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Welcome back to my, New & Emerging Black Authors segment. Each week, I will be featuring an amazing new and emerging author. I just love to give new authors a chance and this is one way that I enjoy doing just that! I hope you will welcome them with open arms and give them a shot! So without further ado, here is Author Tucora Monique!



Author Tucora Monique 1With an initial love for poetry Tucora Monique has always found solace in words and comfort in writing. Born and raised in South Central, California she used her imagination to shift her focus from gritty surroundings and escaped through her  creativity. After having children, marrying her soulmate and securing a job society finds socially acceptable, she decided to take the step and become a published author. Contrary to what many believe, Tucora finds that words written can be even more power than those spoken.

Dedicating her brand to penning Limitless Love, Tucora Monique is set to release her debut novel “Loving Your Through Our Differences” in September, 2018. The author has plans of establishing a blog geared toward everything Limitless and promises there are much boundary crossing romance on the way!!


LET’S CHAT! – The Interview

Good Morning Tucora, thank you for agreeing to join me here today. What gave you the inspiration to write?

Honestly, reading has been my inspiration for writing. I’m not speaking of anything I’ve read in the last ten years. Though I’ve read some amazing work, I’m referring to books I dived into when I was in the 5th and 6th grade. Reading “The American Girl” series and becoming submerged in R.L Stine’s “Goosebumps” sparked my desire to write. The control the authors had of my emotions was stimulating and after writing and reciting my original poetry, I discovered I had the same capability.

Why did you decide to name your debut novel, Loving You Through Our Differences?

Well, initially the novel was titled, “Split the Difference”, but once my publisher read the first few chapters she suggested adding love and I agreed. The characters aren’t splitting their flaws, their maneuvering through them together and love is their foundation. That needed to be felt in the title.

Can you tell us what ‘Loving You Through Our Differences’ is about?

It’s the story of The Shepherd and The Flower Child. Lol, that’s what I call them. Billie G. Brice is a 26-year-old woman who’s micromanaging certain aspects of her life due to fear. As a child, she loses her mother at the hands of her father, which of course lessens the value she gives commitment. I decided to add a different type of homicide to the story that I’m hoping the readers will appreciate. Then enters Leiland Greyson. At 28, he hasn’t committed to anything besides tattoos and shoes in years. He’s dealt with his own past hardships at the hands of people he trust, which shifts his focus but it isn’t blinding. What I love about their story is they challenge each other even when it’s uncomfortable. They aren’t attempting to make one another whole but instead serve as a balance

How does it feel to have your work out there for readers to critique?

LOL, it makes me shake with excitement and fear all at same time. Criticism is inevitable when you’re delivering to any audience. I’m human, at times being put on the chopping block can sting a bit but if it assists my growth personally and professionally, as a woman and a writer, I’m open.

Do you recall the first book you’ve ever read?

No way, at 28 it’s been too long to remember. But, “The Skin I’m In” by Sharon G. Flake is the first book I recall reading and relating to. I was that dark skin little girl uncomfortable with features that folks now pay thousands of dollars for. The Author did a wonderful job at painting a picture, I felt I had seen before when looking in the mirror.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love Trista Russell. Her raw endings are always the complete opposite of what readers expect, and she isn’t afraid to kill off her Daisies as Stephen King advises authors to do. Donald Goines is my choice when I’m feeling gutta. Other than the vets, I love Deshon Dreamz, Tisha Andrews and Patrice Azalyzer.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book?

Character development. As a reader, I don’t want to invest my time into a story that I can’t pull anything from. Even if it’s a lesson on what NOT to do. The characters should feel like either a new friend or new enemy by the time I turn the last page. Everyone won’t relate to every character but as long as the persona is consistent throughout the book, I think it’s a job well done.

How is your writing style different from other writers?

It simply belonging to me makes all the difference in the world. Even if the premises are similar, no one will stroke my canvas like I do. Readers should expect portrayals of strong women with anything that has my name on it. They may have to go from the peek to the drop with my character but the queens will always conquer, and gender roles will not be a factor. Even when I discuss my own character Billie with people, they frown when I mentioned she’s grounds keeping and question me on my choice. Why is that even a question?

Have any new writers grasped your interest lately?

I know she isn’t new to writing but Deshon Dreamz is all on my radar. Her Meta human series are bananas and her creativity is a step outside of a lot of people’s imagination. Her ability to intertwine planet and species for that matter is incredible!!!

Are you currently working on your next book or any other projects? Care to share?

Yes!! I have three projects that I’m currently working on though I haven’t decided which will get all my nurturing once Leiland and Billie’s story is released to the world. I’m stuck between a raunchy, gritty MC Romance and a soft contemporary love story. Or maybe something in the middle, I don’t know but we’ll see. I can confirm that it’ll be centered around a beautiful interracial couple.

In your opinion, which is more important: pages read or bestsellers list? Why?

Pages read. For me, the Bestsellers tag is validation that someone has brought your book but pages read is confirmation that someone experienced your words. I prefer the latter.

What are some of your hobbies, other than reading & writing?

I love binge watching crime shows. Fatal Attraction is my favorite. I actually went to CSU Stanislaus for a few years and majored in Forensic Science.

Tell our followers an interesting fact (or two) about yourself that fans/readers may not know.

In high school I got a happy first tattooed in the inside of my lip. Crazy, I know but it was senior ditch day and I was living my best life (ha-ha). Another fact, I love music. I know that sounds extremely cliché but it’s the truth. Anything from Too Short to Imagine Dragon, I don’t discriminate. I guess that’s because of my love for words. I’m the person who goes and searches for the lyrics to a song before noticing there’s a music video released.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Never give up and research the people that you decide to have in your corner. So far, I’ve learned that support is fuel no matter how confident a person is having your corner invested in you will comfort. usually is Having a teacher who doesn’t mind feeding your spirit is vital!!!

Is there anything you would like to say to readers?

Thank you for allowing my words to mean something. Every time someone reaches out to me saying they’re waiting on my release, or inboxes me asking questions about an excerpt I’ve posted, my spirit feels full. You guys are EVERYTHING!!

Thank you so much for chatting with me today Tucora Monique! I really enjoyed getting to know you better.



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And now … the Books!

Tucora Monique’s Upcoming Debut Release

Cover, Loving You Through Our Differences

The Shepherd.

The Flower child.

Weighed down by traumatic memories of her childhood, Billie G. Brice buries herself in the sheets of different men’s beds, using sex as a distraction. Committing solely to establishing her business, Billie is maneuvering through her days with tunnel vision —until, her path is obstructed by Leiland Greyson.

Accustomed to settling in uncontrollable situations, Leiland becomes intrigued by Billie’s disposition, and not only because she’s the first black woman he’s ever been interested in. Though enticing, he refuses to become her human dildo and instead challenges her both mentally and physically.

But what happens when even the sweetest distraction turns bitter?

Will Billie be a hindrance?

Will Leiland become a crutch?

Is love enough to make it through their differences?


Genre Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Series Standalone

Publisher Monae Presents

Publication Date TBA



This excerpt is from, Loving You Through Our Differences.

“What the hell are you doing here?! I know the city isn’t paying you overtime to deliver parking tickets to folk’s door now. Hell, I don’t even live here.”

Instantly she went about things the wrong way, but even with her barking I was happy to see her.

I’d been thinking about Billie Grace since the first time I issued her a ticket and I let her believe she buttered me up to have it revoked though we aren’t allowed to do that. Instead, I paid it. Though I understood her surprise, I knew she was still pissed about the ticket and my dismissive behalf earlier but her being irresponsible was her own fault. I wouldn’t give her the impression that she could play me for a jerk because I had been lenient in the past.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Sparx.”

“Sparxxxx?” Jupiter cooed, sipping drink with a smile decorating her face.

“Umm, I think she needs a new nickname. Sparx doesn’t cut it.”

“Shut up before I cut you!”

A woman who I’d met before named Eleven, chimed in.

“You know my cousin, Leiland?”

I stood tall looking across the room at the beautiful bombshell with the red and white flower in her hair that complimented her style well. For a brief second, I wondered if we could complement one another. I couldn’t evade the thoughts of how my light skin would look pressed against her melanin. The contrast would create something beautiful and without permission, I smiled at the visual in my head.

“You know he fine, Billie. Stop frontin’,” I heard one of the women say aloud, never removing my eyes from Billie’s. I think she used the disruption as a cop out.

“Shut up, El!” she barked a little more territorial than even she probably noticed, but I definitely picked up on.

“Latif!!” Billie yelled towards the stairs he’d gone up.

“Don’t scream at my man, BG” Jupiter interceded with a smile. It was obvious she wasn’t bothered by Billie’s tone at the least.  

“Cousin or not, you know I will cut you about, my love,” she stated jokingly, toying with Billie.

“You shut it up, too. You and your man think you are sooo slick. I swear you two get on my damn nerves, Latif!”

With her back turned to me, I noticed her ass was devouring those silk shorts. I bit into my bottom lip to keep from speaking my pleasure at the sight. I thought of reaching over and removing the material from between her ass cheeks, but I knew that probably wouldn’t have gone over well and she was already making more than enough noise. Listening to her holler was getting on my nerves. I didn’t need Latif to make a statement regarding our friendship. She was doing all this yelling, but I was standing right in front of her. She could have easily asked me anything she wanted to know.

“All the yelling is uncalled for. Obviously, he knows me. Use your brain. Why else would I be standing in his house? If I didn’t know any better—”

“Obviously, you don’t know any better because you’re speaking to me in the first fucking place. That was your first mistake. Talking about use my brain, yea ok. Latif, I know you hear me, fool. Come get your boy before he starts to annoy me.” Her eyes were squinted, and her small nose was flaring at the nostrils like a bull.

“Anything that annoys you should be teaching patience. So, in that case, you should be thanking me, lady,” I probed with a smile.

Jupiter joined us, speaking with a bright look in her eyes.

“Welll, it looks like you do know him, BG. Care to share with the rest of us?!”

“Yes, please Billie, share.” Jupiter’s sister, the one that kept asking for attention, followed up before taking the corner of her lip and nibbling. I wasn’t feeling it.

“Bitch, you have one more time to say anything and you and I will have a problem. You barely know this man, if at all and you’re already half way off the couch and into his pants. Acting like you’re in heat or something. Goodness, puppy puss, chill out.”

With her hands up in the air in a surrendering fashion, puppy puss grabbed her cup from the table and headed in the direction of the kitchen. Judging by the light chuckles that filled the room, this was not uncommon; it seemed normal for those two to bump heads.

“BG, why are you hollering my name like you crazy, woman? Why are you acting like you never seen a white man before?” Latif joked, coming down from their bedroom.

“This has nothing to do with him being white. I wouldn’t give a damn if he was as green as his eyes.”

She noticed my eyes?

“This fool gave me a parking ticket this morning even though I made it to the car before he finished writing the damn thing out.”

“You’re lying. And instead of flexing, you need to do better,” I said, gripping the brim of my fitted Los Angeles Dodgers hat. No extra noise and without yelling. There was no need. My voice was deep, and my mannerism was stern. Raising my voice was unnecessary. Besides, she was doing enough of that for the both of us. Forgot I even had to fucking pee.

She smacked her glossed lips. “Excuse you?”

“No, excuse you. I issued you a ticket because if I once again let you off the hook for your negligence, you’d never learn. I don’t know what you thought, but you better check your tone, Sparx. Give the respect that you should demand. Latif, you ready, bruh? I don’t even gotta piss no more.”

For the second time in one day, she and I had seen one another but also bumped heads. Things weren’t getting off on the right foot, but I refused to let Billie think she could play me. That shit wasn’t happening.  I had long ago stopped looking at a person’s potential and paid a keen eye to their patterns and right now she wasn’t doing so well.



Are you looking forward to reading Tucora Monique’s upcoming debut release? I certainly am! I have a strong feeling that I’m going to love her work.


Are you a new or emerging author? I’d love to feature you. If you’re interested or know of someone that may be, please sign-up here! I’d love to get to know you and introduce you to my readers/fans! ~ Vaneka

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