{New Release Spotlight} Your Love Is My Lifeline by Britt Joni


Good morning readers! Author Britt Joni has a new release that dropped today. Your Love Is My Lifeline is a Contemporary Romance & Women’s Fiction novella.



Sometimes the eyes only see a person at surface level. What happens when the person you love most is seemingly strong on the outside but is internally fighting a battle they refuse to face? Can you pick up the pieces to be the lifeline to save them from themselves?

Meet Anais, the fiery, free spirit the world first met in “The Secrets We Keep”. On the outside, all anyone ever sees is a no-nonsense, protective spirit who has everything all together. But Anais holds a secret on how she remains strong enough to face the world. When she falls for her friend, will that be enough to save her from herself?

Meet Tobias, the nosy lawyer who looks out for everyone, even if it’s damaging to his well-being. He holds the world together with an iron fist, but somehow, a sassy, free spirit has worked her way into his heart. He sees what the world doesn’t—a broken soul. Would you be willing to watch the one you care for fall deep into an abyss of darkness?

Find out what happens when love is all you have and truly becomes your lifeline.


Genre Contemporary Romance, African American Romance, Romance, Women’s Fiction

Series Standalone, Novella

Publisher Major Key Publishing

Publication Date November 15, 2018




Amazon eBook




Britt Joni is a Midwestern girl with Southern roots. She’s a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s a strong representation of black love. If asked to describe herself she’d probably tell you she is a modern day hippie with a dope soul. In short Britt Joni is a book hoarding, journal writing, Neo Soul & 90’s R & B grooving, natural hair wearing, Chadwick Boseman loving, wine and whiskey consuming, kismet believing, lipstick junkie, who just wants to spread her love and gift of writing with someone other than herself. When Britt Joni is not chasing down her dreams with a pen, she is being a mommy to an AMAZING little boy.

Britt Joni has always used writing as a form of therapy. From a very early age she has always carried multiple journals around to jot down her thoughts, scribble down a quick poem, or to write out a story. After losing her biological father she decided life was too short to live in fear or with regrets so she took a leap of faith and started following her dream of writing. Britt Joni’s ultimate literary goal is to write from the heart and to let her fascination with black love soar into the world.



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Let me know what you think in the comments. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Enjoy! ~ Vaneka


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