Book Spotlight} Amorous Déjà vu by J Brinkley


Good Morning readers! Today, I’m introducing Author J Brinkley’s steamy urban contemporary romance novel, Amorous Déjà vu. Check it out below.



Kim is a southern, country girl from Georgia. Like any other woman, she desires deeply to be loved. After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, she decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter, whom she cares dearly for. Working becomes her way to make up for her loneliness, until just as she had almost given up on love… her attention and heart were stolen by Jason.

Jason was a well-groomed, slim, southern man. He was intelligent, kind, honest, respectful, vigorous, humorous and adventurous. Kim’s sorrows immediately fades away, her life fills with happiness and uncontrollable laughter. Everyone around her notices the change in her disposition, the elation exuded from her.

Judging things by her past relationships, she realizes that things usually begin lovely, but end tragically. She questions her fate; how will this relationship end? Or will it last? Only time will reveal that unknown secret.


Genre Romance, Urban Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Series Standalone, Novel

Publisher VOMA Publications

Publication Date September 28, 2017

Print Length 321 pages


ISBN-10 1977755135

ISBN-13 978-1977755131



Amazon eBook | Amazon Paperback





Jonas Brinkley is currently an Independent Author. Mr. Brinkley was born in Georgia and raised in Tift county by his mom. He began his writing passion as a young teen but didn’t start taking it seriously until he reached his early twenties. He shared his thoughts with close friends and relatives who became inspired by his writing style and unorthodox philosophies about life and love. They encouraged him to share his gift with the world.

Brinkley took the extra mile by enrolling and completing the following college courses:

  • Global University for (Ministry)
  • Theosophical University for (Theosophy)
  • Stratford Career Institute for Entrepreneurship & Psychology/Social Work
  • Stratford Career Institute for Starting Your Own Business
  • Stratford Career Institute for Creative Writing

After excelling in these courses he set more goals for himself to accomplish. On July 30th, 2017, Voice Of My Ancestors (known as Voma Publications, LLC) was formed by Jonas Brinkley who writes under the pseudonym J. Brinkley.

Voma Publication’s mission is to publish quality material that’s thought provoking. Voma Publication would also like to contribute to the youth who live in dysfunctional homes by offering them mentors and financial resources to become young entrepreneurs. We strongly believe that the youth is our future. Therefore, They want to lessen the chances of the youth from entering into the judicial system. Author J. Brinkley strongly believe that the youth need love and support.



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Let me know what you think in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Enjoy! ~ Vaneka


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