{New Release Spotlight + Gift Card Giveaway} Submissive by R Coxton

received_298127727442421Author R Coxton is no stranger to the literary world. He’s at it again with another new novel, Submissive: Brought, Broken, & Betrayed Chronicles. Check out the next new phase to his Brought, Broken & Betrayed series!



Imagine having a love written in the stars but the weight of your world won’t allow you to have it. Luna Rosa Green is faced with denying herself love for the greater good of others around her. Ander, Luna’s mate and fiercest protector is faced with his own dilemma of loving the one he’s stuck with Karen because Luna rejects his love. Luna, unable to break free, is destined to watch as the love of her life is with Karen. It’s bееn 10 уеаrѕ ѕіnсе all thе сrеаturеѕ оf thе unknоwn bесаmе knоwn tо thе Humаnѕ. Lunа Rоѕа Grееn, аnd all thе оthеr vісtоrs, are thе keys tо wіnnіng the wаr. Problem іѕ, Lunа is fасеd wіth a hаrd dесіѕіоn. If аll is fair in love аnd war, саn she have hеr cake and еаt it tоо? Or will the Gоdѕ аnd Fаtе take bоth аwау frоm hеr? Find who will win the battle of the hearts as Luna and Ander struggle against their love and world that threatens to control them at all cost.


Genre Interracial Paranormal, African American Fiction, Paranormal Romance (PNR)

Series Brought, Broken & Betrayed

Publisher Veracity Publishing Co.

Publication Date August 21, 2018



Purchase SUBMISSIVE for $0.99 or get it Free with Kindle Unlimited.





Make sure you purchase this hot new read! Send in proof of purchase to be eligible for the giveaway! Also, be sure to leave a review on Goodreads &/ Amazon! Good Luck & Enjoy! ~ Vaneka


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