$100 Gift Card of Choice Giveaway

Good Morning! I hope you all had a happy holiday! Today, I’d like to share this awesome giveaway/contest with you all.



$100 Gift Card of Choice Giveaway/Contest

  • Begins on Tuesday, 9/4
  • Ends on Saturday, 10/6 @ 11:59pm
  • Winner Announced on Sunday, 10/7



  1. Purchase, read & review each book on the book list.
  2. All proof of reviews must be sent via email to vipliteraryservices@gmail.com.
  3. All proof of reviews must be received by 11:59pm on Saturday, 10/6.
  4. Reviews that were posted before 9/4 are acceptable.
  5. All books on the list must be read & reviewed to be eligible.
  6. There will be one (1) winner randomly selected & announced on 10/7.


Book List

  1. The Marriage Bed by Lakisha Johnson
  2. D-City Hit Squad: The Final Ride by Annitia L. Jackson
  3. Picking Up The Pieces Of Her Shattered Soul by Annitia L. Jackson
  4. Her Marriage, His Lies by Cabria
  5. Dying For Your Love by Cabria
  6. To Live & Die For My Thug 1, 2 & 3 by Tyra Barabino
    1. Book 1
    2. Book 2
    3. Book 3 (Available Soon)
  7. No One Has To Know by Shanice B.
  8. Culpable by MaNeysa Beatty
  9. Loving A Cold Hearted Savage 1 & 2 by elle kayson
    1. Book 1
    2. Book 2
  10. Payback: Get ‘Em Back Like That by Major Key Publishing
  11. Sins Of A Housewife 1, 2 & 3 by Monica L. Smith
    1. Book 1
    2. Book 2
    3. Book 3

Hope you all will be participating! Please share this post via social media, with your friends and mutual book lovers! Good Luck!!! ~ Vaneka


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