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Welcome back to the New & Emerging Black Authors segment. Each week, I will be featuring an amazing new and emerging author. I just love to give new authors a chance and this is one way that I enjoy doing just that! I hope you will welcome them with open arms and give them a shot! So without further ado, here is L.J. Bowen!




Miss. Bowen was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She has been writing since high school and put that passion into focus by writing for the yearbook staff and performing arts group in college. She has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and a M.A. in English and is a self-proclaimed bibliophile.

She has read over two hundred classic literature books and is an uncredited editor for the children’s book, Street Cries. She is currently teaching English at the college level and plans to go back to school to obtain her Ph.D. She has a five-year-old son and one of the things on her bucket list is to win an Oscar for best original screenplay.


LET’S CHAT! – The Interview

Good Morning LJ, thank you for agreeing to join me here today. Why did you decide to become an author & what inspires you to write?

My childhood was not the greatest one at certain times. Things were ok before my parents got divorced, but after that I experienced some things that children shouldn’t be subjected to. I used writing as an escape from reality. I know that’s a cliché, but that’s what I did and it kept me in a safe place. Now, what inspires me to write is leaving a mark in this world for my son to see and take from that. At first, I don’t think anything inspired me to do it other than simple pleasure and utter joy.

Why did you chose to pen, Rutherford’s Woman? Does this story has a message that you wanted to convey?

Rutherford’s Woman is not the first book that I’ve written; it’s the first one I decided to get published. I like the message that people can still end up together even after the odds were against them. I know it might not happen in real life, but I like the “happily ever after” ending for my characters. Hopefully, my readers can relate to similar situations in my books and can connect to the idea that they can also have their happily ever after

Are any of the characters in this story a reflection of anyone you know personally; such as a family member, friends or yourself?

No one from the book is based off my family or friends. I try not to create characters based off real people because I feel it takes away from the creative process of making the characters their own person.

Do you recall the first book you’ve ever read?

The first book I ever read…gosh, that’s a hard one, lol. I started reading at a young age, I don’t even remember the first book I read.

How often do you read and who are some of your favorite authors?

I’m always reading, lol. I can’t pinpoint how much I do it cause I’m always reading. Being a Lit major, I have a long list of favorite authors: Wilde, Hansberry, Shakespeare, Marlow, Walker, Wilson, Chestnutt, Faulkner, Larson. But as far as current authors; I like Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, Lorraine Heath, Lisa Kelypas.

Can you tell us about your current projects?

My current projects…the story I’m hand writing has an interracial couple and that would be my first book with that element. The one I’m typing has a complicated attraction between the two main character’s because he’s married and his wife is a sex addict who is not worried about how that is affecting their marriage. I try to create different, relatable characters so my readers won’t get bored reading about the same people, but different situations.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book?

You’d get different answers if you ask different authors, but the most important thing in a book is the plot. That is what will draw readers and keep them as fans. I’ve read some books that were so boring and confusing by what was going on that I put it down and never picked it up again. I don’t want my readers to feel that way while reading my book.

How is your writing style different from other writers?

I don’t think my writing style is too different from other authors. If anything, I use too many words. I like details because of the mental picture it paints, but I’m learning when to leave out unnecessary details.

Are there any new writers that you’re interested in reading? Who?

I’m interested in reading the authors whose signed up with Major Key Publishing. I know some have been in the game for a while, but they’re new to me and I’m making it my mission to write down the books in order and read them.

If you had the chance to bring your book to the big screen, which actor & actress would you prefer to star as William & Jemma?

The guy I see playing Will is not an actor, but he’s a track and field star named David Oliver. He’s is the bee’s knees!!! Lol. He was actually my physical/visual model for Will. For Jemma, I could see Logan Browning playing her. I can see Jemma’s innocence with her and she’s very pretty.

What’s your favorite movie that was based on a book?

Favorite movie based on a book: The Godfather and The Color Purple

Have you attended any Literary Events since you’ve published your first book? If so, which events?

I haven’t attended any literary events as of yet, but there is one in September I plan to attend.

Which do you believe is more important: pages read or bestsellers list? Why?

I believe both are important. Being on the bestseller’s list can motivate a person to keep pushing for that position and page reads is the ultimate goal for any author. Being a new author, the latter is important right now. I want as many people to read my books and establish my name as a favorite author.

Tell our followers an interesting fact (or two) about yourself that fans/readers may not know.

Interesting fact…I’m an identical twin. We’re seven minutes apart and she’s my best friend. She’s mentioned on my acknowledgment page of Rutherford’s Woman. She’s so supportive and my biggest cheerleader.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

I would tell future authors to not let fear stop them from publishing their material. I was scared to publish because I was afraid of how people would look at me cause of the fiction I created and wrote about. I didn’t want to be laughed at or shunned. When I saw my cover and had my first release day, I cried the whole day because I had made the biggest dream I have come true.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers, as well as potential new readers and fans?

To my readers and fans, thank you for reading my book. Thank you for the reviews and thank you for accepting my characters and their ups and downs. Be patient with me and I will continue to produce stories you want to read.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today Author L.J. Bowen! I really enjoyed getting to know you better.



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And now … the Books!


L.J. Bowen’s Debut Release


A young, innocent undiscovered love…

College student William Rutherford is smitten the first time he sees Jemma Alden. She’s beautiful, hard working and turns out they have a lot in common from educational goals to personal tragedies. Jemma takes a chance on Will and discovers the Joy’s of first love and inhibited passion.

Turns into a fateful, reclaimed meeting of two souls…

A betrayal from someone close forces them to part ways and they’re reunited a decade later. Questions are asked, answers are sought and they decide to give their relationship another chance. Has too much time passed for them to work things out or can they pick up where they left off ten years ago?


Get A Copy

Amazon eBook | Paperback


Genre Contemporary Romance

Series Rutherford’s Woman, Book 1

Publisher Major Key Publishing

Publication Date August 2, 2018

Print Length 138 pages


ISBN-10 1724507761

ISBN-13 978-1724507761

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Rutherford’s Woman 2: A Family Legacy


Can a ten year respite mend two broken hearts?

Reunited after a decade, Will and Jemma are stunned to see one another and they are forced to talk and figure out what drove them apart. Discovering that time hasn’t changed their attraction to each other, they decide to rebuild their relationship by taking things slow and learning to appreciate the adults they’ve grown into.

Can they finally make it work this time without any outside interference shaking things up? Or is it too late for Jemma and Will to realize they are soul mates and belong together?

Don’t miss the conclusion to L.J. Bowen’s introductory book series.


Get A Copy

Amazon eBook


Genre Contemporary Romance

Series Rutherford’s Woman, Book 2

Publisher Major Key Publishing

Publication Date August 24, 2018

Print Length 158 pages


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This excerpt is from, Rutherford’s Woman 2.


A hard, male body colliding into her caused Jemma to stumble to the left as a large hand reached out to steady her.


 “Excuse me. You jumped up so fast, I didn’t see you. Are you okay?” She readjusted her bag in her shoulder and looked up to reassure the man she was fine when she gasped loudly.



 She noticed that he had snatched his hand away like she had the plague, and she felt like she was about to pass out. Everything literally moved around them at a slow pace as spots danced before her eyes while they continued to eyeball each other. Her heart was beating like a bongo drum, and it felt like it was about to pound right out of her chest. What the hell?

 Will’s eyes roamed over Jemma, not believing she was standing in front of him. Clearly, his eyes were playing tricks on him. He took in her nursing attire, and a small shard of him so tiny he didn’t even acknowledge it, was proud that she had become what she went to school for. The air seemed to get hot around them, the intensity of their proximity made them become very aware of each other. She had never had a man look at her like Will was doing now, and it was very unnerving.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice came out squeaky, and she cleared her throat.

“Getting on an airplane; we are at the airport.” She flinched at his tone and harsh words and took a deep breath. His comment accompanied the severity of his gaze, and she didn’t know how to respond to it.

“I didn’t mean… Forget it.” She closed her mouth and bit her bottom lip since she honestly didn’t know what to say to him.

His eyes narrowed when he saw her movement, and he felt a tightness grip on his heart.

“Excuse me.” Will pushed past her and headed toward the gate. Jemma did not believe that they were on the same flight.


She waited for a few seconds before following. Her stomach quivered with nerves. Will looked back and saw Jemma walking a few feet behind him on the jet bridge with people between them. Their eyes met, and she saw him frown again. Once everyone was settled, the plane took off after the in-flight directions and safety procedures were discussed. Jemma closed her eyes and tried to stabilize her breathing. She was sitting in coach with a window view. It was semi-full, and luckily, the seat was empty between her and the tall woman sitting in the next seat.

Jemma recalled the last five minutes; Will’s face swam in her head. He still looked good… so freaking good! It didn’t take a genius to figure out that he was going to the wedding. Jemma was going to slap Sonya’s face when she saw her for not mentioning that Will was going to be at the wedding. She couldn’t get the look of hatred he had given her out her head.

In retrospect, if anything, she should be the one who had contempt for Will. She sighed and threw her head back. This is going to be the longest five days ever…

Will watched the clouds go by the window, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Jemma was on the same flight. He was going to punch Brandon’s lights out when he saw him for not saying anything about Jemma. It wasn’t like they hadn’t talked several times before the wedding date had arrived. Fuck, she looks good, he thought. No matter how much he hated the sight of her, he knew they had to be congenial for the bride and groom. He realized that he would only deal with Jemma if he had to. Given that it was Wednesday, and the wedding wasn’t until Saturday, he prayed he wouldn’t need a steady flow of alcoholic beverages to get through the next few days.


Have you had the pleasure of reading L.J. Bowen’s book series? Go check it out if you haven’t already.

Are you a new or emerging author? I’d love to feature you. If you’re interested or know of someone that may be, please contact me! I’d love to get to know you and introduce you to my readers/fans! ~ Vaneka

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