Book Review: Crushin’ On A Boss 4 by Tysha Jordyn

Hello book lovers! Happy Thursday! I had the pleasure of reading the last installment of Author Tysha Jordyn‘s Crushin’ On A Boss series and I wanted to share my review with you. I really enjoyed this series and I highly recommend any book written by this talented author. I absolutely love Tysha’s books! Crushin’ On A Boss 4 is an African American Urban Romance Novel. Here’s my review!

Crushin On A Boss 4

Wow! I’m sad that this series has come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed it. I am, however, excited to know that there will be a Savage & Beautiful spin-off coming. I know their story will be just as hot as Linc & Aniqa’s story.

I loved the man that Savage had become. He is really a great dude & I think it was very responsible of him & heartfelt to take on the responsibility that he did. Beautiful is still the same old Beautiful and I still love her. In this installment she was a bit overbearing, but I’m glad she came to her senses. I’m also glad that she gave Savage a chance, I believe they are good for each other.

Tiara and Kappo was the worst of the worst & Karma paid them a sweet visit. In my opinion, they both got what they equally deserve. I still don’t trust Paxton. I feel like he had reason behind his part & knew what was going down the entire time.

Linc’s sister, Mique, was very careless. To be as smart as she was, she got really stupid & dumb over the dick. I really didn’t feel sorry for her at all.

It seemed like Aniqa could never catch a break. There was always some trouble or painful encounter she had to endure. I’m happy that she is finally happy and have a loving man like Linc to really be there & love her like every woman deserves to be loved & appreciated. Their relationship is something I wish & hope to have one day with someone. I understood why Linc kept that secret from Aniqa. Knowing all the details before you run it to the one you love, is very important in my book. However, I still understood her anger & frustration as well.

All in all, this was a great Finale, a true HEA! Although I hate to see such a good story end, I can’t wait to read more great stories from Tysha. She is definitely a great storyteller. If you haven’t read a book by her, you should most def do so. I highly recommend this series. You’ll love it! Great job Tysha!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars
Read Fri, 9/29 – Sat, 9/30
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Crushin’ On A Boss 4 can be purchased on Amazon in kindle eBook and paperback format. It is also available free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. Feel free to follow Jorydn’s Amazon Author Central page to stay updated with new releases as well as via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her Newsletter.

Have you read Crushin’ On A Boss 4 yet? If so, what were your thoughts? If you have not read it, are you considering it? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. ~ Vaneka

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