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Welcome back to the New & Emerging Black Authors segment. Each week, I will be featuring an amazing new and emerging author. I just love to give new authors a chance and this is one way that I enjoy doing just that! I hope you will welcome them with open arms and give them a shot! So without further ado, here is Author Tyra Barabino!





Tyra Barabino, a New Orleans native, began her writing journey at the age of 11. Where she wrote first poem in the hopes of one day becoming a published author. Amongst urban fiction, she writes poetry, romance novels and she enjoys reading daily.

In August 2018, she released her debut urban romance novel “To live & die for my thug”. Which debuted on Amazon’s Top 100 charts in New Releases and Bestselling. She has several projects in the works and is just beginning to make her mark in the literary world.


LET’S CHAT! – The Interview

Good Morning Tyra, thank you for agreeing to join me here today. What inspires you to write?

Freedom. I am a creative being and I love to express my art in many ways. I love to write poetry and stories. If I can feel it, I can express it through Art in writing.

Why did you chose to pen, To Live And Die For My Thug?

I wanted to tell the story of a close friend that I knew.

Do you recall the first book you’ve ever read?

No, but I know that Nikki Turners “A Hustlers Wife” inspired me to write because that story hit close to home.

Do you read much? If so, who are some of your favorite authors?

Yes, I read daily.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book?

The most important thing about a book to me is the emotional aspect.

How is your writing style different from other writers?

All of my stories are 100% real based on my family and I. I tell the stories in a way you can feel and carry heavy emotions toward/for any and all of my characters.

Have any new writers grasped your interest lately?

Yes; Brianna Smith, Jrese, Jae P and Dominique Ferguson

If you had the chance to bring your book to the big screen, which actress would you prefer to star as Kyndall?

Taraji P. Henderson

What are some of your hobbies, other than reading & writing?

Doing hair and nails.

Tell our followers an interesting fact (or two) about yourself that fans/readers may not know.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?


Is there anything you would like to say to your readers, as well as potential new readers and fans?

Give new authors a chance. Many people have stories to tell that are great.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today Tyra!



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And now … the Books!

Tyra Barabino’s Debut Release


FB_IMG_1535493905551Kyndall Miller had it all and then some, living what is considered to be the perfect life! Kyndall had the most perfect husband and perfect family. Anything that she has ever desired was hers at just the snap of her fingers, thanks to her doting husband, TaCari. A successful businesswoman, going strong with her boutique on the rise, reaching dreams she didn’t think possible, Kyndall left the hood behind where she started and never looked back!

Searching for something she felt was missing in her life, Kyndall’s world is flipped upside down when she meets Block. That blissful life of hers, is now chaotic with danger at every turn. You can take the girl out the hood, but that didn’t stop the hood from getting back in her! Kyndall was having a taste of both worlds–a safe haven with her husband and thug passion on the side.

Little did she know though when you take on a thug, you take on his many problems too. Her world is about to come crashing down if she is not careful as one wrong decision could prove to be deadly. Can Kyndall go back to the practical life with the man who treats her like a queen, or is Block’s thug loving too damn good for her to let go? Kyndall’s choices are going to come back to haunt her, in more ways than she ever expected. Take this ride with Kyndall to see how her journey unfolds.

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Genre African American Romance, Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction, Urban Fiction

Series To Live & Die For My Thug, Book 1

Publisher Queen Pen Publishing

Publication Date August 14, 2018

Print Length 172 pages


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Upcoming Release


To Live And Die For My Thug 2

After being caught up in a ghetto love affair, Kyndall Miller is fighting to keep the love of her life. But no matter how much she may love TaCari and want to make it work, she can’t seem to stay away from Block who is the cause of all of her troubles!

Caught up in a real love triangle, Kyndall’s world is further turned upside down when her father whom she believed to be dead all these years suddenly surfaces leaving her with many unanswered questions and wreaking havoc in her life.

TaCari is bitter showing Kyndall that everything that glitters is not gold and she is quick to learn that everything that she ever wanted was at home all along. But with a jaded heart, TaCari isn’t so ready and willing to forgive and wants to inflict pain. His heart may still belong to Kyndall, but Block has made it clear that she is his no matter what. Forcing TaCari to show a side of him that even Kyndall isn’t ready for.

Block is still running the streets and doesn’t plan on slowing down, not for anyone. The man Kyndall thought she knew is gone and even still, she can’t walk away, and Block intends on keeping it that way.

​The drama continues and trust is questioned when it comes to love, family and of course, money. Everybody’s got secrets and they all come spilling out in this second installment of To Live & Die for My Thug that will be sure to leave your jaw dropping in anticipation.

Available September 12, 2018!



This excerpt is from, To Live And Die For My Thug.

“Why you sitting over there all quiet and shit?” he questioned. “You nervous or
I sighed deep and avoided eye contact. I was nervous as hell!
He came and sat next to me taking a sip of his drink and eyeing me.
“I been thinking about you since last night,” he said.
“Oh really?” I smiled feeling complimented.
“Yea,” he nodded taking a long drink. “Thinking about that sexy ass body of yours.” He trailed his hand down my thigh and I shivered a little. He had a one track mind I’ll give him that.

“Thanks.” I said, not sure what else to say.
I sat quiet, trying to calm my nerves and not sure what to do. Seeing him face to face
again was different than talking to him on the phone. Hell I didn’t even know his last name and yet I was in this room with him. What was I doing? Why didn’t I have any kind of self control?

He tossed the rest of his drink back and licked them sexy ass lips of his.
“I ‘preciate that sweet thang,” he grinned. “Why don’t you come over here and let me
massage some of them nerves away?”
Really? I thought. A massage? That’s your best line?
I hadn’t heard that since high school. Still if this was how he was going to get things
started, then I guess I could go with it. After all, it was going to be just sex.
I followed him into the attached room where the bed was. I took my coat off and tossed it in the chair and watched as he practically foamed at the mouth looking at my figure. I looked to see this nigga actually had baby oil and shit sitting on the nightstand.
“Lay down baby. Let me rub out some of that tension,” he told me.
I smirked and lay down while he positioned himself on top of me. I already knew what was going to happen. He’d start massaging me and then find a way to get me out of my clothes.
Sure enough, within five minutes, he had me out of my top and pants. I could tell he was pleased with what he saw by the way he started grinning.
“Damn girl,” he whispered. “I can’t wait to feel that.”
He stripped out of his clothes quickly and started to kiss me down my back and I trembled. His lips were heaven on my skin. He was tracing his nails down at the same time and it was driving me crazy. He turned me over to face him and all I could see was that bulge in his pants. Damn this nigga was packing! My eyes grew big a little bit watching him massage it.
I licked my lips and he smiled.
“Don’t worry baby. I’ma take my time in this pussy.”


Have you had the pleasure of reading Barabino’s debut release? Be sure to check it out. Don’t forget to leave your review!

Are you a new or emerging author? I’d love to feature you. If you’re interested or know of someone that may be, contact me! I’d love to get to know you and introduce you to my readers/fans! ~ Vaneka

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