{New Release Spotlight} Picking Up The Pieces Of Her Shattered Soul by Annitia L. Jackson

FB_IMG_1534518678075Author Annitia L. Jackson
has blessed us with another hot romance, Picking Up The Pieces Of Her Shattered Soul. It’s an emotional, drama-filled spin-off of Jackson’s D-City Chronicles three-book series. If you haven’t read the D-City Chronicles series, you should definitely check it out! Although this book is a spin-off to her series, it is also a standalone novel. Check it out!



Can a woman who has been broken all of her life, pick up the pieces of her shattered soul, and save herself?

That is the question that Tyesha Sims has running through her mind. Her past was a series of bad choices, that resulted in ruining other peoples’ lives, as well as her own. When Tyesha decides to change, her past comes back to haunt her.

Gunner Morales has been secretly in love with Tyesha for years now. But she was with one of his best friends, so he kept his feelings in. Now that Tyesha is single, he is trying to give her time to get her life together, before he pursues her. But his time might have run out. He has competition for her heart that he never expected.

Men were not a part of the plan, while trying to get her life together. They had used and abused her in the past, and trusting them and her choices, has her running scared. But she is finding out, that some men come to heal the soul, and help love you past the pain. Who will she choose?


Genre Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Urban Fiction, African American Fiction, African American Romance

Series D-City Chronicles, Standalone

Publisher Major Key Publishing

Publication Date August 21, 2018

Page Length 162 pages



Purchase PICKING UP THE PIECES OF HER SHATTERED SOUL for $2.99 or get it Free with Kindle Unlimited.


Will you be reading it? Let me know in the comments. Make sure to leave your review on Amazon &/or Goodreads. Enjoy! ~ Vaneka

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